Week 9 – Four Facts About Intentions That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

As we continue to grow our understanding of the Master Key Experience and bring the power of the Laws of the Mind into our possession - it becomes almost frightening how powerful we become in manifesting our desired Life.

When you understand that your Intentions - and your discipline in maintaining focus on them - can create ANYthing you request of Life, the following facts about intentions might put you on the edge of your seat....

Sloppy choices will Kill your Dreams...

How careful are you when you ask for things to come into your life?  Are you asking for MORE of a bad thing - so that you can have a moment of feeling good?

​I am overcoming inner resistance to an abundant life.

Have you now asked ​to constantly have inner resistance simply so that you can constantly overcome it?

A poor choice of words can bring very interesting things into your life....​

You manifest EXACTLY what you intend...

​When you are creating your Intentions - imagine that Loki is the one who will be granting your request(s):

Living an abundant Life, I send money to Refugees through my Church, to help with expenses so they live in comfort.

​When, exactly will any of this occur?  Will the Universe constantly generate expenses now - BECAUSE - you asked for the opportunity to send money?

     And - does the universe now create a constant state of unrest and dis-comfort so that there are refugees who are living that way for you to help?

EVERY choice has consequences...

When you ask for the world on a platter - what happens to the rest of the world?

I become a billionaire as I help thousands of families purchase a home with low and no-doc mortgages.​

In every transaction there are at least two sides. Given what we know happened with the idea above...

You ARE what you CHOSE to be

All the possessions you have now, and every experience you have been through are direct results of choices that were made - not 'coincidence' or 'fate'.  Ever since we were old enough to voice our own preferences - it's all been on each of us to make of our lives what we Will to Be.

     And the craziest part is that - knowing what you do now - you might not make the choices to become the person you WANT to be.

Will you go out today to do more epic and memorable things?

Will you reach out and give to that person you pass on the street?

Will you look back on your life and exclaim "I can't believe I did that?!" - or will it be "I wish I had..."?

You can Be, what you Will to Be!​

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