Week #8 – Imagination is the Mighty Instrument

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Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discovery, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience.  Precedent said, “It cannot be done,” experience said, “It is done.”- Master Key 8:9

I was excited for this weeks sit exercise.  I enjoy the sit exercises and look forward to them everyday.  When I discovered it was to sit and imagine a battleship and take it back to it origins and the thought is someones mind, I wasn’t sure what to think.  I knew very little about battleships and it was not something I really thought about.  I trust in the exercises and had faith in what they would do for my future self.  Thankfully I had just been on a vacation and toured the Battleship Iowa, so it was easy for me to envision a battleship.


The first day I took the deconstruction back to the idea way too fast, so I ended up rebuilding the battleship.  So, day two, I tried to go slower and did really well with envisioning it at sea, then back in harbor with the sailors disembarking.  The deconstruction to just a skeleton went well too.  From there to the end of the time I had a hard time keeping my focus.  I am not sure exactly why, but it is definitely something I need to work on.  All the previous sit exercises went really well for me and were fun for me.  This one was hard work. Obviously those mental muscles are weaker the the muscles used to imagine the ship. Was this because it was not an exercise focused on my DMP, which I have been thinking, constructing, and practicing for 8 weeks now?  Was it because it was generalized?

As I was reading the master keys today, it came to me.  That is what this exercise is for, to look at things in ways we may never have before.  Of course, if we haven’t done this kind of mental exercise, we can’t expect the endurance of someone who does this kind of thinking more often.  So, I don’t beat myself up for the lack of focus (that would be negative thoughts and I would have to start the mental diet over), I just need to put the law of practice into use and develop the mental muscles used in this exercise. If I go all in, it will come and the benefit I get for going all in is the ability to see things differently.   This exercise is to help develop our imaginations beyond daydreaming.

Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience. Master Keys 8:8

Imagination is the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action. Master Keys 8:11

On day 3 I still had difficulty with my mind wandering towards the end of the sit, but I made it farther than the day before.  Like muscles of the body, it takes time to build and tone them.  I will continue exercising the Law of Practice and work my mental imagination muscles and I will learn to see things differently.

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Ellen L - November 19, 2014 Reply

Oh, Leanne, I love your interpretation! I’ve been experiencing some of those same mental flights as I’ve done my sit and was wondering what was wrong, when I can imagine a scene in one of my books so clearly and completely, but not a battleship (yes – I was visualizing the Iowa, too).
Thanks for the insights!

krismasterkeyblogs - November 22, 2014 Reply

To look at things in a way we may never have before- thank you, Leanne, for reminding me that stretching, growing, and learning can be quite challenging, but its because we are Creating!, making New!, Illuminating! and going places we’ve never been before. Wow…this mental expansion that we’re experiencing is a journey worth its efforts, isnt’ it? 🙂 (understatement, I know…lol)

kkrisher - November 23, 2014 Reply

Leanne I really liked your post this week. I didn’t think of our sit exercise the way you did this week but I really like how you think about it. I thought of it as an exercise in learning to detail the creation of the final product. So many different perspectives to think about and learn about. Thanks and have a great week!

Trish Abeloff :) - April 19, 2015 Reply

Tremendous realization 🙂

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