Week 13-Connections

The Brain ConnectionsThe Week 13 webinar seemed like it was talking directly to me.  I had a rough week last week and when Mark was saying that many had difficulties between Scroll 2 and 3.  That was me.  But I know that my future self deserves me to give more.  So I did and things are back on track.  Connections began to fire when I got back on track.  It all began with the Gratitude cards we are now writing everyday and adding to the index card piles we read.  Reading all of those cards helps propel the Law of Substitution by giving us positive thoughts to fill our mind.

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. -Law of Substitution

It also tied into Master Key 13:24:

We have found everything we get comes to us by the Law of Attraction. A happy thought cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness; there for the consciousness must change, and as the consciousness changes, all conditions necessary to meet the changed consciousness must gradually change, in order to meet the requirements of the new situation.

By reading the index cards with our accomplishments, things we are grateful for, 1 sentence DMP, and affirmations, we care filling our conscious with happy thoughts and thus helping the conditions to help meet our desires to change.  We are pushing out any unproductive thought with thoughts that will help us to gain the self confidence to become the person we are meant to be.

I have notice things happening already, but feel like it is slow in coming.  I realized today that you get what you give is also related to the amount of work you give towards your dreams.  I have been working, but if I want it to go faster, I need to give even more.  In Master Key 13:22, which is about the Law of Practice, we are told that we must put our knowledge to work.

In the first place, we must put our knowledge into practice. Nothing can be accomplished in any other way… we will get exactly what we give, but we shall have to give it first.

And in Master Key 13:23:

Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed.

Here is where our sit becomes essential.  It is where we take time out to devote to consciously, systematically, and instructively tell our subconscious what we desire and it takes it from there.  It will help guide you in the activities you need to do to accomplish your desires.  You cannot expect anything to happen if you just wish for it to be. We must use the Law of Practice.

Practice makes perfect.  The 5 P’s- Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.  Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection, finds… as Wooden shares ‘ you’ll find most of it is practice, the rest is hard work.’

All the exercises, reading, music are all adding more of the correct thinking into our minds to help propel us toward our goals.  NOW is the time to put the knowledge of the power we have within to work an achieve our dreams.

Now is the Time to Leap

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masterkeyjoycen - December 26, 2014 Reply

You totally nailed it! Beautiful job of connecting the lessons we’ve been learning. Perfection!

Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci) - January 1, 2015 Reply

I find it amazing when I am listening to a webinar, reading Haanel, Og or a MKMMA’s members blog, so often I feel it is directed to me in such a unique manner. We learn so much from each other. Enjoy, Carol

Ellen L - January 1, 2015 Reply

Right there with you; understanding the purpose and just wanting for it to happen faster. But like the tortoise and the hare, it’s the slow and steady that wins, right? And I know that you’re going to grow into that ideal future self with persistence and grace!

Trish Abeloff :) - April 19, 2015 Reply


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