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Audacity_LogoMy second How To for the MKMMA program!!!  YAY (a use for all this knowledge crammed in my head over years of nerdery…)!  Remeber – shoot me a commente/mail/message if there are other How To’s that you feel would be a good fit for the program…who knows maybe they’ll end up on the Digital Connections Webcast someday (hopeful that they would be that useful!!)

Being a nerd I always have to find the most flexible way to do things (we’re inherently “lazy” and hate re-doing things more than we have to!) so I found that it was SUPER awesome to have my voice recorded separately and then be able to:

  • Edit pieces of it if my DMP changed along the way
  • Adjust pauses between statements (or even adjust which affirmations occurred where!!)
  • MOST Importantly – I could cut a different piece of background music with my voice for driving, exercising, meditating…

So – how to record, and then re-mix your voice with any music you choose!

For this to work you will need:

  • To download the Audacity application here.
  • Download the LAME library – so you export MP3 files from Audacity
  • A microphone 🙂
  • Headphones
  • A separate device to play audio on (CD Player, phone, 2nd computer…)

Once you have Audacity installed, AND the LAME Library installed we’ll follow the steps below:

  • Plug in your microphone to your computer
  • Start up Audacity, and hit record:

    Click to Enlarge

  • If you do not see a recording start you may need to set up Audacity to record from your microphone (it is typically that way by default but your particular computer may need a tweak or two.  Use this tutorial or this PDF file, to get on track, once you see the above happen when you hit record you are ready for the next step…

    Click to Enlarge

  • On your separate device for playing the audio back, cue up your audio and hit pause (if you can set it to loop the music)
  • Plug your headphones in to this device and set the audio to a level where you can JUST hear yourself talkingrading your DMP
  • Have the following at hand:
    • Hand Written DMP
    • Movie Trailer card (You want the POA side of the card)
  • Hit play on the separate device and put your headphones on
  • Hit record on Audacity
  • Read through your DMP, POA, Affirmations, and PPNs according to the MKMMA lesson
    • This took me about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Hit STOP on Audacity and turn off your playback device.
  • In Audacity click
    • File : Export
    • Name the File something like “My MKMMA Audio – Voice Only.mp3”
  • Now, in Audacity click File : Open
    • Locate your audio file that you were listening to on your headphones and open it.
    • It will open in a separate window…so:
      • Select the entire audio file by either highlighting it with the mouse or hitting CTRL-A
      • Copy the track (CTRL-C)
    • Switch back to the window that has your voice recording
    • Click in the “grey area” outside your voice recording
    • Hit CTRL-V (paste)
    • You should see something like the below:

      Click to Enlarge

    • Now paste your Music again by clicking in the LIGHT grey area and pasting again…

      Click to Enlarge

    • Now we have a problem… we do not like gaps… so:
    • Switch to the “Adjust” tool:

      Click to Enlarge

    • Find the Second block of your music (the one with the gap to the LEFT of it
    • Click and Drag that block against the first one until you get a small yellow line (this says they are not overlapping)
    • Now switch back to the edit tool to paste another copy of your music
    • …repeat this until the amount of music is grater than your voice recording

Finishing the audio file for playback…

  • initial_recording_006

    Click to Enlarge

  • Make sure you are in the edit tool
  • Click the “Full Zoom” tool
  • Click near the end of the Voice and the “too much music” area…
  • Click the Zoom In (+) icon once or twice
  • With the Edit tool select (Click and Drag) a part of your Music file about 3 seconds “past” your voice and hit “Delete”
  • Hit Delete to get rid of this extra amount…
  • Now select the part of the music that is left that goes beyond the voice…
  • Hit the “Effect – Fade Out” option:
  • The last thing you may want to do is adjust how loud the music is compare to your voice:

We’re DONE!!!  And ready to export the audio!!

  • Now we want to do two things:
    • Save the project (File : Save Project…)
    • Export the Audio file (File : Export…)
      • you will burn this to a CD or put it on your phoneaudio player
    • You don’t HAVE to put any information into the form that pops up, but you certainly CAN :
    • Hit OK in the above window and you’ll get the following:
  • Once the above window closes – YOU ARE DONE!!!

You can now close Audacity , find the audio file you exported and either put it on your smart phone, Burn it to a CD for your car… the options are endless.

Even better – you can repeat the process (Open the Voice only file, and merge another music file, say for excercise…) and have two completely separate files.

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krisc10 - November 23, 2014 Reply

Wow – this is great – so glad I will have some time later this week to do this! Thank you, Don!!!

Heather Plude - November 24, 2014 Reply

Thanks for this, Don! I put a link to this blog post tutorial in a post in the Digital Connections category of the MKMMA members area. I REALLY appreciate all the detail here!!

    Donald Overlander - November 25, 2014 Reply

    Hey WOW – Thank you! I will try to live up to that honor and keep it updated if people send feedback. I have a few more ideas that I will be posting for “How To’s” to make use of the knowledge in my head!

    Again – a very grateful Thank You to all of you running the MKMMA!

    bobbienabinger - December 27, 2014 Reply

    Hi Heather – thought I might pose this question to you as well…
    QUICK QUESTION – Should I do the driver update message in step 3 of the LAME library download? I have just recovered from serious virus issues and I want to be extra careful of what I download. Thank you so much!!

Keith McCauley (aka) Mac - December 8, 2014 Reply

Don, as an old wood buthcher I appreciate your nerdery as you coined because I am lost in this digital world but finding my way through it. Thanks for your contribution.

PS- Get your name on your about me profile, or on your site, yell it out to the world

    Donald Overlander - December 8, 2014 Reply

    Thanks SO much Keith! Glad to hear people are benefiting from this – and please reach out if there are any other How To’s that might help…feels good to be able to share with great people who are changing their lives for the better!

bobbienabinger - December 27, 2014 Reply

Hello Don – thank you for these instructions – I have been stuck on this for a while – reverted back to the single mic deal which can be time consuming for changes 🙂
QUICK QUESTION – Should I do the driver update message in step 3 of the LAME library download? I have just recovered from serious virus issues and I want to be extra careful of what I download. Thank you so much!!

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