Google Plus Communities for Masterminding


Welcome to my first “How To” for the MKMMA and Go90Grow peeps!

I wanted to share my expertise (per se) on setting these up – and in particular convice you to maybe set one of your own up for that MasterMind group YOU have in mind!

The best way to stay on point – even with a group of like minded people in your community is to establish a SOLID base that represents your goals with this MasterMind.  Set it as your Community’s “purpose” – and then create some specific Categories for discussion (and one “General” category to catch the chit-chat that will always happen!


One of the things I love about Google Communities is the integrated communications that they provide:

  • Community Events (schedule that conference call for you group!)
  • Separate Discussion threads or Categories to help find out where people are getting the most benefit
  • Sharing Images
  • Sharing Documents
  • Audio Files
  • One of my favorites is to set up a Mind Map and share that with the group – letting everyone editadd and see where it grows.

So – on with the How To portion:

First things first, (un?) fortunately to get all the awesomesauce for free – the easiest thing to do is

  1. Acquire a Gmail account
  2. If you already have a Gmail account – Make sure you have joined Google Plus

At this point you can actually join Google Plus Communities – or even create one of your own!

  1. Head on over to the Google Plus Communities page
  2. Search for keywords (or “tags”) that you are interested in to find Communities related to that:
  3. If you find a Private community you may have to be invited, or if they are more open you can ask to join.

If you are looking to create a Community:

  1. Head on over to the Google Plus Communities page
  2. This time click on the “Create Community Link:
  3. Decide which type of Community you are creating.  Typically for MasterMind groups I create PRIVATE Communities:
  4. Give your Community a name – and decide how draconian you want to be in findingaccepting members:
  5. After that it’s all details, details, details:
    1. Add a Picture that represents your community
    2. Give it a “Tag Line” if you choose
    3. Create a few basic Categories to direct the conversations:
      • General
      • Insights
      • Requests
      • …and 3 or 4 more specific to your Community
  6. Now.. INVITE People!!  YAY!

Keep an eye out on my blog and I will put up more “How To” pages for Google Communities as we encounter issues as well as :

  • Recommended WordPress Plugins – and WHY I chose to use them
  • Recommendations for Desktop and Mobile Blogging!!
  • Thoughts, Polls, Challenges… shoot me ideas that YOU would like to see…

Let’s MasterMind!!!