MKMMA – Week 7 (prequel) – Mechanics of the Mind…or Mental Telepathy?

digital mindI got SOOOO jazzzed up by this thought – and the experiences that the Master Key from week 7 (and the sitmeditation related to it) created within me that I have been bouncing around all day (and laughing a lot more), that I had to note the following discussion I had with my family this morning as we all gathered around the kitchen island to make omelettes:

In trying to explain the “7 Day Mental Diet” to my kids (without actually saying I was on this “diet” as directed by Emmet Fox) I wandered off into the weeds a bit…here’s the replay as best I can remember:

ME (to my wife, as I notice how EVERYONE is in the kitchen for once, and all are getting along!!!) :  I -love- this whole “no negative thoughts” thing we have going this week it seems to have changed everyone’s outlook.

Oldest Daughter: Say Whaaat?  What did you do?

ME:  “We put something in the cocoa, drink up…”  smiling  OK, well no… but we’re practicing mind control and it seems to be working nicely.  bwahahahahaa

Daughter: evil eye

ME: Here’s the deal.  I want us all to try exerting mind control on the people around us by controlling our own thoughts.

Son: How does that work, Telepathy isn’t real…

ME: …well, let me tell you a story….

Mama and I have both studied the nervous systems of animals in college (and like the Master Key we’ve been studying says – it’s a LOT like mechanical electric systems…), so it’s an interesting parallel to think of things this way:

MagnetSchoolFSU-ElectromagnetElectricity is “electrons in motion”, the more electrons that are moving (amperage) and the faster they are moving (frequency) the greater the effect that electricity can have.

In the case of an electro-magnet the more electricity you “push” the stronger the magnetic field you create.  SO – by creating a large electrical force you can create a really strong magnet (think junkyard cars being picked up).

electromagnets-1And with a strong enough magnetic field you can effectively move objects at a distance (metal objects “jump” over a greater distance the stronger the magnet is).

mag25HERE’s the AWESOME part… by creating a strong enough magnetic field you can induce current flow in a remote object when it moves through the magnetic field!!

SO – by pushing enough electrons in one place fast enough – in a controlled and focused way – you can cause a change in how electrons are moving in a completely separate object!

Now, why should we think that electrical flow anywhere, works ANY different than that which we see in copper wires?  Electrons in motion are electrons in motion right?  And if we consider that an electro-magnet (wires wound in a tight bundlel) are VERY similar to the nerves in our brains (nerves in a tight bundle) we can have some real fun with Bioelectromagnetics.

Thoughts are simply electrons flowing in a certain pattern within the circuitsnerves that make up our brains and bodies – and we can CHOOSE to take CONTROL of this mechanism.  If we create a strong enough THOUGHT (and thereby current in our circuits) – we should EXPECT that thought to create a magnetic field (aura) around us.  If that fieldaura is strong enough (burning desire) and focused (compass, magnifying lens) – we should also EXPECT that aura to create changes in those around us as the electro-magnet does (and they wont even know it’s happening!?).

If we can create a strong enough fieldaura around us we should further EXPECT that we would be changing the electron flow (and thereby THOUGHTS) in the people around us.

attractionI tend to think that we can probably effect a change in other people’s emotions and thereby their thinkING rather than directly effecting changes in their thoughts.  Without having an exact replica of experiences and genetics we can’t expect that when our mind pictures a “red rubber ball” that we could create a similar image to “appear” in another mind (that is wired differently) by induction.

080d30bd96318a5e8c3bc3b01faad794But it is certainly reasonable to me that when we generate “happiness” and “gratitude” (all positive thoughts), that other people could very easily be influenced to become more positive.  Consider focusing on your “happy place” (a beach?) so strongly that you emanate joy and gratitude – if another person picked up on that feeling they may then think about their “happy place” (the mountains).  Two completely different images – one identical “feeling”.  The result being that other person would likely enjoy being around you – and thus “attracted” to your presence.

We are attracted to pleasurable feelings and experiences, and typically want to help those we associate with pleasurable experiences. To me this would be closer to the Law of Attraction and how it works than any direct thought control could…

Welcome to the world of control… now let’s get busy manifesting change in our lives!!!


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Elaine Archambeau - November 10, 2014 Reply

In reading this I feel happy. So it would be interesting to know about how your family is responding, do they feel happier, more excited?

Leanne Overlander - November 11, 2014 Reply

A very thought provoking conversation. I love it!

Deirdre's Master Key - November 11, 2014 Reply

Fantastic blog, great explanation to your family on the powers of the mind totally captivating and uplifting!!

Trish Abeloff :) - April 19, 2015 Reply

LOVE IT. I remember having EXACTLY the SAME thoughts when reading about polarity/magnetic field strength… so as i read this my mouth was hanging open… LOL…

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