MKMMA – Week 17a – It’s the Wild, Wild West all over again!

HandsMakeLightBackgroundIn the beginning – to lift not only a phrase, but the very essence of it’s meaning – there was chaos. It was messy, and it was noisy – there were so many thoughts all tangled together with the underlying rhythm of life…but it was, well… MY life.  And it was pretty good.

Then, well – I guess I would have to say LIFE HAPPENED right?  Marriage, Kids, JobNo JobJobNo Job roller-coaster — and “build own house by hand” got thrown in there along with build business(es)…

tumblr_m6xfq2P8Ab1r6y1k7o1_500Then, all-of-a-sudden as if emerging from a cloud of furious activity – I noticed things gone awry.

It wasn’t “the house” that I had wanted all along – it was the STATUSSYMBOL ‘having’ a house portrayed to the world.

It wasn’t the career I had dreamed of – it was again…the status – the thin, silky-smooth and only temporarily deceiving veneer of being able to buy whatever I wanted…

And damn it if I didn’t start to notice I wasn’t happy any longer.  Then…   ah, then… the MKMMA came >back< into my life.

And for a while things got better, and better.

Then they TANKED – and I wanted to physically rip ‘something’ from myself and destroy it…
that (comfy, warm, cozy…bastard of an) old blueprint.

imagesAnd finally, with a loooong drawn out, new-born-learning-to-walk, stumbling, effort – things are getting better again – a lot better…


Part of this week’s challenge for me is going back over the readings from weeks past – and realizing I have SUCH a different view of myself – not just the text of the MAster KEys, but of how I see myself through the lens they create in my mind.

Every action which is not in harmony with Truth, whether through ignorance or design, will result in discord, and eventual loss in proportion to its extent and character.  MK 9:9 s149836894805737222_p8_i1_w500 …If you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the Infinite and cannot therefore be polarized; there is no circuit, you are isolated, the thoughts cling to you, harass you, worry you…  MK 10:20

Looking back – and reading my own posts from those weeks has been both entertaining and re-warding… – I can feel my mind, and almost my physical brain, bending when I try successfully to see that pyramid in 3D!!

It’s been a little odd, bouncing around with less ‘guidance’ so to speak in the daily regimen – and it’s almost felt somewhat too casual in my own mind as I find it VERY easy to slip without that twang of guilt I once had…but I still feel it on a more significant level – so I double up when I miss and WILL NOT cave to the old blue.

originalBut mostly it has been encouraging – to go back and touch points that I know have been either replaced or implanted in my subconscious to very positive effect.

I am glad to have had the struggle during weeks eleven and twelve – I learned a lot about myself by having made it through.

I am looking forward to this last two months’ push into the “closing ceremonies” as much for the growth in myself as the opportunity to meet with many of the group face-to-face. Looking forward especially to becoming more self-reliant and independent in my own ability to maintain the Master Kay and Greatest Salesman exercises as a part of my daily life and habits.

Been a slow kinda foggy week peeps – thanks for taking the time and reading through my wandering thoughts!  Catch you on the flip side of life!

Till next weekfeatured_solong-e1413494064617

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Clyde Railsback - January 31, 2015 Reply

When struggles lead to changes it is good. Og, bottom of page 71 7 top of Page 72.

Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes) - February 1, 2015 Reply

Thanks for another great post, man, just love it!
It really resonates with me and sums up a few of my own thoughts better than I could myself 😉

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

masterkeycpound - February 2, 2015 Reply

I can relate to your thoughts…you shared them well! I have had have the struggles as well and I am learning to see them as opportunities more clearly! Thanks for sharing, great post!

masterkey.ultimateglutenfreelifestyle - February 3, 2015 Reply

As they say, there is no testament without a test. So glad you see your struggles in a positive light. I am here cheering you on all the way! I can not do it for you, but I can support you.

Ellen L - February 4, 2015 Reply

Way to go, Don! I am loving seeing how you incorporate each lesson and make changes in your life so that you can make your life YOUR OWN!

Trish Abeloff :) - April 21, 2015 Reply

I love looking forward to hindsight!! Not with expectation… but rather knowing that it’s a miraculous journey and every day is a treasure… trials and all. What a journey you’re on. Excited to see where you go!

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