MKMMA – Week 17 – Thoughts are things – and it is by Will alone…

mentat-prayer-quote-it-is-by-will-alone-that-i-set-my-mind-in-motionSome thoughts have a certain sound (a vibration or frequency of energy), that being equivalent to a form…

This week we were to concentrate our thoughts upon our purpose – our ideal – to the point of being oblivious to all else.  While we did this we were also asked to relax completely, avoid any thought of anxiety as to results, let there be no conscious effort or activity associated with your purpose… MK 17:33

This presented a bit of a dichotomy for me.

I had ALWAYS relied on my intuition to solve problems and work around – and through – any sticking spot in life.  But it took effort to push things aside and follow that intuition – and it was sometimes seriously un-nerving.

But, as I thought more upon HOW Haanel described this ‘non-effort’ it became more and more clear to me that I believed – to my core – that utter mental relaxation was completely incompatible with the act of concentrating so completely upon an ideal that the world around me ceased to be – even for a moment. Even though I have experienced this flow state many times – craving a simple return to it sub-consciously – yet resisting it as selfish and self-serving (forgetting my wife, kids, family and “other” ambiguous “responsibilities”) in at the same time.

quote-thoughts-are-things-they-have-tremendous-power-thoughts-of-doubt-and-fear-are-pathways-to-bryan-adams-337069It is so hard – still – to completely let go of the things we no longer need or desire, and to embrace fully and totally those things we, for a certainty, need to accept into our lives.

How is enjoying something you do SO MUCH that -even though it has a long (long, long ?) term good, even ‘OK’ much less right??

If this seems like a theme in my life – I am beginning to suspect that, more than just perhaps… there are things I have yet to accept – to learn if you will – from the patterns of my old blue print.

What is it that keeps one in the loop – the ouroboris of events – tied to being ever deeper in debt and yet earning ever larger sums to cover it…through the same old efforts?!  What is it that we need to learn – not to force upon ourselves, but to BECOME – in order to break the cycle?

Isn’t interesting that our studies of Haanel start out with:

The kind of Deity which a man, consciously or unconsciously, worships,
indicates the intellectual status of the worshipper.

Haanel then proceeds to create imagery about the Indian gods, Pagan gods, the Israelite God, and even the Heathen god(s) – finally resolving on the concept that in our current Age we make vocal our desire to believe in a God of Love – and yet, liken to the Heathen, we continue to make for ourselves graven symbols to develop a sense of self.  Symbols like “Riches” when we truly desire Wealth, Power…when we truly desire Collaboration…

I get the feeling that Haanel’s goal is not to create a religious or even theological confrontation – but perhaps more to point out to us that OUR position in regard to both a Creator and the “Rules” of life – have more to do with our intellectual maturity than we care to admit?

Perhaps the intention is to get us to realize that our need to deify these traits, rules, and behaviors (or lack thereof…) – says as much about our intellectual maturity as does our WILLINGNESS to embrace or accept that need in ourselves and others? Rather than being correct as an absolute – we mature as we allow for ever growing and changing states within all around us – and embrace THAT belief as of primal importance.

We are all at various paths in the process of self-discovery – and it is the beauty in life to stop and realize that we are at all times both student, yearning and striving, as well as teacher, coaching and encouraging. It is an indicator of our intellectual state, how rapidly we are able to adjust to discovery that we must release old ideals as we embrace the new – in order to grow.

early-morningHaanel proceeds to point out to us that

Spiritual Truth is therefore the controlling factor;
it is this which will enable you to grow out of limited attainment
and reach a point where you will be able to translate modes of thought
into character and consciousness.

As there is ever the cry within us to “have”, we grow beyond our current limits as we realize the impetus to first “be”.

Therefore as the astronomer centers his mind on the stars and they give forth their secrets;
the geologists centers his mind on the construction of the earth and we have geology;
so with all things men must center their minds – their thoughts – on their ideals to the exclusion of all else.

Thus as Haanel further states:

Vibration is the action of thought; it is vibration which reaches out and attracts
the material necessary to construct and build. There is nothing mysterious
concerning the power of thought; concentration simply implies that consciousness
can be focalized to the point where it becomes identified with the object of its
attention. As food absorbed is the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the
object of its attention, gives it life and being.

Having come to realize that, to grow beyond my current state I must release those things which put me into a state of mental agitation – reducing the ability to concentrate AND relax…for the rest of this course I will no longer concentrate upon – no, I will not even entertain the thoughts – of “What If…”

81d883f354c5d4635511b9e96fd5fc19No more “What If… I go bankrupt and lose it all because of this action I choose to take”

No more “What …will people think if…”

No more “What will happen to my kids if…”

No more playing out potential results, entertaining thoughts of potential endings – and running back to ever more calcified, clay-covered buddas.



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Clyde Railsback - January 23, 2015 Reply

I liked your analysis.

    Donald Overlander - January 30, 2015 Reply

    Thank you, sometimes I wonder where my mind is headed on some of these posts… but I try to make them all true to “me”!

Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes) - January 26, 2015 Reply

Love Your post, man, I can relate to so many of Your thoughts.
Let´s set all the “what if´s” free on the scrap pile and start LIVING the lives we were born to live, whichever lives we decide that is!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    Donald Overlander - January 30, 2015 Reply

    Soooo thoroughly done with “What if’s…” crazy how much more fun life is when we put that aside! Namaste!

masterkeycpound - January 26, 2015 Reply

Great insight! Thank you!

Ellen L - January 29, 2015 Reply

Your posts are always such a well-written synthesis of science and belief – and I can really resonate with your question about how doing something that feels good and we do well could possibly be the ‘right’ thing for us to be doing. There’s a part of me that cries “how can that NOT be right? Where’s the point in being miserable for most of the day at a JOB?” But there’s also a part – quieter now, but still there – that is very strict in believing that ‘fun’ and ‘fulfilling life’s responsibilities’ are mutally exclusive.
Down with the ‘What ifs’! Down with the belief that I can’t do what I enjoy and fulfill adult responsibilities too!

    Donald Overlander - January 30, 2015 Reply

    YES!!!! Down with the old blueprint – to heck with the “What the world/society/family THINK I should be doing!

    Let’s get after this life and live it NOW!!

Trish Abeloff :) - April 21, 2015 Reply

Your pure stream of consciousness and willingness to entertain and embrace and release the thoughts, ideas, feelings that present themselves… to me, that seems like the door to detachment. Beautiful work you did…. are doing… Perhaps redundant, but sincere nonetheless…So grateful you’re here, Don.

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