MKMMA – Week 16 – The Spice (of life) Must Flow


Click to watch an amazing video that shows JUST how much time you actually have…

Let me set things up this week….

How much is a day of your Life – worth?

Have you ever stopped to consider that?

You get, on average, 28,835 of them.

If you were to say an average life was worth


— then each day would be worth…

wait for it…



How much would you be willing to pay for an additional day of life?  After you watch the video you’ll understand why, given the above valuation, a GOOD day of life is closer to $3333.00… interesting isn’t it?

When we really stop to analyse how many minutes we really have available to us (seriously – check out the video) – it might be more appropriate to ask:

How much would you pay for part of a GOOD day?

All that to just set up my thoughts on this week’s Master Key…it got me to thinking about how I have lived my life up to this point.  That, while I did not “live for money” (or Capital as Haanel refers to it)  – I certainly have not lived for an ideal.

ouroboros_knot_240-1Upon review it feels more like I was trying to live in such a way as to be able to purchase more of those “good days”…by spending that time earning the capital to do so… which line of thinking quickly goes all ouroboros on me and I can feel myself tap dancing on the edge of losing integrity with the Seven Day Mental Diet.

Probably just my subconscious prodding me with a “see…SEE… you KNOW your world to this point has been a lie, so suck it up and get on with formulating the ideal you know you’re supposed to have”.  While my conscious mind is going “but…but… you’ve got your Definite major Purpose!  you’ve been repeating that over and over…what else do you need!”

Wealth is a product of labor. Capital is an effect, not a cause; a servant, not a master; a means, not an end.

The most commonly accepted definition of wealth is that it consists of all useful and agreeable things which possess exchange value. It is this exchange value which is the predominant characteristic of wealth.

When we consider the small addition made by wealth to the happiness of the possessor, we find that the true value consists not in its utility but in its exchange.

This exchange value makes it a medium for securing the things of real value whereby our ideals may be realized.

MK 16 :1-4


I was discussing this idea with one of my MasterMind partners outside of the Alliance (nothing beats talking directly!!) and they made the following comment (I’m paraphrasing here):

Wealth in the form of Capital, is potential energy – a medium of exchange for the transfer of energy between people. To become ever more successful, to be in control of ever more capital, that potential energy must FLOW.

It clicked with me in the context of Master Key 16:5:  Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.

So – with last week’s blog in mind… I get to suck it up (thanks subby…) and realize that all my years of striving have been without the benefit of any sort of ideal. That – in connection with previous realizations, I have been getting nowhere with debt, my business, life for that matter — in exact proportion to the quality of my ideal.  Not having one basically means I have spent more than a decade spinning my wheels.  Passing time, and even creating some awesome memories, enjoying an acceptable life – heck even a “better than average” life… but at the expense of a PHENOMENAL life.

Now – don’t get me wrong – at this point in the MKMMA Mark, Davene and my guide have helped me formulate a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and pushedcoaxed me into refining it.  The program and all its members have helped – through their examples, questions, and experiences related through team-member’s blog posts week after week – to attach meaning and emotion to it. And it’s ROCKIN’ – I love the vision and the ‘tug’ of emotion and desire that I get when fulfilling the exercises…

The only thing is there’s a subtle undertone to it that I had not really understood until this week. I can have the most amazingly accurate, detailed and visualized DMP – and still be missing a foundational ideal backing it. As I experienced the sits this week it became clearer to me that I had not been willing to commit to action in pursuit of my DMP because it was still missing that punch that NARC provided – but I am not willing to live with having to emotionally ‘choke hold’ myself just to take action that should be effortless.

So heading into this next week I am going to take some time to pull apart what it is about the images and thoughts I attach to in using NARC to get moving – and see if there isn’t a shadow of my ideal(s) in there – it’s most certainly got family involved, but I really want to be able to state CLEARLY what it is that I really will put all this knowledge to WORK for.

Thanks for sticking with me through all this – we will overcome, and we will #BePhenomenalOrBeForgotten !



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Clyde Railsback - January 17, 2015 Reply


Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes) - January 18, 2015 Reply

Thanks for a great kick in the butt ;-)!!!

That video really got it right down to the point, as we never get a day back after it´s gone each one is so beautifully important for our lives!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

masterkey.ultimateglutenfreelifestyle - January 18, 2015 Reply

The video really puts how short life is in perspective. Thanks for sharing. It is great that you want to have clear and exact ideals to put behind your DMP. It will give it life and vitality.

krisc10 - January 19, 2015 Reply

Ideals behind your DMP – I feel your power building behind a dam that is about to burst and all will flow.

    Donald Overlander - January 30, 2015 Reply

    Kris! I am so grateful for the talks we have had – several of them have led me to the thought is this – as well as the post about to go up! Keep at it – we are, each of us, the Greatest Sales-people and we will succeed!

masterkeycpound - January 20, 2015 Reply

Thanks for your awesome post! I totally can relate to how you feel! Sounds like you are right there…keep moving forward!

Ellen L - January 21, 2015 Reply

Hmm… an ideal behind the DMP… wonder if that’s what I’m missing, too? Thanks for the thought!
(Love the jelly bean video.)

Trish Abeloff :) - April 21, 2015 Reply

I’ve never noticed that Einstein quote before! LOVE IT!

    Trish Abeloff :) - April 21, 2015 Reply

    … and LOVE learning about your journey!

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