MKMMA – Week 12 – We Shall Slow Time

This week has flown past faster than any week yet in the MKMMA course – and I poignantly feel every…single…slip… as a skid mark on my character. As stated several time in the Master Keys:

The mind, which pervades the body, is largely the result of heredity, which, in turn, is simply the result of all the environments of all past generations on the responsive and ever-moving life forces. An understanding of this fact will enable us to use our authority when we find some undesirable trait of character manifesting.

We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been provided and we can repress and refuse to allow the undesirable ones to manifest.

— Master Key 9 : 4-5



My thoughts drift to the Alpha and the Omega – greek characters, referencing beginnings and endings.  Typically we hear that phrase when referring to God – I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

And I think that is perfectly fitting for this week’s experience and growth within the MKMMA.  Though perhaps in reverse…

It is the end of an era – my old blue print has had enough free leash in the last three weeks to have me questioning my commitment to change.  And so I am planning on taking time over the holidays (for me they are NOT ‘holy days’, but that’s a whole different road to travel) and revisit my DMP now that I have had run-ins with my Ol Blue and have gained insight from Week 12 of the Master Keys :

The result of this indecision and negative thought is often found in the loss of material wealth. Supposed independence which required many years of toil and effort suddenly disappears. It is often found then that money and property are not independence at all. On the contrary, the only independence is found to be a practical working knowledge of the creative power of thought.
— Master Key 12 : 8

 For it seems that my life has come – again – full circle, as it is wont to do every time we fail to learn from our past mistakes.  With the end of the year comes the end of my “reliable” income! (And perhaps that is not a bad thing)  As a contract software developer – one should expect the end of a contract, and I did… With somewhat of a mixed elation.

I find that I –feel – more intensely under horrendously short time lines ( an old blueprint, unsuccessful habit, as I have come to realize).  And it is the intensity of feeling that I crave, that I desire to suck from the marrow of Life itself to say that I have truly experienced MY life.

do-epic-shit-lMy wife and recently sat down to talk and that is what really -was- my part of the conversation… I’ve been lacking any sort of vibrancy to my life.  Pointedly it is a partnership with someone I can brace arms with and do some seriously EPIC shit – and fall down laughing at ourselves when our first attempts fall short of perfection.

Someone who, when considering the wisdom of trying new things, really embraces the fact that there aren’t that many jelly beans left.

I would ask that – should you stumble across this blog (and Thank You if you’ve been here before!) that you take a moment for yourself and really embrace THIS very moment – great things are about to happen in our lives if we choose to be present at their inception, and faithful to their growth and maturation.

That inner journey is such a powerful piece of doing great things in the world – of doing epic shit. You can’t discount it and it’s harder in a lot of ways. Once you get your inner resources in alignment and get clear what needs to happen, it’s actually just a matter of taking steps day in and day out to do the epic shit. – See more at Productive Flourishing


This weekend I am going to do at least one seriously crazy thing – something that will make my children question my sanity and yet prove to myself that this world we seem to believe in is a lie.

And to prove it to myself over and over I am going to make some dramatic changes to what I think my life “should” be (I’m smirking at myself because, seriously too much shoulding on myself…).  Perhaps it was my subconscious working to align things in my life and connect some bits and pieces for me to realize all this, as Brendon Burchard’s latest book arrived – as a gift from someone I interacted with back in MARCH – right on time:

The Motivation Manifesto

Get a copy and pay just Shipping and Handling!

Hurry has become the master. We have stopped sensing the stillness, the stunning fullness and beauty and divine perfection of the moment. Most barrel through life, unaware of their senses and surroundings, deaf and blind to the magical qualities of . . . this . . . very . . . moment. We are not supposed to miss it all, this life, but we do, all frazzled, stressed, and stripped away from Now. The cost is immense—so many moments blurred by speed and worry and panic, all stacking onto hectic days, all creating the catastrophe of an un-experienced, joyless life. Many can only vaguely remember the last time they laughed so hard it hurt, loved so much it led to a beautiful flood, cheered so loudly it strained the vocal chords, felt so deeply it caused a showering of tears, had such a raucously good time that it became legend—moments fully lived. We must s – l – o – w it all down, not just to become more present in the singular moment, but also to elongate that moment so that we truly sense it. Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of long, meaningful moments. This day is to be enjoyed like a pause at a cool stream during summer’s heat. For this, we now declare: WE SHALL SLOW TIME.

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Ellen L - December 20, 2014 Reply

Okay, first thought: How weird, that you would talk about hurry and needing to slow down! Leaving for Virginia today, Jerry and I got started much later than I was planning… and neither of us stressed. The ‘not stressing’ is the unusual part. As long as we’re there for Terry’s graduation, we have all the time in the world to get out east; time to enjoy the drive, take in sights, not sleep in the truck.
Second thought: What is the crazy thing you’re going to do this weekend?
Third thought: Jelly beans? What’s with the jelly beans?
Sub-thought to third thought: Oh my word, that’s the Dear Kitten voice!
Second sub-thought: Holy cow, where does he find all this cool stuff? The jelly bean video is AWESOME!
Happy for your gained insight, happy for reviewing DMP! Yay, being authentic!!

    Donald Overlander - December 22, 2014 Reply

    Ellen – 😉 I –love– the jelly bean video. DRIVES the point we make in WV home doesn’t it?? You only have “so much” time in life so get out there and make some memories, be authentic, and do EPIC stuff!! Build a LIFE you would be proud of right?

    Still building on the crazy stuff – but they looked at me funny when I snuck out for popcorn at the movie and just laid in the middle of the lobby while they refilled stuff… so begins the crazy stuff.

    Just a reminder that “We are all dying, and our world(s) are a lie.” 😉

    Donald Overlander - December 22, 2014 Reply

    Elaine – 🙂 I am starting to populate the root site for this blog this week ( as just that. And taking a cue from two of MY mentors now – Ellen and Leanne to fulfill that part of my PPN (Recognition of Creative Expression) so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll cross post in the next weeks to link the two in people’s minds.

    And YES! the “doing of crazy stuff” is absolutely part of the spontaneity of life!

Dennis Bell - December 20, 2014 Reply

Great post Don! I’m glad to hear you’re doing something seriously crazy! This all sounds like a serious breakthrough and I really want to hear of the really EPIC s#!t as you do it. The partnership you describe with your wife is a real gift as is being able to laugh at yourselves together. There’s more vibrancy there than you think. Thanks for taking part of today’s jelly bean to read my response. All the best to you my friend!

    Donald Overlander - December 22, 2014 Reply


    🙂 Part of my EPIC… main floor of our entire three stall garage has been “converted” to a presentation hall of sorts. You can seriously belt out the Reads in there with enTHUsiasm!! (My voice was slightly hoarse from my first round).

    Let me tell you that was EXACTLY what I have been missing these last couple weeks. It got COoold here in the Great (notso)White North, and reading indoors just took the Ooomph out of my sails. My neighbors (almost a mile away) used to be able to hear me do my reads … I am BACK on track with emotional reads again!!!

earch2014 - December 20, 2014 Reply

Oh so like “we shall slow time”… I find it so calming to think that way while being in change. The doing of a really crazy thing this weekend! So that can be a part of change, can’t it? Honoring the self and great fun, while doing your life with intention. I think you need to publish a book. Maybe you are some grand secret author or should be.

Deanna Becket - December 20, 2014 Reply

I can’t wait to hear about your crazy weekend or epic shit. Either way will be great. Be sure to blog it here! Thank you for the last quote….I am stealing/borrowing. Great stuff. Today was a “slow” day for me. Just time at home with paperwork, weeee. But it is such a great shift. Merry Christmas!

    Donald Overlander - December 22, 2014 Reply

    Deanna – AWESOME to hear that there are great shifts taking place! I always had a hard time with “the paperwork of life” as evidenced by the “epic shit” I feel the need to do.

    It was a blast – and I am looking forward to continuing to add something MEMORABLE to my life’s story every week from now on!

    RE: the last quote – I have read further into Brendon’s book and all I can say is … HOLY CRAP… talk about striking right to the heart of the issues in a way that -connects-. LOVE that book.

davidsmasterkey - December 23, 2014 Reply

I hope you dance like no one is watching and do more than two point seven seconds on a bull named fu man chu…

Trish Abeloff :) - April 21, 2015 Reply

thank you for the jelly beans.

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