MKE Week 20 – Paired Comparison

paired-comparison-analysis-5-638The paired comparison exercise given this week was one that was also given in the course last year.  A year ago I had no idea how to do the exercise.  I was merely blogging with the goal of having a cookbook published by May 1, 2016.

I had no idea of what I needed to do to make income with this.  I did n’t know the steps I needed to take to even begin my cookbook.  So, I thought the exercise was nice for those who already had a business bringing in money and would be good for me someday.  So I kind of just pushed of the exercise and forgot aboutLight Bulb it.

When it came around this year, it was like night and day.  It was literally like a light bulb going off in my head.
I am very near to completing the goal of being a publisher of a cookbook and was not sure where to take my business next.

In the few moments Mark went over the exercise and gave us time to briefly come up with our top 10 and then 5 income producing activities, the light came on and the ideas flowed through me.  It was so exciting to have a new vision and purpose and I could distinctively see what my 2 main activities were I needed to focus on.

This was so important to me at this point in my journey.  With commitments I took on for the school year, I have only 2 week days every week to devote to my business.  I have struggled with making this time productive, basically because I hadn’t gone through this exercise.  I knew I needed to do things, but had a list so long becau
se I had so few days to work, that I got overwhelmed and quite frequently did nothing.  This is my old blue print stepping up to sabatoge all I learned and know from last year.

One day you'll wake up
I am so thankful for the growth since last year that allowed my mind to be open to this exercise this time.  I now have 2 new projects to add to my ever evolving DMP, time lines to help them manifest by the SMART goals I have created for them, and I know what NEEDS to be done on those limited days I can do business.  Now I know that I can make head way even though I can only focus on it twice a week.

Take the advice from someone who didn’t take the exercise seriously last year.  DO
IT NOW.  It is definitely worth the time and thought to figure it out.

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