MKE Week 18- Enthusiasm

Enthusisam moves the worldEnthusiast- intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

This was my week 18 trait to focus on .  This was actually one of the easiest traits to observe in myself and in the world around me.  I saw it in myself every time I did my out loud reads as we are supposed to say them with enthusiasm to generate the emotions behind them to make it successful.

I also have found that since beginning the course in September of 2014- I greet more and more daysHenry Ford - Enthusisam
enthusiastically.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have those groggy, slow starts to the day but fewer than
before.  I find the gratitude exercises help me to perk right up on those days.  I have been blessed immensely.

As I have used this example in the other traits, I will be using it here as well.  My twin nephews are
enthusiastic about almost everything.  When I greet them with enthusiasm first thing in the morning it sets the mood for
the rest of the day.  They show enthusiasm for their toys, food, attention, cuddling.  It seems the more enthusiastic I am, the happier they are.

Another example of enthusiasm is in my speech team members.  We had our first meet 3 weeks ago and they were all very enthusiastic to finally be performing their speeches for someone other than their coaches.  There was a definite buzz on the bus ride and around the team table when we arrived.  At awards, they not only showed enthusiast for their team members successes but also for all of their competitors. I love my speechies!!

every-man-is-enthusiastic-at-timesI know that when I feel enthusiasm, my whole state of mind changes.  I attract positive experiences and opportunities and I feel in harmony with the Universal (God).

Are you observing enthusiasm in yourself and the world around you?  I’d love to hear about your observations.  Please comment below.

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