MKE Week 12 Spotlight- Donna Burt

Ball spot lightThis week I am spotlighting Donna Burt for my member spotlight.  She shares with us her experience using the Bear Hugs Kettle concept.  I love how she is A2R2 what she is learning in the Master Keys and making her journey that much more effective by assimilating what she is learning.  Below is her blog, but please go to her actual blog and comment and share on twitter and Facebook.  Give More Get More!

Bear Hugs Kettle

Week 12 MKMMA – Bear hugs kettle

Bear hugs kettle. I put a copy of that picture on the dashboard of my car. I put the kettle hugging bear in the car because that is where I often find myself thinking about great, horrible, wholly imaginary wrongs that might (but most probably never will) be done to me. I put myself into one of these snits while driving home from work on Monday. Just by chance I clicked the Resources tab of the MKMMA web site first thing when I got home and there it was, the reminder that I had needed so badly just 30 minutes earlier.

My thoughts go to much more pleasant places while I’m driving now. It’s been less than a week but I love that bear for helping me to remember in the momemt to use the 7 Laws of the Mind.

One statement that Davene put out there for us during the webinar hit me between the eyes. She said that if I think I’m struggling than I will struggle. Well, I have been struggling and saying so just about every week. How much of my struggling is old habits, old blue prints and craving my old peptides. Maybe I don’t need to struggle to grow. It’s a thought that I’m thinking a lot lately. I seem more comfortable struggling than soaring. It is very familiar.

I am making friends with my future me and she does not need to struggle; she is happy, loving, harmonious, powerful, perfect, strong and whole. With a room that is hers alone.

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Robert Gardner - December 31, 2015 Reply

I love the picture of the bear hug kettle. I shows how we hold on things that are bad for us…!

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