Preventing Success with Affirmations!
Master Keys Week #4

How many times have we heard "Do the Hard Mental Labor that it takes..." and thought "I am! I am working hard to 'get it right'!! 

But life still feels stuck in the same two ruts it's always been in - comfortable and satisfying.  Worse, we see some people having phenomenal success in changing their habits, manifesting their goals, of becoming BETTER than they were and

we want success!

And we start to slip into our old-blueprint tendencies of looking for short-cuts -- hits of those peptides we have gotten addicted to over the years. It's not even surprising that this is when affirmations sneak into our vocabulary - we are open to comfortable 'small wins' ... so we wire some of them into our DMP...

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Then we hear about Affirmations! These little phrases feel amazing! How can I go wrong sprinkling a few of these around in my statement of Definite Major Purpose!? 

YES!!!  Finally a shortcut to the success I've always dreamed about! And successful people are using (and recommending) them!! Perfect!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

You can feel the emotional boost that phrase gives you immediately.  How can it not be a great thing to add affirmations into our DMPs?!  They say exactly what we want "to be" right? And if it helps build self-confidence -- JUST like point three in the Blueprint Builder says -- how simple! Brilliant! Use a lot of them!!

There are a few problems with this idea though:

  • When does this idea become manifest? Is there any reason to not manifest it "now" - aren't you all already all of these things...and you are just reminding your conscious mind? If you believe you are these things... then this 'goal' is already manifest and you should put something in its place.
  • What is there for your subconscious to ACTUALLY manifest from this statement? Again - if you AREN'T already all of these things... how do you measure becoming them? If you can't measure it exactly the same way every time...then it's an ever changing target that your subconscious cannot reach!
  • Feelings? How do you attach feelings to these ideas? With a goal that is so esoteric  - all in your head, and specific to your thoughts - anyone who reads the words would have a DIFFERENT vision of what each of these things means - a guarantee of losing your subconscious' attention!

Sooo... Affirmations are Bad?

Once you start reviewing what an affirmation literally IS in relation to defining Definite goals - or more explicitly our Major Purpose(s) in life... you may think you've been hoodwinked.  Seriously - if an affirmation has no S.M.A.R.T. aspects to it - how can it be so difficult to get them out of our DMPs?

 One consideration toward avoiding the use of Affirmations within a Statement of Definite Major purpose – is observing the interesting balancing act between ‘stasis’ (affirmations) and ‘directed growth’ (DMP goals). Especially when the Affirmation is slightly ‘more’ than who we currently are – and implies growth.

Affirmations have a place in the process of changing your habits - they can be profoundly powerful if you are someone who struggles with self-esteem or self-worth issues.  Intentionally reminding your conscious mind of those positive states of being can rapidly elevate your inner world to higher levels of energy!

Changing your habits is fundamental to manifesting your dreams so pay attention to defining your Dharma in terms of S.M.A.R.T. goals - and attaching emotion! - and you'll never struggle with these concerns! 

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