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Minnesota couple interviewed by Ford Prefect on their Catamaran in Virgin Gorda.


Ford Prefect- Playbeing Posted: Monday, January 2, 2023

So how did a couple from Minnesota end up living in paradise on a luxurious sailing catamaran?

Ford, it took a lot of work.  Not so much the physical kind as much as the psychological kind.  I had a lot of years of the kind of programming that prevented me from chasing my dreams.  I have to thank Mark J and the Fabulous Davene for offering their Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Through this program, which changed my life, I was able to retrain my subconscious mind and attract the resources, forces, and people to help me attain my purpose in life. Once I had my right mind, my businesses flourished.  I also have been able to pay it forward to others and help them to learn the same things I did in the MKMMA.  It has been a true blessing.

You have Celiac Disease, what took you from that diagnosis to a best selling author of gluten free cookbooks?

It was a long journey that began in October of 2008.  I had been dealing with digestive issues for my whole life and had accepted it as normal and I just had to deal with it. One day, I just wanted more out of life and I decided  to eliminate gluten from my diet.  It worked; I felt a lot better and I found that I no longer caught every virus that went around and my digestive issues got better.  I have never looked back. Although awareness of gluten was gaining ground in 2008, the product offerings were still not the best.  So I endeavored to create a better choice for myself and my family.  I experimented and had many, many, many failures, but eventually came up with my almond bread recipe.  I cried tears of joy that day.  I had discovered a recipe that made gluten free bread that acted just like its glutinous counterparts.  I could make sandwiches that did not need toasting and did not crumble apart.  I could wrap it around a hot dog and it not fall apart.  I knew I had something and I could not keep it to myself.  I had to share it.

Gluten Free bread

That is when I first became an entrepreneur.  My husband and I began selling our bread at the local farmer’s market.  We did this for 3 years and expanded our product base to 3 different kinds of breads and any baked good you could find in a regular bakery.

Why only 3 years?  What changed?

Many of our loyal customers urged us to go commercial.  They said they couldn’t find anything as good as our product in the stores and wanted us to be able to sell it in stores.  We took time off from the farmer’s market to write a business plan and began the process of starting a commercial wholesale gluten free bakery.  Along the way, I realized I was burnt out on the baking and that it really was not my passion.  I searched deep inside and realized that one of my strengths was learning.  How could I monetize this and help others?  Do what I love?  I decided there were two ways I could do that.  The first was blogging.  I could get information out to large numbers of people by providing a one-stop site of information on gluten free related issues.  The second was sharing my recipes with the world in gluten free cookbooks.

Did success with you gluten free business come easy or right away?

No, like I said earlier, I had to get right mentally first, but once that happened things began to fall into place.  I give credit to the MKMMA.  It helped me get my mind right.

So all this(living in paradise) came from your gluten free business?

No, I also helped my husband, Don, grow our WorldVentures travel business.  We worked to get more people on more vacations, more often.  We took what we learned from MKMMA and Go90Grow and taught it to our team and watched it explode as our team members duplicated this.  Once people realized the power they had within themselves, the results were phenomenal.  It is so amazing to have helped people get peak life experiences and also help them learn to create whatever they desired.

Many successful people give back.  Do you do anything to give back for all the blessings you have in life?

Hug it forwardYes, we love to give back.  One of my favorite ways is taking  small part of our team to Guatemala and joining forces with WorldVentures Foundation and Hug it Forward to help build Bottle Schools.


Bottle School kids

It is so beneficial in many ways.  We help the community help itself by cleaning it up and providing a safe,wvfoundation economic, and sustainable building for the children to obtain an education.  Working together creates a bond within the community and with those who volunteered to help build the schools.  You will never be the same once you have experienced this.

City of JoyDream CourtsOther organizations we help either through donating money, resources or our time, are Dream Missions, KKIS (Keep Kids in School), WorldVentures Foundation, Dream Courts, City of Joy Cancun, and Boys and Girls Clubs.  Give more, get more.  I love giving from the heart, it just feels right and is so rewarding.

So what does the future hold for you?

Endless possibilities and I know I have the power to make whatever I dream a reality.


Palm Island