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I am back from the MKMMA Live Retreat in Kauai and all I can say is it is a life changer and you DO NOT want to miss it next year.

During the Master Key Experience we developed daily habits of reading the Master Key, Og’s scrolls, our index cards, DMP, BPB, the Law of  Giving, and the Gal/Guy in the Glass.  We also included the following:

  1.  Gratitudes: at least 3 new a day and flip through the stack.
  2. 2 Random Acts of Kindness
  3. Mini journal statement of a positive experience that day.
  4. Exercise
  5. Sit

These habits keep us in the correct mind frame to help us follow our compass to our bliss.  I have to be open and honest, I did not give 100 % to these exercises while in Kauai and found it hard to get back into the habit when I returned. However, the subconscious NEVER forgets.  Although I was lax and not as consistent as I had been and should be, my subby was still working for me.  It was manifesting things for me without me knowing.  Because I was faithful for so many months, it tolerated a little break on my part (I am back doing the exercises).  Let me explain what my subby manifested for me.

In the middle of April, I received an email from the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest saying they would send me a flyer to help promote the event and to offer me a ticket.  I was excited because I wanted to attend. After a few quick emails she posted om my business Facebook page.  I was looking forward to networking at the event.  A few days after returning from the retreat, they sent out a request for volunteers.  I almost replied immediately but had some hesitation.  I wanted to network, what if I had no time to do that if I volunteered?  Mark says to do scary things every week.  So I sent in my  request to volunteer.

I was assigned to help with the food demonstrations.  This was great because I was able to talk with the presenters. I even got to shake hands with a blogger I had followed for a long time and was one of my inspirations to blog, Jules Shepard.  After my shift was over, I struck up a conversation with the organizer of the event.  This was not easy for an introverted blue. She was happy with my work and willingness to adapt to unseen circumstances.  She wanted to use me next year.  I told her I wanted to be a vendor next year with my cookbook.  I also told her I had a gluten free blog.  She told me I could have been in the bloggers booth at this event and invited me to join them in Indianapolis.  I am now on the books for the event in Indianapolis and Stamford. CT.

It wasn’t until the drive home that it sunk in that this was a modified manifestation of part of my DMP. In my DMP I state:

Once a month, on or before May 31, 2016, I attend events to sign my book and meet the people I impact.

My cookbook is not out yet, but I can have my Holiday Guide reprinted for the events and I will meet people I can impact.  I got shivers at the realization of the manifestation of my DMP without conscious effort.  The offer came tome over a  year ahead of schedule.  Thank you subby for not giving up on me when I had chosen to be lazy and not give 100%effortless

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Wendy's Master Key - May 21, 2015 Reply

So excited for you Leanne!!!

Ellen L - June 4, 2015 Reply

This gets more and more awesome every time I read it! So excited for you!

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