I Love to Laugh

Baby laughingThis morning my husband began humming “I Love to Laugh” and now it is stuck in my head.  So I thought I would share the laughter with you as well 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RTokqMhAuE]

This month’s scroll is on laughter.  It is a miracle of creation that we are the only animals that truly laugh making us nature’s greatest miracle.   Even if our day is not going well, it is amazing how laughing can turn in around in just a moment.  As Og mentions,

What can take plaughlace before the sun sets which will not seem insignificant in the river of centuries?…  This too shall pass.”

There is nothing that we are going through that will not pass and is not worthy of laughing at.

I will laugh at myself for man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously.

If all things shall pass why should I be of concern today?

As with all the things we have learned in the MKE, laughter along with a positive mental attitude will help keep us in harmony and keep attracting to us thaBaby laught which we need to obtain our desires.  I am finding this message so encouraging and love how it links to scientific fact of the need for laughter to maintain health. When we laugh, we change physically.  We stretch muscles in our face and through out our bodies, our heart rate and blood pressure go up, we begin to breathe faster.  Just like exercise changes your mood by boosting endorphins, so does laughter. Laughter also reduces stress, which we all know it very detrimental to health.

Not only is laughter good for your health, it is also a key to being successful.

And so long as I can laugh never will I be poor.  This, then, is one of nature’s greatest gifts, and I will waste it no more.  Only with laughter can I truly become a success. – Scroll VII

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men in history lists laughing as one of the top four tips for massive success.

“There is little success where there is little laughter.”- Andrew Carnegie.

So start your day with laughter, as my husband helped me today, and when things get tough, step back and laugh at yourself and the situation, as this too shall pass.


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Trish Abeloff :) - April 19, 2015 Reply

What a wonderful blog. Thank you, Leanne, for your effort, your love, the differences you are making in the world. I can’t wait to meet you in person!! (I’m gluten-free too and I can’t wait to learn more from you and learn how to make that bread!!! I really do miss bread sometimes!!!)

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