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Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Coming soon:  A journal of cruising gluten free.  I had difficulty transferring pictures from my phone. I hope to post this journal in a few days. Fall is the time of harvest in many areas of the country.  My neighbor is frantically harvesting his corn before the first winter storm of the season, which is […]

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1 Yummy Pumpkin Bars

The days are getting shorter.  The wind is getting cooler.  The smell of wood smoke is in the air and Halloween is just around the corner.  Fall is here and in full swing.  Fall always seems to get me to crave apple crisp and anything made with pumpkins. So how did these delicious pumpkin treat […]

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Chocolate Lasagna

One of the hardest things about having intolerances to gluten, is when you want to celebrate with others.  Many times those who need to eat gluten free feel isolated and deprived when they go to gatherings and they are not able to participate in eating the foods everyone else is eating.  I have been there […]

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