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Success in Life

Success in Life is Being True to Yourself What really is success?  As Og says in The Greatest Salesman in the World What is success to one person may not be success in the eyes of another person.  What is common among everyone is the feeling of success comes when we are true to being our […]

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MKE Week 22a- Self Reliance

I wrote this post last year and thought it was pertinent again this year so I am re-posting to share with this years members. In our journey in the Master Key Master Mind Experience we have learned to think for ourselves and to go for our dreams.  We have learned the importance of the word within, and […]

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9 Hope

MKE Week 21- Hope

On this weeks webinar, Trish  said something that gave me hope.  She said she had stumbled recently.  I was kind of surprised Here was one of the co-creators of the MKE, and she stumbles too?  A feeling of relief washed over me to know that even they can stumble. I realized, we are ALL works […]

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MKE Week 18- Enthusiasm

Enthusiast- intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. This was my week 18 trait to focus on .  This was actually one of the easiest traits to observe in myself and in the world around me.  I saw it in myself every time I did my out loud reads as we are supposed to say them […]

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