MKE Week 11:Coincidence or Law of Attraction?

Do you ever feel like things just coincide with each other? Is this coincidence or the Law of Attraction acting in your life?  Perhaps you were reading a Bible study last week and it coincided with Week 11’s affirmation:

Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.Mark 11:24

I believe moments like these are the Law of Attraction and it happened to me last week in a way I was not expecting.  It also brought me to an “A-ha

On the webinar last week Mark Mentioned the problem with motivational videos and seminars are that getting across the goal line is the focus.
However they don’t look at the process as a whole and that there are steps necessary before you take massive action. You need to have the right thoughts, emotions and beliefs before action will produce the desired results

While Mark was discussing this, I noticed a couple index cards and notes on my bulletin board.  It was if they were saying notice me, although I see them often. I pulled them off and read them.  I discovered they were cards I had written in 2012 as my husband and I were going through Think and Grow Rich together.  This was several years before being introduced to the Master Keys.

I was surprised to see one of the cards was the Blue Print Builder. When I wrote that out for the first time last year, I thought it really was the first time.  I did not remember ever reading it before but I guess I had.The other card was sort of a mini DMP.  It had a desire written down like in our movie trailers.  It had a date for it to Goal linemanifest.

Did it? NO!Why? The people who had encouraged us to read Think and Grow Rich, like most self help gurus, had the focus on the goal line; massive action without first addressing the
inner world.

I was not the person I needed to be to make that goal manifest and they had not given me any tools to help me become that person.   When I wrote those cards and desires, I had no mentors to take me through the steps to chip off the cement and uncover my golden self.

Flash forward to today and I am so thankful for the opportunity to go through the keys first as a member and now as a guide.  I now have the tools to help me manifest my desires.  I have learned to use the compass of my heart and become friends with my future self.  Most importantly, I have applied the 4 basic habits.

  1. A Definite Major Purpose backed with a burning desire.
  2. Positive Mental attitude to attract the things I need and desire and to be in harmony with the Universal
  3. Plan of Action using activities that will give me traction toward my desires.
  4. Master Mind Alliance- no one makes it alone.

So was it coincidence or the Law of Attraction that made me notice those cards?  I still believe it was the Law of Attraction so that I can come to realize how far I have made it on my journey and to also find gratitude for the opportunity and people who helped me get to where I am today and for those who will in the future.

Golden Buddha


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Robert Gardner - December 16, 2015 Reply

It is great to see what there is to come.. Thanks Leanne for painting a picture toe see. I am very grateful…

    leanne - December 16, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate it and am grateful for having you as a part of our group.

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