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How to be a True Super Hero!

How to be a Super Hero!  Kindness is Key.   Super Heroes!  Everyone has grand visions of caped crusaders and people with super natural powers fighting the evils of the world to save us from impending doom.  At least that is the vision cation packed movies give us. That, although very entertaining, is all fantasy! […]

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Celiac Awareness

May is National Celiac Awareness Month.  To kick of the celebration of the month, I am excited to announce the launch of my first cookbook, The Ultimate Gluten Free Holiday.  Many people have stereotyped gluten-free foods as boring, tasteless, crumbly, and inferior to their gluten-filled counterparts. We’ve gone through the same thing, and we can tell you—it […]

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Our Path

Success in Life

Success in Life is Being True to Yourself What really is success?  As Og says in The Greatest Salesman in the World What is success to one person may not be success in the eyes of another person.  What is common among everyone is the feeling of success comes when we are true to being our […]

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