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Affirmations are the Best way to Fail – Week 10

Admit it - you've heard them.  Perhaps you've even used them.  But please - PLEASE - tell me you haven't fallen into the belief that Affirmations - in and of themselves - have some magic Mo-Jo that can bring you everything you've ever dreamed of in life.

That somehow, by merely stating something over and over (and over...) you can magically manifest a state of being as a goal in life.​

Seriously? Can you share some of whatever it is that you've been consuming?

​Perhaps if we define the problem with Affirmations as Goals, it will become more clear.  Especially as affirmations can be an absolutely essential part of your overall success plan - though they can't be the end game so many people see them as.

There are four parts to success:

  • A Definite Major Purpose
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Plan of Action
  • A Mastermind working together

In the first item, a Definite Major Purpose, the intent is to create a series of Goals laid out in the form of a Document that describes our future Reality.

In order to do this we need to be able to state what it is that we want our Reality to be in terms of S.M.A.R.T. Goals that even a child could clearly understand.

Thus to be a goal, it has to meet these criteria:

Specific : is it stated in a clear, concise manner that does not vary in it's interpretation?

Measurable : can your goal, your definition of a future reality, in fact, be measured consistently and without ambiguity​

Achievable : this one is more ambiguous in terms of discerning the "problem" with Affirmations as Goals - but, is the Goal actually achievable in terms of the Universe we play in?

Timed : any goal without a deadline is merely a dream.  Without the pressure to actually produce our subconscious will always take the easy deadline, why work hard?​

Realistic : in relation to the other parts of a SMART goal - is your desire realistic?

So where do affirmation statements like the one below fit into that list?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

In terms of a Specific, Measurable, Timed Goal - how does one measure the definition of "perfect"? "strong"? "harmonious"? perhaps 'Happy'?

The reality is that none of those things can be defined consistently across any two people on the planet.  

Therefore the content of an Affirmation - in and of itself - cannot be a 'goal' as it describes something un-measurable and variable to each person that recites it


While they do not, in fact they cannot, create the reality for you, Affirmations help build a personal belief that such a "state of being" is possible.

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Our Reality - that Specific, Measurable essence expressed in how we interact with the external universe in which we exist - can only become manifest through the effects that such a belief makes possible. 

 Our subconscious is always looking for something to Create, and in a document like our Definite Major Purpose we are defining those things we wish it to Create for us.

Take for instance a statement like :

“I easily make financial decisions that bring abundance into my life.”  

Without a date - when would this statement 'have to' be manifest?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial decisions
that bring abundance into my life.”

Would pennies at a time be an acceptable manifestation of reality?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

So... once every decade? Perhaps you meant was your Subconscious to know...

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make daily financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

Once your Subconscious has manifested a goal - it easily becomes an Affirmation, and you should consider - for purposes of a Definite Major Purpose - changing or removing it to allow for the next big change in your reality!  Because, in order for Subby to Manifest an affirmation (as statement of fact or 'being') ‘continually’... it may have to manifest a state of being that is the opposite!!


Week 10 – Emotions will screw up your LIFE

Unrestrained emotions will be the death of your dreams - for the person who allows their feelings to run free has no direction, no purpose, no significant value in the overall tapestry of Life.

The Universe doesn't care in the least if your feelings are elevated or crushed during your brief moment in this Time-Space Reality (Life... don't talk to me about life... *thanks Marvin!)

Nor should ANY other human being care, however they enter your frame of reference, while you are playing out the Role you have chosen to play.

What does it value a person to immerse themselves in an ocean of emotional turbulence - if they have no plan, no purpose, no Intent ​to guide them? It feels good? 

The next time you actually find yourself aware of the feelings you are experiencing - ask yourself afterwards (or during if you have the mental strength!) ​ - WHY you were feeling THAT particular emotion...  

Was it even a choice for you?

Or are you among the 'common man' who rides the ebb and flow of feelings - typically 'worn on the sleeve' - never advancing, never growing.

It seems that cultures around the world laud such emotional existence over self-discipline and self-reliance, intentionally creating an 'entitlement' class of mentally infantile adults.

I was there. Just over two years ago I realized that I was constantly justifying events in my life - living an emotional existence where nothing was ever going to get any better - it never seemed to - so why try.

That's when I found the Master Key Experience - and what a change it has wrought -

Unrestrained emotions will DESTROY any chance you have for a better future.​

However...there is a very small tweak that makes all the difference.  Would it be OK if I shared that 'tweak' with you?

Intentional, controlled choice in expression of
unrestrained emotions will GUARANTEE you a better future.​

How amazing would it be to UNDERSTAND how to implement that in your life?​

How much more comfortable would you be if you knew the Simple. Obvious. and Easy To Perform - steps to bring that guarantee into your life?​

Let me know in the comments what that kind of Guarantee would be worth to's been priceless for me & my family.​

Ready for a better life.

Learn the simple techniques for improving your Reality...

Week 9 – Four Facts About Intentions That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

As we continue to grow our understanding of the Master Key Experience and bring the power of the Laws of the Mind into our possession - it becomes almost frightening how powerful we become in manifesting our desired Life.

When you understand that your Intentions - and your discipline in maintaining focus on them - can create ANYthing you request of Life, the following facts about intentions might put you on the edge of your seat....

Sloppy choices will Kill your Dreams...

How careful are you when you ask for things to come into your life?  Are you asking for MORE of a bad thing - so that you can have a moment of feeling good?

​I am overcoming inner resistance to an abundant life.

Have you now asked ​to constantly have inner resistance simply so that you can constantly overcome it?

A poor choice of words can bring very interesting things into your life....​

You manifest EXACTLY what you intend...

​When you are creating your Intentions - imagine that Loki is the one who will be granting your request(s):

Living an abundant Life, I send money to Refugees through my Church, to help with expenses so they live in comfort.

​When, exactly will any of this occur?  Will the Universe constantly generate expenses now - BECAUSE - you asked for the opportunity to send money?

     And - does the universe now create a constant state of unrest and dis-comfort so that there are refugees who are living that way for you to help?

EVERY choice has consequences...

When you ask for the world on a platter - what happens to the rest of the world?

I become a billionaire as I help thousands of families purchase a home with low and no-doc mortgages.​

In every transaction there are at least two sides. Given what we know happened with the idea above...

You ARE what you CHOSE to be

All the possessions you have now, and every experience you have been through are direct results of choices that were made - not 'coincidence' or 'fate'.  Ever since we were old enough to voice our own preferences - it's all been on each of us to make of our lives what we Will to Be.

     And the craziest part is that - knowing what you do now - you might not make the choices to become the person you WANT to be.

Will you go out today to do more epic and memorable things?

Will you reach out and give to that person you pass on the street?

Will you look back on your life and exclaim "I can't believe I did that?!" - or will it be "I wish I had..."?

You can Be, what you Will to Be!​

Week 8 – 6 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Reality


Reality is Completely Overrated

When you come to understand that everything around you is nothing but effect you will come into the power to Create  reality for yourself.

     Nothing in your life exists, that was not at one point in time merely a Thought.

The Macgyver of Choice disciplines themselves in controlling their thoughts - concentrating on the development of the ideal out of which their future will emerge. Creating for themselves a Reality that they have intentionally designed.


Your Mother Lied to You About Imagination

We've been told since grade school that  'daydreamers' never amount to anything.  The TRUTH is  more interesting...

     It is the person lacking discipline - unlikely to ever concentrate on a given task for any length of time - that amounts to nothing.  The True Daydreamer develops the Mental Habit of using their imagination repeatedly, with intention and focus, to guide the creation of their Reality.

Imagination is the Potter's Hands with which we shape and mold the Plastic material of our thoughts.

      Mental habits are difficult to control, but it can be done - and with this discipline comes the power to harness the Imagination - the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action. 


Build an Empire with Analysis.

Analysis Paralysis!

Over Analyzed - Under Produced!

Again - it is so easy to slip into the Planning and Management Modes when examining Life outside your comfort zone. But remember...

Nothing of importance has ever occurred in this reality without having been created in its entirety within the mind.  

Do you 'get it' yet? All the things we are told will make us failures - everything our 'child-like minds possessed - are exactly what we need to allow us complete control over our destiny.  We just need to add that little bit of discipline...


Start Using the Mental Gym.

Sloth... procrastination...distraction... Funny how they only come up when things we "should" be doing are under consideration.

​They ARE exactly what keeps each of us from taking action on the knowledge we have gained - particularly in the MKMMA!

​You cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.  MK 8:19

​To become a MacGuyver of your own Reality you need to consistently maintain harmony with your Mental Fitness. 

Take the time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to decompose your vision for the Reality you desire.  Put in the mental effort regularly to see every step, every goal, every action needed to make it a reality.​


The Hunger Games Guide to Opportunity

If you have caught ANY of the Hunger Games then you know the theme behind it : 

When everything seems like the world is pitted against you - it's your Tribe, you Master Mind - that will bring you success.​

​While the MacGyver of Reality is responsible for their own Actions - ultimately responsible for manifesting their own Dharma... they always look for partners.  

Keep your mind open to bringing greater Opportunity into the world by creating MasterMinds that can perform Faster, Better, and more Efficiently than any individual alone. ​


You are Free To Choose,
but not
Free from the Consequences.

Ultimately you are free to do ANYTHING you choose in pursuit of your Dharma, but for every action there absolutely is a consequence to which you are bound.

This is where knowledge of the Seven Laws of the Mind becomes crucial to a Harmonious Life:

The Law of Growth is the unwavering and immutable law put into place that says "something" MUST grow based on the kind and quality of seed (thoughts) planted.

The Law Of Attraction is the law by which thought correlates with it's object.

The Ultimate McGyver of Reality knows that they can have ANYTHING they desire from life - make any choice at all - provided it does not take 'goodness' from another.​

Week 7 – Living in the Matrix of our Minds…

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life — that there’s something wrong with the world.  [tweet_dis]You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me[/tweet_dis].     – Morpheus, The Matrix

​Many is the time in the Master Key Experience where I am startled with how true the feeling that our world -is- The Matrix - really IS.  And this week Haanel reminds us that visualization is the key to changing our outer world. Such a simple thing you would think - and at the same time so impossibly difficult to maintain.

I have come to understand more and more deeply how important tending our mental 'garden' is.  Too often - and too easily - we let the garden (our conscious and subconscious mind) tend itself. Thinking; "I've been through this, I've got this...", the remnant of an old blueprint subtly worms its way into our lives over and over. That little bastard is like a canker in the mind, never really gone merely overshadowed... waiting...

And so we feel a nagging, incessant dissatisfaction with how our lives are, very much like that splinter in our mind and we lose the fact that our very lives are no more than tricks of light bent by the quirks of Space-Time.  Every thought we have - is US creating the script for our movies.  Every activity we undertake is the main character developing the plot....

HOW is that any different than a living example of being IN the Matrix?​

Think about this, as you let Haanel's messages sink in: Who's the Cameraman, the projectionist, the theater manager, the ticket-taker...the distributor?  Who WATCHES it all happen? Who is it that is free to walk out at any time - or simply change the entire premise of the movie AT ANY TIME?​

Then think about this...what's the 'projector in this theater?​  Our Imagination.

So...what's the film that it's all "shot on"?  Whatever we give our consent to let in?

Everything we allow into our lives as the Watchman...enhances or degrades the movie we make OF our lives....​

6 Week 6 – Let go of your need to have more…

intntnLet go of your need to have more, for your attachment  positions you in a perpetual state of ever striving giving you the false impression of never arriving.

Ego is never satisfied.

The nature of intention is abundance and expansion.

We are informed in the Master Key for week six that :

[tweet_dis]The secret of all mental power is that it depends entirely on the mechanism to which it is attached.[/tweet_dis]

Having read week six before – I was always under the impression that, given MK 6:4 which states “…thought is mind in motion, and it's effect will depend entirely on the mechanism we attach.” – that this mechanism was the mind itself. However I have begun to review my assumptions from the first year I participated in the Master Key Experience

Snake_OilIn my first year I believed that, like the engine in a vehicle, the mind-as-mechanism converted the power of the Universal into the desired effects in my reality. This idea brings with it all sorts of excitement and fervor… With the power of a thought – merely changing my mind about something – I might possess it in my life??? Who wouldn't want in on that!

Alas – as it is with such “Give Nothing, Get Everything” schemes – I had mis-understood the real intent of Haanel's message. Knowledge does not apply itself! When we connect that with the mantra of “Give MORE, get MORE” we start to realize where things have gone astray…

ThoughtsAreDestnyIt is an impossibility for material change to occur without action on the part of physical entities in this world.  God did not create rules that defy belief – he created rules that, when understood, create a belief that can accomplish any feat.  With diligent study of the Laws – and an openness to the Creator's power in each of us – we can begin to believe that which we cannot at first physically see.
It is thus that we come to understand the true intent of the statement : “Only through thought, charged with emotions can we create belief that educes action on the part of the believer – and THUS is it that our dreams become reality “effortlessly”.  For it is not that they come to fruition “without effort”, but rather that we perceive the effort to be without onus, perhaps even pleasurable!

There is no Universal Law that allows us, regardless of how deeply we believe, to HAVE without performing some act of GIVING in return.  That this return can be out of proportion to our initial expectations still does not violate the core requirement :


When you finally step out of your self-centered belief that you are somehow entitled to have blessings showered upon you for simply ‘believing' that you shall – and really start giving of your self without any ANY expectation of reciprocity…then does the Universal align with your belief and manifest your desires… through your own efforts magnified by the Universal Laws.

So get out there, do some EPIC shit with your life, have fun with these short moments that are yours on this planet and enjoy this one run through that you have been granted.

Go forth and… do-epic-sht

5 Week 5 – And they heard him say … “The Matrix has you.”

The Matrix Has youWhat an amazing journey a ‘second trip through' the Master Key Experience is turning out to be.

The first time through
it was all about me.

You could jump to what year two is like, or read on and realize that…

A lot like a child growing up, every hurt and every success is ALL about us.  We can't see the Real World because we are inside A matrix, created by our awareness and limited understanding.

Matrix-ChildEverything in our world is centered on our state of being – how WE feel, think, hunger and thirst – OUR desires for our well-being and advancement…

We fall down and bump our head on the table – because we don't know how to walk yet – and it's the TABLE'S fault.

We cry or scream – pointing at the table as if it had everything to do with our injury.

Upset at lifeWe break a favorite toy – because we can't think beyond “now” and leave it on the edge of the counter, or the pool, or right behind the car…

We cry or scream – pointing at something NOT us (often other people?!) as the source of our misery in losing a cherished Chotchkie (yes it's spelled wrong on purpose)

We grow older, time passing us by, unaware of the importance of that fact – we are never aware of the Matrix within which we exist.

I can't really say “…within which we live.” – because we don't…live.

As the Master Key states in week five : “Our Lives are…the result of…countless thousands of impressions, ideas , prejudices and similar thoughts…received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements…nearly all of it accepted with little or no examination or consideration.”


[tweet_dis]These hundreds, thousands…millions?… of impressions taken in sub-consciously – without intentional review and consideration – have influenced who we are today.[/tweet_dis]


Trapped in the Matrix of our own making...

Trapped in the Matrix of our own making…

We run short on funds before the end of the month – and we complain that someone ‘else' got a raise, a promotion, “a break”…that we should have gotten.

We rail against not being able to make a child's “event” – ranting about how our J.O.B.s keep us apart from family experiences…

Basically we are still, as older human beings, crying or screaming – from a self-centered point of view – that it is someone eles's fault that we have the results – the life – that we do.

This year I've come to realize that thinking about others is what allows me to have a more fulfilled life, a more successful career, and an extremely happier family…and it's in HOW we do this that it becomes a powerful force.

And I wasn't even aware until I participated as a guide in this program that

I get EVERYTHING I want, by HELPING OTHERS get everything they want…ho-lee-crap.

Helping others come to realize what TRUE enthusiasm is.  Helping them realize that there IS a matrix that we all exist within – but we are only “trapped” there by our thinking and our inability to guard and direct our thoughts.

imagesIt has been so much fun to ask people what their dreams, their aspirations, their Dharma is.  To listen intently – looking for that spark in their eye – or that childlike inner-smirk that they think is held inside…

When you see THAT you know there is a glimmer of hope. And it is THEN that, upon their next pause you should  ask – “THERE, THAT what was that… how did thinking about that make you feel…”

And most people pause, unconsciously aware of the Matrix around them, answer something like “Well…I guess I feel…amazing, awesome, excited,….” It will be an honest feeling – but it is still distant, disconnected, ‘other' than truly theirs…

So ask again, “YES, exactly, but …take a moment, think about that event…and as you feel that ‘amazing, awesome, excited…' event, share what THAT feeling feels like

  • It's at that moment, when they realize it's OK to FEEL again.
  • It's OK to DREAM again… no one is going to fall down and get hurt.
  • It's OK to follow your Dharma…your things, your ‘toys', your life… aren't going to break…

Because, as you take control and accept responsibility for your thoughts…

…as you inject those thoughts with TRUE feeling, not hiding behind “I feel” but embracing the changes you are making your inner world…

…those dreams and thoughts become actions – stronger than anyone or anything can resist.

We are all part of an amazing Matrix in this universe – it's up to each of us to become a golden, shining – beacon of light for others. Break off that clay, discover that unique and wonderful inner you that can enable others to do the same.

Matrix Meditation


3 Week 4 – So many words and still we say NOTHING…

There you are reading something - a newspaper article, a book, your own diary or journal... 

Or perhaps you are listening to someone - a friend, your parents, a politician...

And you are struck by the resounding thought: ​

[tweet_dis]How can so many words, consume so much time and effort, and mean so little?[/tweet_dis]

For me the truth came when I went back to read some of my journalling from my first year in this course...It was very hard to see the struggles I had then, with letting go of the need to make my dreams 'conditional' and separating myself from the emotions DREAMING brought to life...

So often when I start to ask people what they want out of life there's a pause... you've been there... that stunned moment of "Really? You care enough to ask me about my dreams?"  as if they cannot believe that ANYONE actually cares about them...

And the heart rending part is KNOWING that for most people the next thought, or words out of their mouths, is going to be "less" than they really want.  For some reason the need to be humble about their dreams  is like a choke hold on the words they use...

Almost as if dredging thoughts up through the dust of years-gone-by, the first shades of their desire comes out - distanced from them - 

​"I would probably be happier if I could just..."

"Well, I'd really like it if I could travel more than have in the past."...​

"I guess, it would be nice to be able to see my family more"... 

"Maybe if things weren't so tight right now I could..."​

The most amazing thing happens to people when, after breaking that veneer of  clay, you take the TIME to listen...ask honest and open ended questions about what they have already said.  When you take what you have learned in the Master Keys - turn it around - and give that experience away to the next person you talk with...AMAZING things begin to happen.

People start to physically change before your very eyes!  The more honestly interested you are in THEM, their ideas, words...their well being!!  the more striking this change will be.  

Find out before everyone else...

Get prepped, and find out 2 days earlier than others

THIS is truly what sold me on the whole Master Key Mastermind Alliance - the ability to help people realize that they are allowed and encouraged by life itself to dream and to dream bigger than they ever thought possible as a child. 

That as adults we can choose the words we use - and in making these choices consciously we have an unlimited power to change anything we want to change in our lives.  No more do we have to be 'humble', or bashful about our Dharma.  

Without having more ourselves, whether that is something as base as financial abundance - or something as empowering as joy and love, we CANNOT GIVE more to others.  We lack any semblance of capability to make other's lives better in every way - unless we realize that it is ONLY by being selfish with our Dreams that we can become selfless in our charity.

As adults, we now have both the ability to dream - and the ability to make those dreams come true for ourselves in a way that was never available to us as children...

I will never be able to thank the crew behind my first year in the course enough - so I'm going to do my best to be a lens and magnify that blessing to the people I meet in life

May all your Dreams come true in the realization that you are worth everything.

Love ya!​

1 Week 3 – It’s the weird ones with a voice…

Find your voiceIt's been another whirlwind of a week, and, sleepless at the helm of it all – I have had some AMAZING understanding come my way.

Several times this week as we work though our statements of Definite Major Purpose (DMPs) I have had people in many walks of life ask some startlingly similar questions – struggling to find their voice, their dreams… themselves!

I realized, in the midst of it all, that there is one thing we must discover and embrace – without which we as individuals remain lonely, in a mute world built by our own hands.

[tweet_dis]We must re-discover our authentic Voice.[/tweet_dis]

Rediscovering our authentic voice requires us to accept the fact that we cannot GIVE to others that which we do not ourselves have in over-abundance.  It requires that we acknowledge “selfishness” is NOT wrong – for the only people who can be, who have ever BEEN, self-less… have also been the most selfish.  And they are also the people who have spoken with the most authenticity.

Many of the things we are taught – both secular and non-secular – are misconstrued, if not intentionally mis-taught to us from an early age:

  • How can we “give to the poor” or “love our neighbors as ourselves” – if we are not FIRST wealthy and full of self-love? And how much more can we do this – if we become more of these?
  • How can we possibly lift others UP – if we ourselves are not first in a position of ‘higher' attainment?
  • What can we possibly mean by ‘treat others as more important than yourself' – if we do not first VALUE ourselves, our dreams, and our purpose? (And isn't THAT what selfish is? To not value other's dreams and purpose above our own. So that we are ABLE not just willing to be self-LESS?)

Go for itAnd so we hide our authentic voice – afraid that we will be seen as arrogant and selfish if we embrace it.

Perhaps, too – we fear being ‘wrong' should we embrace our truth and speak with authenticity from that place, declaring even to ourselves that what we desire is WORTH HAVING.

Whatever the reason – we are less than we could be.

Therefore we can only ever give less than we could have.

For me it's been a frustrating week to say the least.  A week of pulling out non-existent hair and burying my face in my hands wanting to weep for the joy I can see from the outside – if people would only LET themselves BE their true self.

I see it in my self-talk (much less now than before the MKMMA), and in the statements others make both spoken and written- there's an almost invisible wall, sometimes several feet thick! – between our true selves and what we are describing as dreams, goals, and desires.

I try to communicate the presence of these walls – this self-created, mute world of isolation – by communicating some basic lessons I've learned (and still have to consciously practice!) when creating a definiteness of purpose:

The ‘things' we visualize in our life must be Specific, Measurable – and PERSONAL (emotionally charged is the power-up)You are critical to everything 2

  • Typical, non-authentic self-talk:
    • I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom as I travel anywhere I choose.
  • Better:
    • My heart skips a beat, stepping off the plane to the smell of autumn leaves on the breeze in France for the first time on or before September 3, 2017.

The sense of ‘being there' and being AFFECTED brings a power to the second statement that is undeniable – and you can start to see how difficult that invisible wall is to observe.

It's so easy to take the middle road and not embrace your dreams as valid and powerful.  [tweet_dis]To live those ideals of helping and giving to others, of being self-LESS, we must accept that it is necessary to also be self-ISH.[/tweet_dis]

It's not just possible, it's empowering, to know that we are designed for BOTH if we can but humbly accept and LIVE with purpose then the walls will disappear and everyone's lives will be better for the fact that we were selfish enough to take the responsibility to make our individual lives better.

Keep it real, and remember :



Week 2 – 5 ways a Lack of Sleep is AWESOME

So Jazzed up about MKMMA All I can think of

"Sleep is for Mortals"


Meet amazing people

The absolute number one best part about the MKMMA this week has been the people I have met.  Being able to participate in their Hero's Journey - and to share an openness and trust that is difficult to find elsewhere... THANK YOU all for allowing me the honor to be here, and the opportunity to put my life to use in helping you.

If you are just 'passing through' - I highly recommend reading through the blogs linked below - there is some AMAZING growth going on!!​

Peeps in 'My Tribe' ​

Peeps I know​


More LIFE... in your Life !

One of the main things I have learned in this second week - as a guide this year! - is that there is no "try". There is only DO.  I absolutely love the need to be accountable on a professional and personal level with this program.  Finally something that pushes me on all levels to be bigger and better in every way - and I am in alignment with it tenets!

I am definitely getting more done now than have since...well heh since the end of last years class as a student!​  Getting back into harmony after a crazy week of sleepless nights!!  #BePhenomenaOrBeForgotten !!


Do -EPIC- Shit

I have pulled off more amazing things in the last two weeks of getting my thoughts re-focused than I ever thought possible!  Thank you #MasterKeysExperience for getting me back on track - is there any wonder why I will do this EVERY YEAR?!

Having the opportunity to put into practice the Sits again - getting my mind cleared and directed - and especially become intentional with the respect to my conscious mind being the "Watchman at the Gate" of what get's into my subconscious!

The quality of thoughts - and the resulting behaviors - has really brought vitality and excitement (== happiness?!) back to Life!  Building out FIVE websites, helping SOoo many people through the MKMMA - and (AND!!!) participating in the actual Launch of two products to the world...  Phenomenal!  (Plus I still get to play disc-golf with the kids, and teach my son how to program...and enjoy wine and wood-fires on the back deck...and....and...  

WOW.  Thank you MKMMA for getting me off my ass and back to play (work) again!​


Sleep like a rock... when you get to

I'd always thought I could rock the world on five hours of sleep... who knew it could be done on 3 or less!!  (Please note - I >have< goptten back into a more regular rhythm of five to seven hours... but it's amazing what concentrated effort can do!)

I have noticed (using a Moto 360 and my smartphone) that my 'deep sleep' cycles have been more pronounced and longer in duration than the previous 16 weeks.  Probably a combination of pushing so hard and the excitement (neuropeptides!!!​  wait for it, you'll learn more in class soon! AMAZING stuff!) could actually get you better sleep?! 

I knew from last year at this time that PHYSICAL exertion could do it - but I have never pushed as hard mentally as I have this last couple of weeks!​


Lucid Dreaming

This has probably been an 'favorite' of mine... I have intentionally worked at lucid dreaming many times in the past, but I find that when I combine it with the mental exercises required by the MKMMA my dreams take on a level of reality that is very enjoyable. 

There have been times where I awaken with a smile on my face so large that I can't imagine that the events weren't real - travelling the world, sailing the Med or the Carribean in our 62' Catamaran (see my DMP for when that arrives!) or just meeting new people.​

I definitely recommend putting in the efforts to get Lucid Dreaming into your arsenal of tools to build a better life!​

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