Affirmations are the Best way to Fail – Week 10

Admit it - you've heard them.  Perhaps you've even used them.  But please - PLEASE - tell me you haven't fallen into the belief that Affirmations - in and of themselves - have some magic Mo-Jo that can bring you everything you've ever dreamed of in life.

That somehow, by merely stating something over and over (and over...) you can magically manifest a state of being as a goal in life.​

Seriously? Can you share some of whatever it is that you've been consuming?

​Perhaps if we define the problem with Affirmations as Goals, it will become more clear.  Especially as affirmations can be an absolutely essential part of your overall success plan - though they can't be the end game so many people see them as.

There are four parts to success:

  • A Definite Major Purpose
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Plan of Action
  • A Mastermind working together

In the first item, a Definite Major Purpose, the intent is to create a series of Goals laid out in the form of a Document that describes our future Reality.

In order to do this we need to be able to state what it is that we want our Reality to be in terms of S.M.A.R.T. Goals that even a child could clearly understand.

Thus to be a goal, it has to meet these criteria:

Specific : is it stated in a clear, concise manner that does not vary in it's interpretation?

Measurable : can your goal, your definition of a future reality, in fact, be measured consistently and without ambiguity​

Achievable : this one is more ambiguous in terms of discerning the "problem" with Affirmations as Goals - but, is the Goal actually achievable in terms of the Universe we play in?

Timed : any goal without a deadline is merely a dream.  Without the pressure to actually produce our subconscious will always take the easy deadline, why work hard?​

Realistic : in relation to the other parts of a SMART goal - is your desire realistic?

So where do affirmation statements like the one below fit into that list?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

In terms of a Specific, Measurable, Timed Goal - how does one measure the definition of "perfect"? "strong"? "harmonious"? perhaps 'Happy'?

The reality is that none of those things can be defined consistently across any two people on the planet.  

Therefore the content of an Affirmation - in and of itself - cannot be a 'goal' as it describes something un-measurable and variable to each person that recites it


While they do not, in fact they cannot, create the reality for you, Affirmations help build a personal belief that such a "state of being" is possible.

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Our Reality - that Specific, Measurable essence expressed in how we interact with the external universe in which we exist - can only become manifest through the effects that such a belief makes possible. 

 Our subconscious is always looking for something to Create, and in a document like our Definite Major Purpose we are defining those things we wish it to Create for us.

Take for instance a statement like :

“I easily make financial decisions that bring abundance into my life.”  

Without a date - when would this statement 'have to' be manifest?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial decisions
that bring abundance into my life.”

Would pennies at a time be an acceptable manifestation of reality?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

So... once every decade? Perhaps you meant was your Subconscious to know...

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make daily financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

Once your Subconscious has manifested a goal - it easily becomes an Affirmation, and you should consider - for purposes of a Definite Major Purpose - changing or removing it to allow for the next big change in your reality!  Because, in order for Subby to Manifest an affirmation (as statement of fact or 'being') ‘continually’... it may have to manifest a state of being that is the opposite!!

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Ivan - December 5, 2016 Reply

Excallent post.
Thank you for sharing..

Tracy Pequin - December 5, 2016 Reply

Love how inspiring and focused our amazing guides are. What a great blog. So grateful for your leadership.

    The Overlanders - December 29, 2016 Reply

    Thank you Tracy! Our Tribe inspires many of the thoughts and learnings that we continue to experience every day in the Master Keys!

Theresa Newell - December 5, 2016 Reply

I found your post very interesting. It clarified and shed a new light on my understanding of affirmations and goals. Thanks so much for this insight.

CloLeeta Simpson - December 9, 2016 Reply

I love the simplicity and practical nature of this post. I have a client that I’m working with that intuitively employs some of the principles I’m just learning in MKMMA that I think this will be extremely helpful for; she’ll be able to grasp/appreciate this without me having to convince her of it’s usefulness. This is also exztremely enlightening for me. Thank you for putting this together – I’m determined to maximize my learning and implementation!

    The Overlanders - December 29, 2016 Reply

    Thank you, CloLeeta! It’s such an honor to be a part of your Journey! Your resilience and commitment are a wonderful testament to the person you are, and the promise of who you intend to become!

Raelene A Sibley - December 13, 2016 Reply

Than you for the in depth explanation! I wish I’d read this sooner.

Andrew Millar - December 15, 2016 Reply

Really well put. If affirmations are ‘I am’ statements, isn’t a simple definition that they speak to the ‘beingness’ we seek to experience?

    The Overlanders - December 29, 2016 Reply

    Thank you! Affirmations are definitely a reference to the ‘being-ness’ we wish to experience, it’s one of the reasons they can be so very powerful when applied with the Law of Substitution or even as part of entering or leaving a Sit! The thing we find most difficult is in avoiding the over-use of Affirmations within a Statement of Definite Major purpose – it’s an interesting balancing act between ‘stasis’ (affirmations) and ‘directed growth’ (DMP goals). Especially when the Affirmation is slightly ‘more’ than who we currently are – and implying growth.

raphaela rea - December 20, 2016 Reply

This is outstandingly well laid out; I am so appreciative of how the mystique has been taken out of the practical and yet the fabric of faith so well maintained.

Monica Munro - December 23, 2016 Reply

I love those Jim Rohn quotes. So true!

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