Are you willing to commit – Week 14

What is it that you are REALLY committed to?

How busy is your life?  Go on - actually think about what you have going on today.  This Week...  Step it out to the Month and things can start to get pretty crazy.

We've all hit those points where we think - there is no possible way that I can fit one more thing into my life - how can I possibly expect to KEEP UP...much less get ahead!

Ivan Remus, a friend of ours in the Master Keys class, gives us a peak inside his Journey of discovery learning that...

...the paradox is that the only way to “discover” the masterpiece we want from the the marbel <of our life>, is by deciding which exact masterpiece we want to create ...

-- Ivan Remus

This week we are spotlighting Ivan's Week 13 post, which reminds us....

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it - Michelangelo

Ivan has this to share....

From my point of view, our true potential is the statue inside us. And it’s up to us the carve the stone all the way to the skin and “discover” the true masterpiece that lives inside us.

It is essential to us to be able to visualize the final product before we even start to carve the stone… 

Are you willing to commit? Click through to Ivan's Blog !  

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Awesome !

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