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Loudly Proclaim – Wow! What a Ride! – Week 13

 What a ride? Have you been falling of the wagon?  It is not unusual during the holidays to become lax in some of the habits you have created.  The real question is, will you get back on the wagon and complete your ride?

Passionite_leadership_SkillsI suppose you could call it a near death experience — as I have certainly experienced an amazing recovery this week. And all thanks go to the wonderful team at Training Solutions LLC – talk about a booster shot!

I had fallen off the wagon, and back into the old addictions of self-deprecation and pity… turns out there ISN’T a road to recovery that doesn’t involve addiction… and thanks to the Law of Substitution I am back in the swing of things with an addiction to the MKMMA.

Now I am ADDICTED to getting out there and doing the reads – and to making SURE I get the services and P.O.A. promises done!

I suspect it was a portion of my subconscious that loves the number 13 which made week thirteen really connect all my internal systems – mind, body, subconscious AND conscious minds – with the philosophy behind the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

That and taking over the entire detached three stall garage for my “readings”… ’cause, ya know – BE EPIC! (oh and #BePhenomenalOrBeForgotten )

yes-man-movie-poster-2008-1020412886And – that seems to be exactly what I needed.

When I look back on my decreased participation – and thus my MUCH reduced belief (Thought + Feeling!!) in what I was doing in the MKMMA – it coincided with the change in weather.

Weird… I know, but I had moved my reading ‘inside’ as Minnesota tends to get…cold, at least for those First and Last readings of the day,

and as I moved inside I had to be aware of my children sleeping first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

2940012693280_p0_v1_s260x420So I read to the (guy in the) bathroom mirror with “H.E.M.” – that’s supposed to work right? Hesitation, Emphasis, and Modulation – it’s supposed to help you connect with what your are readingsaying.  Though, I guess when you have spent decades clamping down on your emotions, that’s a bit like using a tissue to swat a fly – the motions are all there, they just lack a bit of IMPACT.

kant small

Best way to manipulate a group is to control the three sides…then synthesis appears to be THEIR decision.

Add to that the fact that I have “known about” H.E.M. for many years – and used it intentionally to connect OTHERS to what I was saying… my subconscious was having none of it.  I mean c’mon my Mother taught me about Hegelian Dialectics when I was in high-school and I read every book I could get my hands on about “body-language”, voice modulation, “Thesis – AnitThesis – Synthesis”… all ways and means to a manipulative end(s) — right?

I mean – I would have to accept manipulation – even of self – for this to “work”…

Combined with ‘misses’ on my P.O.A. and service card commitments as my intensity waned – my belief began to falter.  Having experienced it for almost three weeks now – I can tell you it is VITALLY important that you DO NOT put anything on those cards that you cannot – or will not (yet) -commit to doing 100%.

I know that no wealth or position can long endure, unless it is built on Truth and Justice. Therefore I engage in NO transaction that does not benefit ALL whom it involves.  MKMMA Blueprint Builder #5

If you do – you have entered into the realm of propaganda rather than self-improvement. We all inherently know when we are being manipulated – even when it is WE doing it to ourselves.  And in the case of our efforts with the MKMMA we must base everything on truth and justice.Having moved out to the garage – my morning and evening reads are completely un-tethered again.  Intensity is no longer an issue.  In the first few weeks of the MKMMA – my neighbors 1/2 mile away could hear me, now out in the garage – I wouldn’t be surprised if they could again… and I don’t have to allow ANY mental effort to be expended on concern for my kids sleep.  The Emotion is back in the reading – and the TRUTH buried in the words on my re-written cards can be extolled from the “mountaintops” again.

I am able to converse full out with the man in the full length mirrors set up ALL AROUND the garage – as I walk, shout, kneel, jump and dance – everywhere I can see the man in the mirror (my future self!) celebrating and commiserating (!!) with me as the layers (and years) of clay are F(reakin’) SHATTERED off of my self-image.

Take over the WORLD with your attitude and dreams.  Build big or go home – cause you only get one run through in this life.

From all of this I can absolutely state that you MUST do WHATEVER it takes to get emotion connected with your reading – and bring that ‘high’ into your sits to give your subconscious something to WORK with as it manifests the plan and connects the Universe to your demands.

Just keep Swimming- Week 12

Persistence, it is a common theme in the Master Keys.  If you want success, persistence will get you through the tough times.  This rings true especially around the holidays.  Schedules are filled with many things that call out your old blueprint and trip you on your hero's journey.  Here are some of  my insights from the first time through the course in 2014.

Week 12: Take Another Step


there is no testimonyMy experience with MKMMA has been a great journey with very few bumps in the road and some major breakthroughs and enlightenment.  That is until this week.  I am not entirely sure what triggered the fierce return of my old blueprint after so many weeks of building the new one, but it has been working to trip me up all week.  I have felt like I am spinning my wheels and going no where.  However I will NOT give up.  No matter how many failures I encounter, I will NOT give up.  I will fight with every fiber of my being because my future self deserves the life I desire.

it is ok to fall down

I have been hanging on to Scroll III.  I will persist!  I can relate to the young bulls being pricked by a picador.  Each day this week, my old blue print has been knocking me down.  I recognize that each day , my old blue print has been testing me.  It does not want to give up its hold now that I know the key to success and it is fighting for control.  I have had a very busy week, struggling to fit everything in.  It would be easy to look down on my struggles and failures, but that wouldn’t help me at all, so I read my index cards and make sure I end the day with a success even if I did fail at somethings.  I may be experiencing some failures, but I know if I persist, success hides behind all these struggles.  Always I take another step.  One step at a time is not too difficult.  I never consider defeat and I keep my eyes on the goal.

Each day I get to start new.  I will keep stepping one step at a time until I permanently stamp out my old blue print.  When I struggle, I will find solace in the Master keys, The Greatest Salesman, my accomplishment index cards and DMP to build my watchman at the gate back up.watchman

Tomorrow brings a new day and I persist.  I win!


I will persist

Patience, Persistence, and Perspiration: Week 11

Patience, persistence

Patience, Persistence, and perspiration are an incredible combination to help us obtain success.  I discovered this in the first round through the MKE  and it was huge for me  Here is another of  my posts from 2014.  I hope you enjoy the insights I had from week 11.

This weeks webinar was very emotional for me.  I was having an emotional day to begin with and I have not really pinpointed the cause and since it is in the past that no longer matters.  When Mark revealed that we have been building up to the pay off and we would find out on the webinar, I was really excited to find out what the payoff was.  When he said that all the work, if we had been diligent  has already instilled in us the 4 tiny habits needed for success, I was happy I had been giving it my all.  In fact this maybe the most work I have ever put into anything other than being a great parent.  He still had not said what they pay off was.  I was eagerly waiting to hear what it was.  When he said it was persistence, I had an emotional response.  It was one of mixed emotions.  On one hand I was surprised it was such a simple thing and on the other hand I was excited, because I knew I had been persistent and I could continue to be persistent. I got chills to know I had the power in me all along and now that I know it there is NOTHING I cannot accomplish if I set my mind to it.


As has been the case throughout the course, the Master Keys fit hand in hand with the webinar.  In Master Key 11:17, 11:25, and 11:35 we see this quote from the Bible

“Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24”

All the exercises leading up to this week has been strengthening my belief in receiving all of the things I desire.  I now have a buzz inside me when I think of my future.  I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but that buzz is so thrilling, almost intoxicating, and I can hardly wait to get to work, now that I KNOW I have what it takes, PERSISTENCE, to get all my desires.  As Og says in Scroll III,

Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road.  Never will I know how close it lies until I turn the corner. Always will I take another step.  If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another.  in truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.  I will persist until I succeed.

Now that I know I have what it takes to succeed I WILL NEVER STOP.  I have already seen the Law of attraction working in my life and I am fired up for what the future has in store for me.

I will persist


Affirmations are the Best way to Fail – Week 10

Admit it - you've heard them.  Perhaps you've even used them.  But please - PLEASE - tell me you haven't fallen into the belief that Affirmations - in and of themselves - have some magic Mo-Jo that can bring you everything you've ever dreamed of in life.

That somehow, by merely stating something over and over (and over...) you can magically manifest a state of being as a goal in life.​

Seriously? Can you share some of whatever it is that you've been consuming?

​Perhaps if we define the problem with Affirmations as Goals, it will become more clear.  Especially as affirmations can be an absolutely essential part of your overall success plan - though they can't be the end game so many people see them as.

There are four parts to success:

  • A Definite Major Purpose
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Plan of Action
  • A Mastermind working together

In the first item, a Definite Major Purpose, the intent is to create a series of Goals laid out in the form of a Document that describes our future Reality.

In order to do this we need to be able to state what it is that we want our Reality to be in terms of S.M.A.R.T. Goals that even a child could clearly understand.

Thus to be a goal, it has to meet these criteria:

Specific : is it stated in a clear, concise manner that does not vary in it's interpretation?

Measurable : can your goal, your definition of a future reality, in fact, be measured consistently and without ambiguity​

Achievable : this one is more ambiguous in terms of discerning the "problem" with Affirmations as Goals - but, is the Goal actually achievable in terms of the Universe we play in?

Timed : any goal without a deadline is merely a dream.  Without the pressure to actually produce our subconscious will always take the easy deadline, why work hard?​

Realistic : in relation to the other parts of a SMART goal - is your desire realistic?

So where do affirmation statements like the one below fit into that list?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

In terms of a Specific, Measurable, Timed Goal - how does one measure the definition of "perfect"? "strong"? "harmonious"? perhaps 'Happy'?

The reality is that none of those things can be defined consistently across any two people on the planet.  

Therefore the content of an Affirmation - in and of itself - cannot be a 'goal' as it describes something un-measurable and variable to each person that recites it


While they do not, in fact they cannot, create the reality for you, Affirmations help build a personal belief that such a "state of being" is possible.

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Our Reality - that Specific, Measurable essence expressed in how we interact with the external universe in which we exist - can only become manifest through the effects that such a belief makes possible. 

 Our subconscious is always looking for something to Create, and in a document like our Definite Major Purpose we are defining those things we wish it to Create for us.

Take for instance a statement like :

“I easily make financial decisions that bring abundance into my life.”  

Without a date - when would this statement 'have to' be manifest?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial decisions
that bring abundance into my life.”

Would pennies at a time be an acceptable manifestation of reality?

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

So... once every decade? Perhaps you meant was your Subconscious to know...

“On or before January 1st 2017, I easily make daily financial
decisions that each bring $1000 or more into my life.”

Once your Subconscious has manifested a goal - it easily becomes an Affirmation, and you should consider - for purposes of a Definite Major Purpose - changing or removing it to allow for the next big change in your reality!  Because, in order for Subby to Manifest an affirmation (as statement of fact or 'being') ‘continually’... it may have to manifest a state of being that is the opposite!!