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In the Flow of Giving and Receiving- Week 4



In the flow of giving and receiving.  What does that mean? Giving is the same as receiving. For us as Master Guides for the Master Key experience, one of the aspects of being in the flow of giving and receiving is sharing our members blogs.

When we see a message we resonate with or that we feel other members would enjoy reading, we get the pleasure of sharing it.  We love giving them the spotlight for a week.

This week we are sharing Joanna McCallister Schutte's  week 4 blog post.  Give her some love and head on over there and like, share and comment on her post.


Week 4: may need new highlighter

Once again, this week I am blown away by all that I am reading & learning.  It is difficult for me to stop myself from highlighting almost every sentence when reading the “Master Keys.” I honestly will need a new highlighter before long!

How is it that I have never heard of this book before?! I can see how some of the ideas do skew to the “woo-woo” side, but based on scientific facts and research, he leads to very logical conclusions.  Ideas that make me think about things I never really have thought about before- such as what is “I.” It is not just my brain, but more spiritual, or as he says, the “world within.”

I am excited for the time when I “do not wear (themselves) out.” The concepts of having energy, good health, continuous positivity  and NOT wearing out has been beyond my reach until this class started. I frequently run in cycles of high energy, getting things done, then do the self-sabotage thing. I have not felt that I could maintain high levels of achievement.  I felt it required too much energy that I did not have.

Making a goals list hurt because I always failed before, so I got to the point where I did not make goals lists. What was the point when I was just going to fail?  “Modern psychology tells us that when we start something and do not complete it…we are forming the habit of failure.” (Hannel 4.12) Ouch- This was me.  I never made lists, I was very reluctant to start something new because I am a “perfectionist” and I don’t like failure, I hated having a goals list because I never accomplished it anyway.

Now, shew-wee, now things are different. I have hope. I am already seeing some small changes. The “Do it now” has probably helped the most with my procrastination problem. I am doing my best to remind myself that I am achieving my small service tasks, but I am still scared. The “big ones” scare me, I have failed so many times before, I hate failure. It sometimes hurts for me to read these new services this week, I get a pit in my “gut” and it is hard for me to imagine my success when I am remembering past failures.

Speaking out loud helps so much! My voice is louder than the whispers of doubts in my mind. I want to do my best because when else will this be easier? When else will I have the chance to have a new start?

I have to remember that every day can be my new start, built upon a foundation of the achievements of the day before. I am slowly building the foundation of success, and I can only go upwards from here.

1 Splat! Here We Go Again, Master Key Basics – Week 3

We thought "It's the Basics" but...

It was one of those times... again...

Have you ever had one of those times where you feel like you've completely forgotten the basics, something you knew you had down pat?  Like getting on a bicycle after a decade and not understanding how the pedals worked...or turning left when you meant to turn right.

Forgetting the basics?!?!

We are on our third trip through the Master Key course - and this week has been a very interesting challenge. 

The first year we were members, and let me tell you it was EXACTLY like learning to ride a bicycle...  Get a push from the Staff - wrap your mind around the basics of a Master Key reading for the week... we start thinking "This is Amazing! We have GOT this! Here we go!"


The ego is bruised, a little bit of pride is scraped of - and it hurts! BUT - Get up, and do it again!


We kept at it - getting up and doing the basics over and over until it became easy to do.  And then it became a pleasure to do ... and THAT is when the magic happened and the things we were learning became Habit!

Best way to predict the future is to create it.

We had so many dramatic changes in so many aspects of our lives that the next year - just last year!! - we became Certified Guides in order to help others step up and take control of their own lives.

You'd think it would be easy to step from learning how to teaching how...but NO!

That's not how the Staff behind the Master Key Experience makes the phenomenon happen...

We don't GET to tell people how - that's :

"The Guru Way"

It's crap- it doesn't work.

And it's not intended to EVER work...

...because then you don't need their "stuff" anymore...​

The Master Key Experience - is different

It's simple.    It's easy to grasp.    It's step-by-step...

And it WORKS.

The future belongs to the Curious

That year we were taught the basics of how to truly Guide people in developing the thoughts and establishing the habits - that allow each individual to design their lives and finally be successful in achieving their Dharma!

And... here we go again!

Get a push from the Staff - wrap your mind around new skills related to the Master Keys... we start thinking "Oh my goodness, last year was training wheels basics compared to this! Here we GO!"


The ego is bruised, a little bit of pride is scraped of - and it hurts! BUT - Get up, and do it again!


Feels familiar....same Master Keys right? Same daily disciplines...c'mon it's the basics all over again...

And it was, but it was "night-and-day" different at the same time.  This time - we brought fifteen other people with us!! We had the honor and responsibility of Guiding our own Tribe of people through the course.

And BOOM there they were again... Changes that would seem un-believable in any other circumstance, have become expected in terms of this course.

What would you do at this point??! How can it get any better than this....​

Open your eyes...Set your Sails

This year we chose to become Master Guides and help train the Guides! Take it to the next level!

We have again committed to going through the course to re-open our eyes to the basics that the members go through - and reset our sails again by re-writing our DMPs as if we were new members.

And here's where that feeling of complete forgetfulness comes into play.

It was one of those times... again...

The most magical and effective skills we learn is what we affectionately call

The Sit

And here's where the most obvious challenges became obvious this year...

It totally felt like turning left to go right... going backwards in the sitting exercises. We know what's ahead and crave the "Ninja Sits" we had become comfortable with.  

However, the basics of thought control are essential to keeping the world within in Harmony with the Universal, so we do the sits as instructed. And that's where we SWEAR the 'handle bars' we've used to drive our lives with are working opposite of what they 'should be' doing...

Ninja Sits

The last 2 days, some interesting effects have occurred during our sits. As Haanel states, we won't be able to do it - sit without thinking!! - for more than a few moments at a time. Seriously - how hard can it possibly be right? We've become near Ninja-like in getting our Subconscious to manifest our can THIS be difficult.

At first - it's impossible....​

When in those moments of No Thought & True Relaxation, we began to feel an exhilarating energy pop into existence.. It was amazing, yet broke concentration -- and a flood of thoughts raced through our minds :

The words you choose determine your destiny

"Oh my, that's the unlimited energy of the infinite."

"What is Subby up to?!?"

"This is cool!!"

"I want to tap into that energy!"

At those moments you have to reign your thoughts in, and try to get back to basics with no thoughts. You achieve it ... feel the energy again.


The ego is bruised, a little bit of pride is scraped off - and it hurts! BUT - Get up, and do it again!

Ah, still need to work on Mastering this exercise - SO excited to tap into that energy and put it to work on my Dharma.


Woo your subconscious – Carpe Diem! Week 2

Yesterday I saw a meme running around Facebook that was from Dead Poet's Society. I shared it not only for the wise quote from the movie, but also because I respect the talent and work of Robin Williams. Dead Poet's Society is one of my favorite movies.

This morning, I awoke with one of those 'aha​' moments.  Leaping out of bed I stated, "i have our blog post!" My brain in its most lucid state had linked that meme to our work on helping members revise their DMP's into a powerful tool to obtain their dharma.

Over the years we have seen so many cases of people living lives of quiet much so that even when they are encouraged to write out their greatest dreams - a Definite Major PURPOSE for being alive on this planet... they go with the safe and mundane.

As stated in the Dead Poets Society...
Carpe Diem,
​Seize the Day.

Because, believe it or not,

each and every one of us is, one day,

going to stop breathing,

turn cold

and die.​

As Mark and Davene discussed on the webinar:

“…accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”

The link that I made was - language was invented for one reason, boys- to woo 'Subby'- and in that endeavor, laziness will not do."

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to give exacting detail and vibrant emotipns to our dreams and goals.

Find Your Voice and Live Extraordinary Lives!


It’s Your Life on the Line – Make the Right Choice – Week One

Listen to the noise on Facebook and TV - you'd think Life has never been more dismal and hopeless. Every single day we hear about death, violence, depravity...and that our Lifestyle is at risk of imploding.

Then of course - there are those people who inexplicably rise above it all. Amidst the noise - they have a serene almost contagious Joie de Vivre​ about them.

We found ourselves on the cusp of those first statements just under a week ago. Wondering at the price of simply LIVING in today's world - and if we were stressing, what's everyone else feeling?

From Facebook.... "I can't afford it", "Back in the Hospital...again", "The country's going to hell...because of Trump...Hillary...", "Healthy food is SO expensive"...

In real life.... "Holy .... $50 for one bag of groceries?!",  "Can't afford the vacation I NEED...maybe next year...",  "Insurance doesn't cover what I need done...", "How are we going to make it to next month"....

Then it all started... AGAIN...

The next session of the Master Key Experience started - and we knew we had to be completely engaged for the next six months.  The changes we experienced the first time through...could we have that again? It made a difference that has lasted for years already - but we wanted MORE this time...

It was time for another set of changes for us.  Time to take our 'Lifestyle BluePrint' to the next level again - 'cause we felt S T U C K 

​SO we dug into the first week's exercises without regard to 'time' (or even sleep...) - in fact we doubled down and committed to being Master Guides this time 'round.

​And it's already paying off in big ways...

  • Ideas are flowing more freely, bringing excitement back to 'everyday' life
  • Awareness of serendipities in life spotlight the abundance around us...
  • Abundance returns​ - it's insane...funds just 'show up' as we change our thoughts
  • Calmer - even with increased responsibilities
  • More time in the day​ - you'd think the opposite would happen but...Give More== Get More!
  • Anticipation of the Future
Compass Image: Copyright: donskarpo / 123RF Stock Photo