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Celiac Awareness

Celiac Awareness MonthMay is National Celiac Awareness Month.  To kick of the celebration of the month, I am excited to announce the launch of my first cookbook, The Ultimate Gluten Free Holiday. 

Ultimate Gluten Free Holiday

Many people have stereotyped gluten-free foods as boring, tasteless, crumbly, and inferior to their gluten-filled counterparts. We’ve gone through the same thing, and we can tell you—it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve found that gluten-free can be as good—if not better—and we want to share that with you. We’re all in this journey together – we don’t settle for anything less than the best flavor, texture, and experience; and we don’t want you to settle for less either. Along with this holiday guide, check out the resources found on my blog at I’ll help you have a holiday free from worry about missing out on your favorite recipes and experiences.

I have been living gluten free since October 2008. It is my hope that by sharing my experiences and what I have worked through regarding gluten intolerance, I’ll be able to help others realize that living free of gluten can actually be liberating. In this little book I’ll share the wonderful side of being gluten free, and I’ll dispel the myth that eating gluten free is nothing but “tasteless cardboard” with the “texture of sand.” It’s my opinion that gluten-free food can taste delicious as any other food; and anyone can lead the ultimate gluten-free lifestyle.

What a great way to help spread awareness than to share this cookbook with your friends and loved ones. Start your self and family on the road to the ultimate gluten free lifestyle and make those old family recipes again. Check it out now. The Ultimate Gluten Free HolidayThere are digital and print versions available. 

Our Path

Success in Life

Success in Life is Being True to Yourself


What really is success?  As Og says in The Greatest Salesman in the World

Which two, among a thousand wise men, will define success in the same words

What is success to one person may not be success in the eyes of another person.  What is common among everyone is the feeling of success comes when we are true to being our authentic selves. In so many areas of life today we are programmed to someone else's idea of what we should be.  It has become ingrained in us that we go to school, get good grades and get a good job.Be Yourself

Is that what is authentic for everyone? NO.  Is it for you?  That is a really great question we should ALL be asking ourselves.  True happiness and success  comes from doing what we love.  The reason we are happiest when we are doing what we love is because we are listening to our true selves.

When you are asked to do something you really don't want to do, how do you feel.  What emotions does it illicit?  Are you happy?  Have you ever asked yourself why you aren't happy?  Did you feel successful?

Now turn it around and think of a time you were really doing something you enjoyed.  What emotions were you feeling?  How was your mood?  How was your take on the world around you and your mental state?  Were you happy?  Did you feel like you were successful in these moments?

Our PathMore often than not you probably had a sense of success in the second scenario when you were enjoying what you were doing.  No one wants to be forced to do things we don't want to do, yet the majority of us do that daily with the jobs/ careers we have found ourselves.  We are not listening to our heart and being authentic.  It then effects the world around us and the negative feelings that go with not liking what you are doing brings down your productivity, motivation, mood, and many more aspects.  All of these will affect your ability to succeed.

So, take time to listen to your heart.  Discover your true self.  If you need help try a self discovery course to help guide you to your deepest desires.  One like the Master Key Experience which helped me discover my authentic self.  I took the course over a year ago and my confidence in my self has sky rocketed.  I also have published my first book.  This was an idea that was sitting in the back of my head, that I never really thought would come to fruition.  Thanks to learning what my true self was and living that true self, I now have the feeling of success in this area of my life.  You can have it too.  Interested in learning how?  Sign up for the early notification for the next course below and see how much your life can change too.Cultivate Your Authentic Self

Success can be yours!  Let your light shine.

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