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9 Hope

MKE Week 21- Hope


Hope: to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true; to cherish a desire with anticipation.

On this weeks webinar, Trish  said something that gave me hope.  She said she had stumbled recently.  I was kind of surprised Here was one of the co-creators of the MKE, and she stumbles too?  A feeling of relief washed over me to know that even they can stumble. I realized, we are ALL works in progress!

I have been stumbling a lot this year and it wasn't until very recently that I came to the realization of what was causing it.  I knew it was my old blueprint trying to stay in the picture, but what part of it was it exactly?  I couldn't squash it unless I could identify what part it was.

Well it turns out one of my old “bad” habits was piling on more than I can handle.  I would have to say I am definitely addicted to those peptides, although unpleasant.  I am always adding things to my overfull plate.

Thankfully, awareness is the first step in recovery.  It's going to be a long road for me.  The commitments I have taken on are long term. So how do I “fix” this?

whirlwindI have been taking time to observe my patterns and habits so I can come to a better understanding of where to go from here.  I realized I have a crazy, chaotic schedule during the week.  I literally go from one thing on to the next on-stop. It's exhausting. So I have scheduled my weekends to catch up on all the things left undone during the week.

“How's that going for you?” you might ask.  Lousy! I am so tired from all the running during the week, that I end up doing very little or nothing on the weekends.  Then I have to fight off the negative self talk that tries to enter when I have failed to accomplish anything.

So coming to this awareness, I have decided to not try to catch up on the weekends. I need to take time for me and to listen to what my body is telling me and give it some rest.

I know that seems like it will only add to the problem of having too much on my plate.  Actually, it feel freeing.  I know that at the end of an action packed week, there WILL be guilt free rest and relaxation. Something that is important to everyone's health physically and mentally.

It does not mean I get to continue on as I have been though. I need to make the most of my whirlwind week.  It means the two days I have to devote to my business MUST be held sacred!  I MUST do the activities that will advance me toward my goals and let nothing deter me from them.

And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life's growth.

This is where I have struggled this year.  I do my OATS and have good intentions, but let my old blueprint sneak in and add little errands and appointments come into my business hours.

My new awareness of this habit has allowed me to refocus those business hours and my productivity has increased.  I feel like I am accomplishing things. I have made it through the detour in my hero's journey and I am back on track.  It feels good!

So if you are stumbling, know you are not alone!  Even those seasoned travelers on the hero's journey stumble every now and then.  It makes us stronger in the end.  The important thing is that we geI will persistt up and keep going.

I will persist until I succeed!



MKE Week 20 – Paired Comparison

paired-comparison-analysis-5-638The paired comparison exercise given this week was one that was also given in the course last year.  A year ago I had no idea how to do the exercise.  I was merely blogging with the goal of having a cookbook published by May 1, 2016.

I had no idea of what I needed to do to make income with this.  I did n't know the steps I needed to take to even begin my cookbook.  So, I thought the exercise was nice for those who already had a business bringing in money and would be good for me someday.  So I kind of just pushed of the exercise and forgot aboutLight Bulb it.

When it came around this year, it was like night and day.  It was literally like a light bulb going off in my head.
I am very near to completing the goal of being a publisher of a cookbook and was not sure where to take my business next.

In the few moments Mark went over the exercise and gave us time to briefly come up with our top 10 and then 5 income producing activities, the light came on and the ideas flowed through me.  It was so exciting to have a new vision and purpose and I could distinctively see what my 2 main activities were I needed to focus on.

This was so important to me at this point in my journey.  With commitments I took on for the school year, I have only 2 week days every week to devote to my business.  I have struggled with making this time productive, basically because I hadn't gone through this exercise.  I knew I needed to do things, but had a list so long becau
se I had so few days to work, that I got overwhelmed and quite frequently did nothing.  This is my old blue print stepping up to sabatoge all I learned and know from last year.

One day you'll wake up
I am so thankful for the growth since last year that allowed my mind to be open to this exercise this time.  I now have 2 new projects to add to my ever evolving DMP, time lines to help them manifest by the SMART goals I have created for them, and I know what NEEDS to be done on those limited days I can do business.  Now I know that I can make head way even though I can only focus on it twice a week.

Take the advice from someone who didn't take the exercise seriously last year.  DO
IT NOW.  It is definitely worth the time and thought to figure it out.


MKE WEEK 19 -Live Like You Were Dying

Live Like You Were Dying is one of my favorite songs.  It really makes you think and it encompasses the meaning of scroll V.

Scroll V really spoke to me last year and it still holds strong influence on me this year.  In the last year, so many more people I know and love are facing death from cancer or even just from giving up on living.  It helps keep making every day the best for front in my mind and to cherish each and everyone.  My family is all about living peak experiences over having things.  Things will break or get used up and no longer be there, but memories of peak experiences will be remembered into our old age. (I personally planned to never be old!)

If you look around our house, you will see many quotes reminding us to cherish each day.  One of my favorite quotes is

Life is Measured

You can find this several places in our house. Reading Og's scroll V three times a day, I really do not need these reminders.  Every time I read it it reminds me to value my life and to not waste my time while I am here.  It makes me sad when I see others who can't seem to recognize the value of life, their life and they sit and exist but do no live.  I can only pray for them and be an example and hope they see how wonderful they are before it is too late.

I am so grateful for all that the course has taught me and to value my life enough to make it count.

[tweet_box design=”default”]I will live this day as if it is my last. And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks[/tweet_box].

MKE Week 18- Enthusiasm

Enthusisam moves the worldEnthusiast- intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

This was my week 18 trait to focus on .  This was actually one of the easiest traits to observe in myself and in the world around me.  I saw it in myself every time I did my out loud reads as we are supposed to say them with enthusiasm to generate the emotions behind them to make it successful.

I also have found that since beginning the course in September of 2014- I greet more and more daysHenry Ford - Enthusisam
enthusiastically.  Don't get me wrong, I still have those groggy, slow starts to the day but fewer than
before.  I find the gratitude exercises help me to perk right up on those days.  I have been blessed immensely.

As I have used this example in the other traits, I will be using it here as well.  My twin nephews are
enthusiastic about almost everything.  When I greet them with enthusiasm first thing in the morning it sets the mood for
the rest of the day.  They show enthusiasm for their toys, food, attention, cuddling.  It seems the more enthusiastic I am, the happier they are.

Another example of enthusiasm is in my speech team members.  We had our first meet 3 weeks ago and they were all very enthusiastic to finally be performing their speeches for someone other than their coaches.  There was a definite buzz on the bus ride and around the team table when we arrived.  At awards, they not only showed enthusiast for their team members successes but also for all of their competitors. I love my speechies!!

every-man-is-enthusiastic-at-timesI know that when I feel enthusiasm, my whole state of mind changes.  I attract positive experiences and opportunities and I feel in harmony with the Universal (God).

Are you observing enthusiasm in yourself and the world around you?  I'd love to hear about your observations.  Please comment below.

1 MKE Week 17HJ: The Hero’s Journey. Are you Heeding the Call?

the heroHero's Journey.  Wow, what can I say?  I can say that it will have times that are difficult.

It is worth it!

It will take hard work; all those years of building up the layers of cement.

It is worth the effort!

It will take time.  A lot of time for some

It is worth it!

We may trip and fall backward.  It is och as long as we get back up and move forward.  We will be stronger for the experience.  Those experiences will show us the value in completing the journey.  They show us…

It is worth it!

I love this week because I can go back over some of my favorite master key lessons and sits.  I love the planting of a seed and watching it grow. Envisioning my dharma growing is so motivating to “Do it NOW!

My hero's journey is not complete.  I believe I will always be on this journey because as I accomplish one thing a new opportunity will manifest.  Always changing, always evolving into the best me there is.  I have definitely had my share of stumbling blocks and I know fear has set me back on many occasions.  I cannot ignore the herald's call anymore.  It speaks to me loud and clear in-the middle of ht night if I don't do the things that lead me to my future self.  The only cure for this is to “Do it NOW!”  then it has no reason to nag me when I am in the space between deep sleep and awake.

So I Do it Now and continue on no matter what; improving myself daily, molding myself into the future me.  How's your journey going?  Are you frustrated that it is taking too long?  That's normal.  In the end, all the time, effort, struggles, triumphs, challenges, successes…

It is worth it!

child hero

Courage is about persistence

MKE Week 17- Courage Where are You?

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief. The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.


For week 17, I chose courage as the virtue on which to focus.  I am introverted and don't feel as if I am very courageous, so this is why is is my choice for this week.  I want to grow this virtue.

I found it difficult to observe instances of courage this week.  As I thought about it, I came up with what I believe is a reason why.  In most instances of courage- the emotion is felt internally and may not be observable to the outside world.  Something one percourage graphicson may see as everyday can for another person be the exact opposite- a hurdle to overcome.  However, externally others may not be able to pick up on some one who fears something.  Our society seems to program us to hide our emotions, so it makes sense that it was hard to find courage this week.

Then while I was watching week 17 HJ webinar, Mark mentioned that it takes courage to become the hero.

Any person who tries to improve the world has courage; is a hero.

All of us taking this course and making the hero's journey are exhibiting courage.  Now I can fill mu chart with lots of dots.




Another phrase from the webinar that struck me was

[tweet_box design=”default”]Courage comes after you do the thing you fear.[/tweet_box]

I am so grateful for the nuggets I was able to glean from the webinar.  Thank you Mark,
Davene, and Trish!  I found out I am more courageous that I thought.

What do you think about courage?  Do you find it easy to see it in yourself or the world around you?  I'd love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments below.

Courage doesn't always roar