Monthly Archives: January 2016


MKE Week 16- Kindness

Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  This is the virtue we were to focus on for the second week of the Franklin makeover.  It is amazing how after starting focus on things, they show up everywhere.  Kindnesses were showing up in all kinds of places; some expected, some not.  A few examples from […]

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MKE Week 15- Decisiveness

Last week was the first week of the Franklin makeover in which we focus on a virtue for a week.  Every week we change the virtue to focus on and we do this for 13 consecutive weeks. To begin this makeover I looked up the definition to be clear on what exactly I should be […]

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I will persist

MKE Week 14-Persistence

I will persist until I succeed. This has become an affirmation for me lately. I have had the disappointment of slow editing preventing me from releasing my Holiday cookbook for the Holidays.  I am frustrated but know hanging on to that negative feeling will not benefit me. So, I focus on the options I have […]

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