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MKE Week 12 Spotlight- Donna Burt

This week I am spotlighting Donna Burt for my member spotlight.  She shares with us her experience using the Bear Hugs Kettle concept.  I love how she is A2R2 what she is learning in the Master Keys and making her journey that much more effective by assimilating what she is learning.  Below is her blog, […]

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MKE Week 12: Who Really Uses Intentions

Intentions.   Who uses them? Successful people use them to propel them toward their goals.  They focus on the intentions and attract the mechanisms needed to them. So what are intentions exactly?  The dictionary defines them as: The dictionary defines intentions as: In this week’s webinar, Mark talked about the backward thinking of most people. […]

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Week 10 – Emotions will screw up your LIFE

Unrestrained emotions will be the death of your dreams – for the person who allows their feelings to run free has no direction, no purpose, no significant value in the overall tapestry of Life. The Universe doesn’t care in the least if your feelings are elevated or crushed during your brief moment in this Time-Space Reality (Life… […]

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MKE Week 10- Persistence

Here we are in week 10 already and we are reading the scroll devoted to persistence.  Last year when we began reading scroll III it was somewhat a relief.  And I find it is again this year. I will persist until I succeed It is a relief because no matter what I may be struggling […]

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MKE Week 9- Reflecting

I am reflecting on my post from last year’s week 9.  It was interesting to go back and see where I was with my chipping off of the cement and where I have come since then.  The sitting exercise of planting a seed is one of my favorite exercise through out the course.  It has […]

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