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1 Ball spot light

MKE Week 12 Spotlight- Donna Burt

Ball spot lightThis week I am spotlighting Donna Burt for my member spotlight.  She shares with us her experience using the Bear Hugs Kettle concept.  I love how she is A2R2 what she is learning in the Master Keys and making her journey that much more effective by assimilating what she is learning.  Below is her blog, but please go to her actual blog and comment and share on twitter and Facebook.  Give More Get More!

Bear Hugs Kettle

Week 12 MKMMA – Bear hugs kettle

Bear hugs kettle. I put a copy of that picture on the dashboard of my car. I put the kettle hugging bear in the car because that is where I often find myself thinking about great, horrible, wholly imaginary wrongs that might (but most probably never will) be done to me. I put myself into one of these snits while driving home from work on Monday. Just by chance I clicked the Resources tab of the MKMMA web site first thing when I got home and there it was, the reminder that I had needed so badly just 30 minutes earlier.

My thoughts go to much more pleasant places while I’m driving now. It’s been less than a week but I love that bear for helping me to remember in the momemt to use the 7 Laws of the Mind.

One statement that Davene put out there for us during the webinar hit me between the eyes. She said that if I think I’m struggling than I will struggle. Well, I have been struggling and saying so just about every week. How much of my struggling is old habits, old blue prints and craving my old peptides. Maybe I don’t need to struggle to grow. It’s a thought that I’m thinking a lot lately. I seem more comfortable struggling than soaring. It is very familiar.

I am making friends with my future me and she does not need to struggle; she is happy, loving, harmonious, powerful, perfect, strong and whole. With a room that is hers alone.

2 Knowledge, courage, faith

MKE Week 12: Who Really Uses Intentions

Courage and faithIntentions.   Who uses them? Successful people use them to propel them toward their goals.  They focus on the intentions and attract the mechanisms needed to them.

So what are intentions exactly?  The dictionary defines them as:

The dictionary defines intentions as:

an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

In this week's webinar, Mark talked about the backward thinking of most people.  Most people chose their intentions based on  the mechanisms available to them at that moment.  This is why so many people don't find the success they are looking for. They are limiting the possibilities by only pursuing those things they know are safe, certain, not risky. Many think they are less capable than what they really are, so they settle. As we are learning in the MKE, we want to focus on the intentions, believing that the mechanisms necessary will be attracted to us.

Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.

In the last 11 weeks we have learned about the power we have within ourselves, now we need to learn to harness that power and to get it to work for us.  Haanel states in the introduction to Master Key 12

Knowledge, courage, faith

Now we need to be courageous and have faith in our intentions so they come to fruition.

I have some experience with this working in my life. Last spring I focused on one of my goals in my DMP, publishing a cookbook.  I put faith in my power and connection with the Universal and let my subconscious be open to what would follow.

Master Key 12:5- Thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all that it requires.  Infinite resources are therefore at your command.

I didn't focus on how much I didn't know about the publishing process, or how much money I might make.  My focus was on the fact that I could do this and I will be able to help so many people who need this cookbook.I was focused on helping as many as I could.  I had no idea how it would all happen, I just believed completely that it would happen.

My subconscious rewarded me with producing the mechanisms as they became necessary.  Some came as thoughts, during my sits, of what I needed to do next.  Others were introductions to people who were experts in areas I was not.

Did I have doubts?  YES! Many times, but I pushed them out using the Law of substitution.

Was I scared?  YES!  There were so many things I didn't know and what if I failed?  I pushed these out as well and focused harder on the goal.

I took the what the Master Keys are teaching me and applied it to my dream.  Now I am coming to the end of the process.  My book is in the final stages of editing and will go to the printers very soon.  If I can do it, so can you.

Cat sees lion

Cobb Salad

Gluten-free Paleo Bacon Mayo

Cobb SaladI am currently testing out a meal plan for another blogger and it is paleo.  Some of the recipes use mayo and when my husband and I went to the store to buy some, we couldn't find any without either soybean oil or canola oil. Both of these ingredients are not healthy for you in a variety of ways, so we chose to not purchase any.

We searched the internet for some homemade recipes and many used olive oil.  I am not against olive oil, but I am not fond of the flavor and in mayo it would definitely be tasted.  My husband found a recipe that uses half coconut oil and half olive oil.  On that site they had a recipe that used all bacon fat.  SO we decided to combine the recipes and make on with coconut oil and bacon fat.  I mean who doesn't love the flavor of bacon, right!

It turned out amazing and we used it right away to make the egg salad portion of our Cobb Salad pictured above.  It was so good we made a double batch right away so we would have plenty on hand for the coming week.  I don't thing I will ever purchase mayo from the store again.  It is super easy to make and tastes better than any store bought that I have had in the past.  The great thing is knowing all the ingredients that went into it and that it is naturally gluten free.

[yumprint-recipe id='19']

2 MKE Week 11:Coincidence or Law of Attraction?

Do you ever feel like things just coincide with each other? Is this coincidence or the Law of Attraction acting in your life?  Perhaps you were reading a Bible study last week and it coincided with Week 11's affirmation:

Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.Mark 11:24

I believe moments like these are the Law of Attraction and it happened to me last week in a way I was not expecting.  It also brought me to an “A-ha

On the webinar last week Mark Mentioned the problem with motivational videos and seminars are that getting across the goal line is the focus.
However they don't look at the process as a whole and that there are steps necessary before you take massive action. You need to have the right thoughts, emotions and beliefs before action will produce the desired results

While Mark was discussing this, I noticed a couple index cards and notes on my bulletin board.  It was if they were saying notice me, although I see them often. I pulled them off and read them.  I discovered they were cards I had written in 2012 as my husband and I were going through Think and Grow Rich together.  This was several years before being introduced to the Master Keys.

I was surprised to see one of the cards was the Blue Print Builder. When I wrote that out for the first time last year, I thought it really was the first time.  I did not remember ever reading it before but I guess I had.The other card was sort of a mini DMP.  It had a desire written down like in our movie trailers.  It had a date for it to Goal linemanifest.

Did it? NO!Why? The people who had encouraged us to read Think and Grow Rich, like most self help gurus, had the focus on the goal line; massive action without first addressing the
inner world.

I was not the person I needed to be to make that goal manifest and they had not given me any tools to help me become that person.   When I wrote those cards and desires, I had no mentors to take me through the steps to chip off the cement and uncover my golden self.

Flash forward to today and I am so thankful for the opportunity to go through the keys first as a member and now as a guide.  I now have the tools to help me manifest my desires.  I have learned to use the compass of my heart and become friends with my future self.  Most importantly, I have applied the 4 basic habits.

  1. A Definite Major Purpose backed with a burning desire.
  2. Positive Mental attitude to attract the things I need and desire and to be in harmony with the Universal
  3. Plan of Action using activities that will give me traction toward my desires.
  4. Master Mind Alliance- no one makes it alone.

So was it coincidence or the Law of Attraction that made me notice those cards?  I still believe it was the Law of Attraction so that I can come to realize how far I have made it on my journey and to also find gratitude for the opportunity and people who helped me get to where I am today and for those who will in the future.

Golden Buddha


Brussels sprout gratin

Bacon Brussels Sprout Gratin

Brussels SproutsBrussels sprouts were something I never tasted until I was an adult.  I think my mother didn't like them, so it wasn't something we ever had for dinner.  My first experience was when I was 21 and doing an internship in Australia.  I stayed with a family for a period of time while for the 2 months I was in Australia. They served it with a lamb roast(also another food I had never had).  I instantly fell in love with them.

They have a flavor similar to broccoli, but yet different. While they look like miniature cabbages, they definitely do not taste like cabbage. A few years ago I gave growing my own a try and failed epicly with a huge infestation of aphids and cabbage moth larvae.  The next year was only slightly better.  I gave up for a couple years and then tried again this year.  My oldest daughter loves them.  I was diligent with the homemade non-toxic insecticidal soap and was rewarded with a bumper crop.  So what to do with all those wonderful Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprout gratin

I had seen a recipe floating around on Facebook for Brussels Sprouts gratin, but I never clicked on the post.  I decided it sounded delicious and just made my own with what I thought a gratin might have in it.  If you follow me on Instagram (be.glutenfree) you probably saw pictures of the final product.  I think it turned out well and my whole family loved it.  I included bacon, which for me is like the duck tape of cooking.  So here is the recipe as I promised to my Instagram followers.


[yumprint-recipe id='18']

Week 10 – Emotions will screw up your LIFE

Unrestrained emotions will be the death of your dreams - for the person who allows their feelings to run free has no direction, no purpose, no significant value in the overall tapestry of Life.

The Universe doesn't care in the least if your feelings are elevated or crushed during your brief moment in this Time-Space Reality (Life... don't talk to me about life... *thanks Marvin!)

Nor should ANY other human being care, however they enter your frame of reference, while you are playing out the Role you have chosen to play.

What does it value a person to immerse themselves in an ocean of emotional turbulence - if they have no plan, no purpose, no Intent ​to guide them? It feels good? 

The next time you actually find yourself aware of the feelings you are experiencing - ask yourself afterwards (or during if you have the mental strength!) ​ - WHY you were feeling THAT particular emotion...  

Was it even a choice for you?

Or are you among the 'common man' who rides the ebb and flow of feelings - typically 'worn on the sleeve' - never advancing, never growing.

It seems that cultures around the world laud such emotional existence over self-discipline and self-reliance, intentionally creating an 'entitlement' class of mentally infantile adults.

I was there. Just over two years ago I realized that I was constantly justifying events in my life - living an emotional existence where nothing was ever going to get any better - it never seemed to - so why try.

That's when I found the Master Key Experience - and what a change it has wrought -

Unrestrained emotions will DESTROY any chance you have for a better future.​

However...there is a very small tweak that makes all the difference.  Would it be OK if I shared that 'tweak' with you?

Intentional, controlled choice in expression of
unrestrained emotions will GUARANTEE you a better future.​

How amazing would it be to UNDERSTAND how to implement that in your life?​

How much more comfortable would you be if you knew the Simple. Obvious. and Easy To Perform - steps to bring that guarantee into your life?​

Let me know in the comments what that kind of Guarantee would be worth to's been priceless for me & my family.​

Ready for a better life.

Learn the simple techniques for improving your Reality...

Week 9 – Four Facts About Intentions That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

As we continue to grow our understanding of the Master Key Experience and bring the power of the Laws of the Mind into our possession - it becomes almost frightening how powerful we become in manifesting our desired Life.

When you understand that your Intentions - and your discipline in maintaining focus on them - can create ANYthing you request of Life, the following facts about intentions might put you on the edge of your seat....

Sloppy choices will Kill your Dreams...

How careful are you when you ask for things to come into your life?  Are you asking for MORE of a bad thing - so that you can have a moment of feeling good?

​I am overcoming inner resistance to an abundant life.

Have you now asked ​to constantly have inner resistance simply so that you can constantly overcome it?

A poor choice of words can bring very interesting things into your life....​

You manifest EXACTLY what you intend...

​When you are creating your Intentions - imagine that Loki is the one who will be granting your request(s):

Living an abundant Life, I send money to Refugees through my Church, to help with expenses so they live in comfort.

​When, exactly will any of this occur?  Will the Universe constantly generate expenses now - BECAUSE - you asked for the opportunity to send money?

     And - does the universe now create a constant state of unrest and dis-comfort so that there are refugees who are living that way for you to help?

EVERY choice has consequences...

When you ask for the world on a platter - what happens to the rest of the world?

I become a billionaire as I help thousands of families purchase a home with low and no-doc mortgages.​

In every transaction there are at least two sides. Given what we know happened with the idea above...

You ARE what you CHOSE to be

All the possessions you have now, and every experience you have been through are direct results of choices that were made - not 'coincidence' or 'fate'.  Ever since we were old enough to voice our own preferences - it's all been on each of us to make of our lives what we Will to Be.

     And the craziest part is that - knowing what you do now - you might not make the choices to become the person you WANT to be.

Will you go out today to do more epic and memorable things?

Will you reach out and give to that person you pass on the street?

Will you look back on your life and exclaim "I can't believe I did that?!" - or will it be "I wish I had..."?

You can Be, what you Will to Be!​

Week 8 – 6 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Reality


Reality is Completely Overrated

When you come to understand that everything around you is nothing but effect you will come into the power to Create  reality for yourself.

     Nothing in your life exists, that was not at one point in time merely a Thought.

The Macgyver of Choice disciplines themselves in controlling their thoughts - concentrating on the development of the ideal out of which their future will emerge. Creating for themselves a Reality that they have intentionally designed.


Your Mother Lied to You About Imagination

We've been told since grade school that  'daydreamers' never amount to anything.  The TRUTH is  more interesting...

     It is the person lacking discipline - unlikely to ever concentrate on a given task for any length of time - that amounts to nothing.  The True Daydreamer develops the Mental Habit of using their imagination repeatedly, with intention and focus, to guide the creation of their Reality.

Imagination is the Potter's Hands with which we shape and mold the Plastic material of our thoughts.

      Mental habits are difficult to control, but it can be done - and with this discipline comes the power to harness the Imagination - the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action. 


Build an Empire with Analysis.

Analysis Paralysis!

Over Analyzed - Under Produced!

Again - it is so easy to slip into the Planning and Management Modes when examining Life outside your comfort zone. But remember...

Nothing of importance has ever occurred in this reality without having been created in its entirety within the mind.  

Do you 'get it' yet? All the things we are told will make us failures - everything our 'child-like minds possessed - are exactly what we need to allow us complete control over our destiny.  We just need to add that little bit of discipline...


Start Using the Mental Gym.

Sloth... procrastination...distraction... Funny how they only come up when things we "should" be doing are under consideration.

​They ARE exactly what keeps each of us from taking action on the knowledge we have gained - particularly in the MKMMA!

​You cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.  MK 8:19

​To become a MacGuyver of your own Reality you need to consistently maintain harmony with your Mental Fitness. 

Take the time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to decompose your vision for the Reality you desire.  Put in the mental effort regularly to see every step, every goal, every action needed to make it a reality.​


The Hunger Games Guide to Opportunity

If you have caught ANY of the Hunger Games then you know the theme behind it : 

When everything seems like the world is pitted against you - it's your Tribe, you Master Mind - that will bring you success.​

​While the MacGyver of Reality is responsible for their own Actions - ultimately responsible for manifesting their own Dharma... they always look for partners.  

Keep your mind open to bringing greater Opportunity into the world by creating MasterMinds that can perform Faster, Better, and more Efficiently than any individual alone. ​


You are Free To Choose,
but not
Free from the Consequences.

Ultimately you are free to do ANYTHING you choose in pursuit of your Dharma, but for every action there absolutely is a consequence to which you are bound.

This is where knowledge of the Seven Laws of the Mind becomes crucial to a Harmonious Life:

The Law of Growth is the unwavering and immutable law put into place that says "something" MUST grow based on the kind and quality of seed (thoughts) planted.

The Law Of Attraction is the law by which thought correlates with it's object.

The Ultimate McGyver of Reality knows that they can have ANYTHING they desire from life - make any choice at all - provided it does not take 'goodness' from another.​

1 Cat Looking in Mirror

MKE Week 10- Persistence

I will persistHere we are in week 10 already and we are reading the scroll devoted to persistence.  Last year when we began reading scroll III it was somewhat a relief.  And I find it is again this year.

I will persist until I succeed

It is a relief because no matter what I may be struggling through, this affirmation gives me the strength to carry on and know that as long as I don't quit, I will eventually find success.  Each day I am tested in how I will respond to what life throws at me.  It is a comfort to know that I have gained the skills through the Master Key Experience to be able to stay persistent and to respond in a positive way that will keep me focused on the prize.

If I continue to charge forward, I WILL succeed.

One of my favorite passages fro the scroll last year was

I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.  I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by me shepherd.  I AM a Lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep.  I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious.  Let them join the sheep.  The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.

Cat Looking in Mirror

This passage gives me courage to be the awesome person I am as well the conviction to remove myself from negative people and environments.  Looking back over the last year, I have distanced myself from people who are very negative and I also have found my tolerance for those types of people has gone down.  I find myself walking away more often than before the MKE course.

I will persist until I succeed

MKE Week 9- Reflecting

miss-sunflower-1063732_1280I am reflecting on my post from last year's week 9.  It was interesting to go back and see where I was with my chipping off of the cement and where I have come since then.  The sitting exercise of planting a seed is one of my favorite exercise through out the course.  It has been great to revisit it as well as the post.  This is one of my better posts of last year and I am still very happy with its message.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

I am still stretching my roots and growing taller.  I am still keeping my eyes on the Master Creator, steadfast in my faith that I am surrounded by abundance.


Red Sunflower

This weeks sit exercise is to visualize a plant, a sunflower for instance, and bring it from the unseen into the seen.

Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment which you require.  Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing is physical, and it is therefore related to the objective world, the “world without,” but Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the “world within.”  It therefore possess vitality; it will grow.  The thing visualized will manifest itself in form.  The mechanism is perfect; it was created by the Master Architect who “doeth all things well.'  Master Key 9:15

I really like this exercise as it lets me think of warm spring days with the sun beaming down and gentle breezes blowing.  I could feel the warm soft dirt on my hands as I planted the seed and smell the earth.  It was very vivid to me.  I plant a garden every year and I could relate to the exercise very easily.

I decided to visualize my spirit as the seed I was planting. I dug a hole in the dirt and placed my seed in the fertile soil and covered the seed of me with dirt.  I saw the water that was soaking into the dirt around me as nourishment, the master keys.  As the outer layers of the seed coat softened and let in the water, I realized it was the cement from my cement Buddha falling away and letting in the concepts to nourish my subconscious.  The water was these concepts and as the seed filled with the good thoughts it swelled and sprouted my roots and stem.  The roots were my subconscious lengthening and reaching for more, going to work to help grow this seed into the wonderful flower it was destined to be.

As I took in more water, my stem finally burst through the soil into the bright, warm sunlight, the Master Creator.  He was looking down on me and radiating his love onto me.  I was being fed from below the ground by the water and above from the Master Creator.  I continued to stretch toward the sun, growing my first sets of leaves and climbing ever closer to my destination.  I could feel the sun soaking into every cell of me and nourishing me as well as the water rising through my stem to reinforce the nourishment.  I kept climbing and developing.  Now I have many branches with leaves and buds are beginning to form.  My roots dig deeper and my foundation is firmly set in the ground.  Soon the buds begin to increase in size and the blossom burst forth in all its glory.  The sunflower, my spirit, has made its appearance in the world and I look on the Master Creator for the first time.  For the rest of my days, my gaze stays steadfast on the Master Creator, following His perfect plan for me.  I can feel the energy flow through me from the Creator to my roots.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

sunflower poem

This was a very powerful visualization or me.  It made Master Key 9:33 alive for me

When you are enabled to make your vision clear and complete you will be enabled to enter into the spirit of the thing.

I truly could feel my spirit in the seed and feel the energy flow through me as that seed grew into the sunflower.  Embrace these exercises and let your mind go to work for you.