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MKE Week 8 Spotlight- Gina Waring

lightThis weeks spotlight member is Gina Waring.  She has made significant strides in her blog since the beginning of the course.  This post linked a dream catcher to her Dharma.  She visualizes this dream catcher in her mind and it is catching all her dreams.  What an awesome visualization and tool to help her use the compass of her heart.  Go check out her blog here and show her some love by commenting and sharing as you feel moved.

Dream catcher

Week 7 – Living in the Matrix of our Minds…

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life — that there’s something wrong with the world.  [tweet_dis]You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me[/tweet_dis].     – Morpheus, The Matrix

​Many is the time in the Master Key Experience where I am startled with how true the feeling that our world -is- The Matrix - really IS.  And this week Haanel reminds us that visualization is the key to changing our outer world. Such a simple thing you would think - and at the same time so impossibly difficult to maintain.

I have come to understand more and more deeply how important tending our mental 'garden' is.  Too often - and too easily - we let the garden (our conscious and subconscious mind) tend itself. Thinking; "I've been through this, I've got this...", the remnant of an old blueprint subtly worms its way into our lives over and over. That little bastard is like a canker in the mind, never really gone merely overshadowed... waiting...

And so we feel a nagging, incessant dissatisfaction with how our lives are, very much like that splinter in our mind and we lose the fact that our very lives are no more than tricks of light bent by the quirks of Space-Time.  Every thought we have - is US creating the script for our movies.  Every activity we undertake is the main character developing the plot....

HOW is that any different than a living example of being IN the Matrix?​

Think about this, as you let Haanel's messages sink in: Who's the Cameraman, the projectionist, the theater manager, the ticket-taker...the distributor?  Who WATCHES it all happen? Who is it that is free to walk out at any time - or simply change the entire premise of the movie AT ANY TIME?​

Then think about this...what's the 'projector in this theater?​  Our Imagination.

So...what's the film that it's all "shot on"?  Whatever we give our consent to let in?

Everything we allow into our lives as the Watchman...enhances or degrades the movie we make OF our lives....​

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin sconesOh, my gosh has it really been that long since I posted.  I am so sorry it has been that long.  I took on some new roles this fall and it has been difficult to schedule everything.  One of those new roles is caring for my infant twin nephews three days a week.  I forgot how little free time you have with an infant and double that with twins and I have had to accept nothing gets done on those days but loving and caring for them .  So I have to pack everything in to the other 4 days of the week.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is my Holiday cookbook.  I never knew how time consuming it would be.  It is almost ready to go to print, Yay!  So with that finishing up, I have a little more time and I am back blogging for you again.  I am grateful to be back.


Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we are busy preparing for a gluten free turkey day.  I recently had a request for pumpkin scones for Thanksgiving.  What an awesome idea; a perfect way to start to the day with a rich, warm and decadent scone.  Not too large to fill you up, but enough to keep you satisfied until the turkey is ready to eat.

I had never made pumpkin scones, but I leapt at the challenge.  I love trying out and experimenting with new recipes.  I said, “I can do this and it will be great!”

It began, like so many of my recipes, with a search of the internet for pumpkin scone recipes.  There are a lot of them out there.  I chose one that I thought would be the most flavorful.  Then began the task of modifying it to be gluten free and my own creation.

I am very pleased with the result and I am thankful you all kept with me and I am able to share this with you. I know scones are not exactly a health food, but I wanted to create something that was somewhat more healthy than your typical sweet scone. especially since Thanksgiving is loaded with a lot of traditionally indulgent foods.

The first thing I did to improve the nutrient value was to use half and half instead of whipped cream.  I am all for the full fat in most cases, but there will be plenty of that later on in the day.  

I also switched out the molasses for coconut nectar.  Coconut nectar comes from the sap of a coconut tree and has the benefit of being in its pure raw state, retaining all of its health benefits.It contains 17 amino acids, many minerals, and vitamins B and C.  Its glycemic index is lower than most sweeteners and makes it a great choice for diabetics and anyone who wishes to maintain a healthier, more consistent blood sugar level. Compared to brown sugar, coconut nectar has twice as much iron, four times as much magnesium, and ten times as much zinc. ¹

Additionally, I replaced the dark brown sugar with coconut sugar.  It is still a sugar and should be used in moderation, but it is not the completely empty calories that cane sugar has.  That is why I substituted for coconut sugar.  Like the nectar it has many minerals, vitamins, and fiber adding a little more value to the scones.

Finally, as with all gluten free adaptations, the flour measurement had to be modified.  I found I needed to add more flour.  This could be for various reasons, from the moistness of the pumpkin puree to the humidity of the kitchen.

Just in time for Thanksgiving morn, here it is. Enjoy!

[yumprint-recipe id='16'] 






¹ 22 Days Nutrition


MKE Week 7 Spotlight – Sara Wennerlind

live-concert-388160_1920This week's spotlight member is Sara Wennerlind. Her post this week discusses how the & day Mental Diet is like weeding the mental garden.  She writes about her experiences with it so well.

Check it out here and share the love by commenting, tweeting, and sharing on Facebook as your heart moves you.



6 Week 6 – Let go of your need to have more…

intntnLet go of your need to have more, for your attachment  positions you in a perpetual state of ever striving giving you the false impression of never arriving.

Ego is never satisfied.

The nature of intention is abundance and expansion.

We are informed in the Master Key for week six that :

[tweet_dis]The secret of all mental power is that it depends entirely on the mechanism to which it is attached.[/tweet_dis]

Having read week six before – I was always under the impression that, given MK 6:4 which states “…thought is mind in motion, and it's effect will depend entirely on the mechanism we attach.” – that this mechanism was the mind itself. However I have begun to review my assumptions from the first year I participated in the Master Key Experience

Snake_OilIn my first year I believed that, like the engine in a vehicle, the mind-as-mechanism converted the power of the Universal into the desired effects in my reality. This idea brings with it all sorts of excitement and fervor… With the power of a thought – merely changing my mind about something – I might possess it in my life??? Who wouldn't want in on that!

Alas – as it is with such “Give Nothing, Get Everything” schemes – I had mis-understood the real intent of Haanel's message. Knowledge does not apply itself! When we connect that with the mantra of “Give MORE, get MORE” we start to realize where things have gone astray…

ThoughtsAreDestnyIt is an impossibility for material change to occur without action on the part of physical entities in this world.  God did not create rules that defy belief – he created rules that, when understood, create a belief that can accomplish any feat.  With diligent study of the Laws – and an openness to the Creator's power in each of us – we can begin to believe that which we cannot at first physically see.
It is thus that we come to understand the true intent of the statement : “Only through thought, charged with emotions can we create belief that educes action on the part of the believer – and THUS is it that our dreams become reality “effortlessly”.  For it is not that they come to fruition “without effort”, but rather that we perceive the effort to be without onus, perhaps even pleasurable!

There is no Universal Law that allows us, regardless of how deeply we believe, to HAVE without performing some act of GIVING in return.  That this return can be out of proportion to our initial expectations still does not violate the core requirement :


When you finally step out of your self-centered belief that you are somehow entitled to have blessings showered upon you for simply ‘believing' that you shall – and really start giving of your self without any ANY expectation of reciprocity…then does the Universal align with your belief and manifest your desires… through your own efforts magnified by the Universal Laws.

So get out there, do some EPIC shit with your life, have fun with these short moments that are yours on this planet and enjoy this one run through that you have been granted.

Go forth and… do-epic-sht

5 MKE Week #7 Breaking an Addiction

fractals-67199_1920We have learned that our bodies become addicted to the peptides created from repetitive actions whether they are good or bad. Even a veteran to this course falls prey to these addictions and must be ever vigil in making new habits to break those addictions.

I have found as one addiction is broken your awareness of another surfaces. This may be less in those who are younger and have had less incorrect programming. But for those of us who have had several decades of programming to rewrite this may be the case more often.

Recently I became aware of this as I was reading Mark J's blog post for week 6 after registering for Sunday's webinar.  Although his blog was on concentration, My peptide addiction was to the chaotic world I knew before the MKMMA course last year.  A world with lack of focus and

I let my ego get in the way of all the progress I had made last year.  Things were working well and manifesting with ease for me, so I began to let my guard down on the watchman at the gate and the focus and concentration that one needs to maintain harmony with the Universal and my dharma.  So what began to happen?

Well, first my chaotic world returned and with it goals kept getting missed.  I had wanted my holiday cookbook to be published by the end of October.  Here it is almost the middle of November and it is not yet published.  After reading Mark's blog, I realized my old blue print had snuck back in and thrown a wrench in my progress.  I am addicted to stressful situations and a life of chaos.  I know I have the tools to correct this and I am using them to turn it back around.

My cookbook will be ready before Thanksgiving.  The final proof should be available for my proofreader by the end of the week and then off to the printers.  I had let fear of the unknown stop me, for weeks.  I just had to suck it up and “DO it Now!” despite all the unknowns.  I let fear and the external world block me from using the power of the Infinite and progress stopped.

Once I realized this, the wheels of progress began again. I am more vigilant on my compass of the heart and using the magnifying lens to concentrate on what is most important to me, my dharma. I will break the addiction to those peptides!


Master Key 7:27 -“We must plant the seed and leave it undisturbed.  This does not mean we are to sit down and do nothing, by no means; we will do more and better work then we have ever done before,new channels will constantly be provided, new doors will open; all that is necessary is to have an open mind, be ready to act when the time comes.”




MKE Week #6 Spotlight -Emily Matweow

Spotlight-833061_1920This weeks spotlight member is Emily Matweow.  It has been a pleasure to watch Emily progress through the course and I am really excited to have her as my spotlight for this week.  I loved that she was excited for some breakthroughs coming in her life and the way her mind was dealing with her old blue print trying to gain back control.

[tweet_box design=”default”]I have learned many things this week. The most important seems to be that I need to be ever mindful and rigorous with my thoughts, words and actions.[/tweet_box]

~ MKMMA Week 5 As I let go

Please take a few minutes and go and read her blog


and comment.  If you are so moved share it on twitter and Facebook.


[tweet_box design=”default”]Things became somewhat easier as a certain veil seemed to lift relative to what I need to say in my DMP.[/tweet_box]


~ MKMMA Week 5 I will survive


5 Week 5 – And they heard him say … “The Matrix has you.”

The Matrix Has youWhat an amazing journey a ‘second trip through' the Master Key Experience is turning out to be.

The first time through
it was all about me.

You could jump to what year two is like, or read on and realize that…

A lot like a child growing up, every hurt and every success is ALL about us.  We can't see the Real World because we are inside A matrix, created by our awareness and limited understanding.

Matrix-ChildEverything in our world is centered on our state of being – how WE feel, think, hunger and thirst – OUR desires for our well-being and advancement…

We fall down and bump our head on the table – because we don't know how to walk yet – and it's the TABLE'S fault.

We cry or scream – pointing at the table as if it had everything to do with our injury.

Upset at lifeWe break a favorite toy – because we can't think beyond “now” and leave it on the edge of the counter, or the pool, or right behind the car…

We cry or scream – pointing at something NOT us (often other people?!) as the source of our misery in losing a cherished Chotchkie (yes it's spelled wrong on purpose)

We grow older, time passing us by, unaware of the importance of that fact – we are never aware of the Matrix within which we exist.

I can't really say “…within which we live.” – because we don't…live.

As the Master Key states in week five : “Our Lives are…the result of…countless thousands of impressions, ideas , prejudices and similar thoughts…received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements…nearly all of it accepted with little or no examination or consideration.”


[tweet_dis]These hundreds, thousands…millions?… of impressions taken in sub-consciously – without intentional review and consideration – have influenced who we are today.[/tweet_dis]


Trapped in the Matrix of our own making...

Trapped in the Matrix of our own making…

We run short on funds before the end of the month – and we complain that someone ‘else' got a raise, a promotion, “a break”…that we should have gotten.

We rail against not being able to make a child's “event” – ranting about how our J.O.B.s keep us apart from family experiences…

Basically we are still, as older human beings, crying or screaming – from a self-centered point of view – that it is someone eles's fault that we have the results – the life – that we do.

This year I've come to realize that thinking about others is what allows me to have a more fulfilled life, a more successful career, and an extremely happier family…and it's in HOW we do this that it becomes a powerful force.

And I wasn't even aware until I participated as a guide in this program that

I get EVERYTHING I want, by HELPING OTHERS get everything they want…ho-lee-crap.

Helping others come to realize what TRUE enthusiasm is.  Helping them realize that there IS a matrix that we all exist within – but we are only “trapped” there by our thinking and our inability to guard and direct our thoughts.

imagesIt has been so much fun to ask people what their dreams, their aspirations, their Dharma is.  To listen intently – looking for that spark in their eye – or that childlike inner-smirk that they think is held inside…

When you see THAT you know there is a glimmer of hope. And it is THEN that, upon their next pause you should  ask – “THERE, THAT what was that… how did thinking about that make you feel…”

And most people pause, unconsciously aware of the Matrix around them, answer something like “Well…I guess I feel…amazing, awesome, excited,….” It will be an honest feeling – but it is still distant, disconnected, ‘other' than truly theirs…

So ask again, “YES, exactly, but …take a moment, think about that event…and as you feel that ‘amazing, awesome, excited…' event, share what THAT feeling feels like

  • It's at that moment, when they realize it's OK to FEEL again.
  • It's OK to DREAM again… no one is going to fall down and get hurt.
  • It's OK to follow your Dharma…your things, your ‘toys', your life… aren't going to break…

Because, as you take control and accept responsibility for your thoughts…

…as you inject those thoughts with TRUE feeling, not hiding behind “I feel” but embracing the changes you are making your inner world…

…those dreams and thoughts become actions – stronger than anyone or anything can resist.

We are all part of an amazing Matrix in this universe – it's up to each of us to become a golden, shining – beacon of light for others. Break off that clay, discover that unique and wonderful inner you that can enable others to do the same.

Matrix Meditation



MKE Week 5: Oh What a Week!

orange whirlwindWhat a week this has been.  I remember last year feeling very overwhelmed with all the new things added in week 5. I felt like my head was swimming.  I see many new members feeling the same.  Hang in there; it does get better.  You have made it this far and it is worth keeping on keeping on.

If you have to break reading Emerson into smaller chunks because it takes longer to absorb the meaning, it is ok.  As you become more familiar with the way he uses words, it will become easier to read. embrace the exercises, there is a reason for them.

As a guide this year, this week has been more fulfilling than I could ever imagine.  Our tribe members are refining their DMP's and we released our first member.  I find it difficult to come up with words to describe how it feels to be helping our members discover their dreams and help them get their DMP's perfected.  It is almost like a proud mama moment to see them spread their wings.  It blows me away and I cheer for each of their successes.  I am so excited for each and every one of them.

balls I also have friends who are in the course, and hearing their testimonies on how it is such a blessing to have been lead to the course, makes my heart leap for joy for them.  They are stoked for what the future holds and what the course is doing to help them make their lives better.  I knew I wanted to share this with everyone and to see others changing. I never imagined how much it would change me or how I would feel when they discover what is in their true heart.  I am grateful to have been able to lead them to the start of their hero's journey.  I can't wait to see where their journeys lead them.

No opinions year 2.  Last year I seemed to notice opinions in interactions with other people and as it progressed I also became more aware of how other people had opinions.  This year I learned in a zoom video conference with our Tribe that we also have opinions we tell ourselves about ourselves internally.  SMACK!  Boy dbald-eagleo I have a lot of those!

I am going to be working hard to have no opinions, especially negative opinions, about myself.  It is all apart of the watchman at the gate. I will do a mental housecleaning of those opinions everyday.  I know the course helped me gain a better self-image of myself, but since I still have those opinions floating around on occasion, I obviously need to clean house a bit better.  I am looking forward to seeing how my confidence soars even more without the weight of those opinions holding me down.