Monthly Archives: November 2015

MKE Week 8 Spotlight- Gina Waring

This weeks spotlight member is Gina Waring.  She has made significant strides in her blog since the beginning of the course.  This post linked a dream catcher to her Dharma.  She visualizes this dream catcher in her mind and it is catching all her dreams.  What an awesome visualization and tool to help her use […]

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5 MKE Week #7 Breaking an Addiction

We have learned that our bodies become addicted to the peptides created from repetitive actions whether they are good or bad. Even a veteran to this course falls prey to these addictions and must be ever vigil in making new habits to break those addictions. I have found as one addiction is broken your awareness […]

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MKE Week #6 Spotlight -Emily Matweow

This weeks spotlight member is Emily Matweow.  It has been a pleasure to watch Emily progress through the course and I am really excited to have her as my spotlight for this week.  I loved that she was excited for some breakthroughs coming in her life and the way her mind was dealing with her […]

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MKE Week 5: Oh What a Week!

What a week this has been.  I remember last year feeling very overwhelmed with all the new things added in week 5. I felt like my head was swimming.  I see many new members feeling the same.  Hang in there; it does get better.  You have made it this far and it is worth keeping […]

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