Monthly Archives: October 2015

1 MKE Week 4 Spotlight

My spotlight blog for this week is Melissa Clark.  I chose her blog because of the humor she infused into her writing as well as the message.  I love how she connected the exercises which can seem like an interruption in our daily life to the interruption of our old blue print.  There are several […]

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MKE Week 4- A Spoonful of Sugar

Recently  my daughters and I attended the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see Mary Poppins. You may be asking, “What does Mary Poppins have to do with the MKMMA?”  That is really a great question. The purpose of us going to see Mary Poppins was to fulfill a lab requirement for my older daughter’s PSEO (post […]

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MKE Week 3 Spotlight

My spotlight member of the week this week is Sara Wennerlind.  Her post this week shares her struggles and her successes so far in the course.  She is having things manifest in her life and it is so amazing to see things unfold.  She is beginning to see the Law of Attraction take place in […]

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MKE Week 2 Spotlight Member

One of the really exciting things I can do this year as a guide is to highlight and share post of other people.  I will be choosing a blog post every week that really struck me as well written and resonated with me.  Hopefully this will also create another avenue to connect other members with […]

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2 MKE Week 1: The Journey Begins Again

A year ago, I was just beginning the Master Key Experience, as many of you.  I had high expectations, lots of doubts about myself, and I felt a bit overwhelmed.  I hadn’t had that much homework since my college days, we won’t say how long that was; but I do have adult children. I worked […]

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