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1 MKE Week 4 Spotlight

angled spotlightMy spotlight blog for this week is Melissa Clark.  I chose her blog because of the humor she infused into her writing as well as the message.  I love how she connected the exercises which can seem like an interruption in our daily life to the interruption of our old blue print.  There are several other thoughtful insights.  Please read her blog below and then go to her blog and comment and share.  Thanks for giving more.
Habits!  Peptides!  Colors! Shapes! Feeling! Service!  Giving and Receiving!

Lots of thoughts running through my brain!  Lots of new concepts.  Lots of new wires hopefully firing together!  It is work, but I find myself drawn to it.  Interruptions!  This word stuck out to me from the webinar.  Yes, reading index cards and my blueprint and my DMP and Og among other things, they all feel like small interruptions, and yet, that is the Design!  We are interrupting our old “neuro-net” all throughout the day, until all thoughts are working toward our New Blueprint, and our Definite Major Purpose, and our old blueprint is dust!  Very cool!  We are triggering a New addiction to new peptides.  I know I am pretty much addicted to a cup of coffee in the morning,caffeine-148821_1280 but I did not know my cells are screaming at me for feelings I do not even enjoy!  How dare they!  That makes me want to fight right there!  I will create a NEW reality and trigger new peptides that I select!  Yes!  So these little interruptions, really are not so little or unimportant.  They are building in me a better reality than I have ever known.  I am working to make Thought much more Real.  “Our brain works out of response rather than creation because we are so addicted to the external world.”  (Mark)  The Bible says, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  2 Cor. 4:18.  Lord, help me to focus more on the world within, so that I can better serve the world without.  I love how our Chore cards are now Service cards. Such a nicer feel!  I also love the Giving and Receiving Cards. I am in the flow!

So, to sum all these thoughts together, I am Getting Emotional, so that I can create new peptides, to create a new blueprint, so that I can more fully live out the purpose for which the Lord created me!

3 Week 4 – So many words and still we say NOTHING…

There you are reading something - a newspaper article, a book, your own diary or journal... 

Or perhaps you are listening to someone - a friend, your parents, a politician...

And you are struck by the resounding thought: ​

[tweet_dis]How can so many words, consume so much time and effort, and mean so little?[/tweet_dis]

For me the truth came when I went back to read some of my journalling from my first year in this course...It was very hard to see the struggles I had then, with letting go of the need to make my dreams 'conditional' and separating myself from the emotions DREAMING brought to life...

So often when I start to ask people what they want out of life there's a pause... you've been there... that stunned moment of "Really? You care enough to ask me about my dreams?"  as if they cannot believe that ANYONE actually cares about them...

And the heart rending part is KNOWING that for most people the next thought, or words out of their mouths, is going to be "less" than they really want.  For some reason the need to be humble about their dreams  is like a choke hold on the words they use...

Almost as if dredging thoughts up through the dust of years-gone-by, the first shades of their desire comes out - distanced from them - 

​"I would probably be happier if I could just..."

"Well, I'd really like it if I could travel more than have in the past."...​

"I guess, it would be nice to be able to see my family more"... 

"Maybe if things weren't so tight right now I could..."​

The most amazing thing happens to people when, after breaking that veneer of  clay, you take the TIME to listen...ask honest and open ended questions about what they have already said.  When you take what you have learned in the Master Keys - turn it around - and give that experience away to the next person you talk with...AMAZING things begin to happen.

People start to physically change before your very eyes!  The more honestly interested you are in THEM, their ideas, words...their well being!!  the more striking this change will be.  

Find out before everyone else...

Get prepped, and find out 2 days earlier than others

THIS is truly what sold me on the whole Master Key Mastermind Alliance - the ability to help people realize that they are allowed and encouraged by life itself to dream and to dream bigger than they ever thought possible as a child. 

That as adults we can choose the words we use - and in making these choices consciously we have an unlimited power to change anything we want to change in our lives.  No more do we have to be 'humble', or bashful about our Dharma.  

Without having more ourselves, whether that is something as base as financial abundance - or something as empowering as joy and love, we CANNOT GIVE more to others.  We lack any semblance of capability to make other's lives better in every way - unless we realize that it is ONLY by being selfish with our Dreams that we can become selfless in our charity.

As adults, we now have both the ability to dream - and the ability to make those dreams come true for ourselves in a way that was never available to us as children...

I will never be able to thank the crew behind my first year in the course enough - so I'm going to do my best to be a lens and magnify that blessing to the people I meet in life

May all your Dreams come true in the realization that you are worth everything.

Love ya!​


MKE Week 4- A Spoonful of Sugar

Mary PoppinsRecently  my daughters and I attended the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see Mary Poppins. You may be asking, “What does Mary Poppins have to do with the MKMMA?”  That is really a great question.

The purpose of us going to see Mary Poppins was to fulfill a lab requirement for my older daughter's PSEO (post secondary education opportunity) theater class.  When we went I was there to have an enjoyable evening with my  girls.  Unexpectedly, the concepts I learned in last year's course, showed up; the Master Key concepts show up EVERYWHERE!  We practiced so often linking things together, that it has become second nature and shows up surprisingly.

So what thoughts were linking while I was watching the play?  It had to do with the outside world being a reflection of the inside world.  The stage performance of Mary Poppins goes further into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Banks than the Disney movie does.  You discover the nanny that raised Mr. Banks, Miss Andrews (Holy Terror), had a lot of influence on how his life was as an adult.

She raised him with an iron fist and squashed all his childlike dreams and emotions. AS a consequence,he grew into a hard, strict man and barely tolerated his whimsical children, similar to the way he was raised.  So inside he was cold and stiff and the world around him reflected that.  His relationship with his family was not close, he worked in a bank and was  closed off from anything else. He was very unhappy and empty inside.  The world he lived in was a reflection of the world he built based on his experiences with his spiteful nanny.

At the other end of the spectrum was the seemingly  magical, “almost perfect”, Mary Poppins. Her world was full of wonder, beauty, miracles, and happiness.  Everything seemed right when she was around and she always got what she wanted.  As we learned in the Master Keys, what we focused on grows.  For Mary Poppins, she didn't focus on the negative and believed in herself and the things she wanted.  They manifested for her effortlessly.  The opposite was true for Mr. Banks.  He obsessed about the bank and his job, fitting in with high society, and worries of the future.

So for me, it was cool to see the lessons of the Master Key in a play and to see it showing up in the most unexpected places.  We should learn a lesson from Mary and add a “spoonful of sugar” to everything we do.


1 Week 3 – It’s the weird ones with a voice…

Find your voiceIt's been another whirlwind of a week, and, sleepless at the helm of it all – I have had some AMAZING understanding come my way.

Several times this week as we work though our statements of Definite Major Purpose (DMPs) I have had people in many walks of life ask some startlingly similar questions – struggling to find their voice, their dreams… themselves!

I realized, in the midst of it all, that there is one thing we must discover and embrace – without which we as individuals remain lonely, in a mute world built by our own hands.

[tweet_dis]We must re-discover our authentic Voice.[/tweet_dis]

Rediscovering our authentic voice requires us to accept the fact that we cannot GIVE to others that which we do not ourselves have in over-abundance.  It requires that we acknowledge “selfishness” is NOT wrong – for the only people who can be, who have ever BEEN, self-less… have also been the most selfish.  And they are also the people who have spoken with the most authenticity.

Many of the things we are taught – both secular and non-secular – are misconstrued, if not intentionally mis-taught to us from an early age:

  • How can we “give to the poor” or “love our neighbors as ourselves” – if we are not FIRST wealthy and full of self-love? And how much more can we do this – if we become more of these?
  • How can we possibly lift others UP – if we ourselves are not first in a position of ‘higher' attainment?
  • What can we possibly mean by ‘treat others as more important than yourself' – if we do not first VALUE ourselves, our dreams, and our purpose? (And isn't THAT what selfish is? To not value other's dreams and purpose above our own. So that we are ABLE not just willing to be self-LESS?)

Go for itAnd so we hide our authentic voice – afraid that we will be seen as arrogant and selfish if we embrace it.

Perhaps, too – we fear being ‘wrong' should we embrace our truth and speak with authenticity from that place, declaring even to ourselves that what we desire is WORTH HAVING.

Whatever the reason – we are less than we could be.

Therefore we can only ever give less than we could have.

For me it's been a frustrating week to say the least.  A week of pulling out non-existent hair and burying my face in my hands wanting to weep for the joy I can see from the outside – if people would only LET themselves BE their true self.

I see it in my self-talk (much less now than before the MKMMA), and in the statements others make both spoken and written- there's an almost invisible wall, sometimes several feet thick! – between our true selves and what we are describing as dreams, goals, and desires.

I try to communicate the presence of these walls – this self-created, mute world of isolation – by communicating some basic lessons I've learned (and still have to consciously practice!) when creating a definiteness of purpose:

The ‘things' we visualize in our life must be Specific, Measurable – and PERSONAL (emotionally charged is the power-up)You are critical to everything 2

  • Typical, non-authentic self-talk:
    • I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom as I travel anywhere I choose.
  • Better:
    • My heart skips a beat, stepping off the plane to the smell of autumn leaves on the breeze in France for the first time on or before September 3, 2017.

The sense of ‘being there' and being AFFECTED brings a power to the second statement that is undeniable – and you can start to see how difficult that invisible wall is to observe.

It's so easy to take the middle road and not embrace your dreams as valid and powerful.  [tweet_dis]To live those ideals of helping and giving to others, of being self-LESS, we must accept that it is necessary to also be self-ISH.[/tweet_dis]

It's not just possible, it's empowering, to know that we are designed for BOTH if we can but humbly accept and LIVE with purpose then the walls will disappear and everyone's lives will be better for the fact that we were selfish enough to take the responsibility to make our individual lives better.

Keep it real, and remember :


MKE Week 3 Spotlight

heart on brickwall spotlightMy spotlight member of the week this week is Sara Wennerlind.  Her post this week shares her struggles and her successes so far in the course.  She is having things manifest in her life and it is so amazing to see things unfold.  She is beginning to see the Law of Attraction take place in her life.  Please take a moment and read her blog and share and comment on it.

I have shared it below, but use the link above for sharing and commenting.

law of attractionThis week we are learning to start to focus our thoughts and intentions to bring us closer to our definite major purpose. I am still in the defining stages of what that is exactly, but I wanted to share a really cool story with you about something that happened to me this week.

Part of our exercise this week was to create two index cards stating our two main personal pivotal needs. One of the cards was a chore card, where we listed one “chore” we promised to get done by this coming Sunday. Next to the chore, we were directed to draw a blue rectangle, and which I believe has something to do with linking our subconscious to our conscious mind, bringing us closer to our purpose. I may be totally off here, but that’s not the point. Bear with me.

While revising my purpose statement, a vision came to me of creating a retirement village in a peaceful setting where the elderly can come to really enjoy life to the fullest during their golden years. It wasn’t a new vision, it had just been dormant for some time. Over the next couple of days, I began to feel doubt and insecurity creep in about the magnitude of creating this place. Was this really part of my purpose, or was it just something that I am making up that sounds good?

Here is where it gets cool. I was out running errands. On my first stop, I was waiting at the check-out line, when in walks a lady that I met out in South Dakota, 8 hours from here! She happens to be the mother of the woman that I was dreaming and brainstorming about this place two years ago!  What are the odds? Then, I had to return some items at Target. I walked in, and saw that Customer Service was down to the right. I needed a card, so I turned left, and stopped there first. Who do I run right in to, but the Activities Coordinator that I worked with at my previous job as a Wellness Coordinator for a retirement village! That is where this vision started to develop, and she was wearing blue rectangular glasses! We caught up for 20 minutes and she ended with saying, “Follow your dreams, and if you create this place before I die, I’ll do your activities.” How cool is that? Life is SO much more exciting when we are living with purpose and intention!


Week 2 – 5 ways a Lack of Sleep is AWESOME

So Jazzed up about MKMMA All I can think of

"Sleep is for Mortals"


Meet amazing people

The absolute number one best part about the MKMMA this week has been the people I have met.  Being able to participate in their Hero's Journey - and to share an openness and trust that is difficult to find elsewhere... THANK YOU all for allowing me the honor to be here, and the opportunity to put my life to use in helping you.

If you are just 'passing through' - I highly recommend reading through the blogs linked below - there is some AMAZING growth going on!!​

Peeps in 'My Tribe' ​

Peeps I know​


More LIFE... in your Life !

One of the main things I have learned in this second week - as a guide this year! - is that there is no "try". There is only DO.  I absolutely love the need to be accountable on a professional and personal level with this program.  Finally something that pushes me on all levels to be bigger and better in every way - and I am in alignment with it tenets!

I am definitely getting more done now than have since...well heh since the end of last years class as a student!​  Getting back into harmony after a crazy week of sleepless nights!!  #BePhenomenaOrBeForgotten !!


Do -EPIC- Shit

I have pulled off more amazing things in the last two weeks of getting my thoughts re-focused than I ever thought possible!  Thank you #MasterKeysExperience for getting me back on track - is there any wonder why I will do this EVERY YEAR?!

Having the opportunity to put into practice the Sits again - getting my mind cleared and directed - and especially become intentional with the respect to my conscious mind being the "Watchman at the Gate" of what get's into my subconscious!

The quality of thoughts - and the resulting behaviors - has really brought vitality and excitement (== happiness?!) back to Life!  Building out FIVE websites, helping SOoo many people through the MKMMA - and (AND!!!) participating in the actual Launch of two products to the world...  Phenomenal!  (Plus I still get to play disc-golf with the kids, and teach my son how to program...and enjoy wine and wood-fires on the back deck...and....and...  

WOW.  Thank you MKMMA for getting me off my ass and back to play (work) again!​


Sleep like a rock... when you get to

I'd always thought I could rock the world on five hours of sleep... who knew it could be done on 3 or less!!  (Please note - I >have< goptten back into a more regular rhythm of five to seven hours... but it's amazing what concentrated effort can do!)

I have noticed (using a Moto 360 and my smartphone) that my 'deep sleep' cycles have been more pronounced and longer in duration than the previous 16 weeks.  Probably a combination of pushing so hard and the excitement (neuropeptides!!!​  wait for it, you'll learn more in class soon! AMAZING stuff!) could actually get you better sleep?! 

I knew from last year at this time that PHYSICAL exertion could do it - but I have never pushed as hard mentally as I have this last couple of weeks!​


Lucid Dreaming

This has probably been an 'favorite' of mine... I have intentionally worked at lucid dreaming many times in the past, but I find that when I combine it with the mental exercises required by the MKMMA my dreams take on a level of reality that is very enjoyable. 

There have been times where I awaken with a smile on my face so large that I can't imagine that the events weren't real - travelling the world, sailing the Med or the Carribean in our 62' Catamaran (see my DMP for when that arrives!) or just meeting new people.​

I definitely recommend putting in the efforts to get Lucid Dreaming into your arsenal of tools to build a better life!​

MKE Week 2 Spotlight Member

heart spotlightOne of the really exciting things I can do this year as a guide is to highlight and share post of other people.  I will be choosing a blog post every week that really struck me as well written and resonated with me.  Hopefully this will also create another avenue to connect other members with each other.  Please feel free to go to their blogs and comment. Most people like to know others are reading what they wrote. If it moves you , show them love by sharing on twitter and Facebook.

My Spotlighted member for this week is

Michael Nielsen.

 Michael is one of the members of our tribe.  My husband and I are guides together as a couple.    I chose Michael's blog for this week because of his honesty and sharing his vulnerability with others.  I can see that the cracks in the cement are beginning and I am so excited to see where this journey takes him.  I hope you all enjoy.


MKMMA Week 1 – “WOW! and WOW!”

MKMMA, right off the bat, WOW!  No, that ‘WOW’ isn’t a good wow… talk about a bruised ego!  This really is not pleasant, except, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it?  To beat down that ego that’s been bullying me into doing whatever it tells me to do?  When do I ever get a say in my life?  I’m here to change.  I am clear on how necessary it is to achieving more fulfilment in life, which I’m certainly missing right now.  And I also am fully aware that it’s going to take work, ‘No Pain, No Gain!’  But I never realized how I have been responsible for every single aspect of my current situation.  Sure I try to be accountable for what I do, I just didn’t know that what I’ve done was not make choices about different things as they came up, but instead what I’ve done was set a pattern of ‘how’ I make choices, and that pattern, or habit, made a huge wall that has kept me from being able to explore and enjoy the world beyond those limitations.

I love, in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, in ‘The Scroll Marked I’ where he really explains the power of habits.  I particularly identify with the portion that says, “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path that threatens to imprison my future.”  He must’ve been thinking of me when he wrote that!  I’m so glad that the remedy is provided just after that dreadful description.  Only a habit can displace another habit, so it’s time to habit build and establish those good habits!

Now for the good WOW!  The MKMMA is opening my eyes and my mind to what my life really looks like!  In one way, it has shown me where I currently stand, with my shortcomings and imperfections, so I have my work cut out for me.  But in another, and infinitely more important way, it is showing me that my life “really” looks however I want it to look!  Working on the Blueprint Builder and my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), along with reading The Greatest Salesman in the World, my mind is seeing “me” in a whole new light!  “Today my old skin has become as dust… today I am a new man, with a new life.”


Week 1 – If ever a wonderful Wiz there was…

Unusual PeopleOne would think that – after a year of awareness – you could still be prepared for something like the Master Key Experience. I mean, I've been there, done that. And it's still everything I hoped for and more every time I start anew.

If you could (be prepared that is)… you -wouldn't- be surprised that you REALLY DO (somehow) have an extra day wedged into the 24-hours you used to think of as so …damn…short.

You'd also NOT be surprised (dear Buttercup…) that it – everything, the ‘whole enchilada' of your life was your fault…doesn't matter if it's good, bad, ugly or beautiful.  It. Is. You.  The millions of littel decisions you have made – or not – have led to this. Your Life. Right… Now.

Of course you also wouldn't be surprised at all the wonderful personalities – and amazing stories you WILL run into in the very first week.  Those people show up HERE in the story of my first week in the MKMMA 2015.

2015-12-01_2050This first week has been rough, yet so very rewarding.  My wife Leanne and I started this year out with a twist.  We are guides this year. That means we have the honor of participating in the un-self-help Journey of all the wonderful people in our Tribe – as well as being able to audit the course a second time through.

Doubled down on crazy there… As I tell a good friend of mine

[tweet_box design=”box_04″]Sleep is for mortals.   Becoming like the people we hang around
most, it's nice to have confirmation of my immortality.[/tweet_box]

I think between the two of us we have slept a total of 36 hours this week – and at the end of the day (and dawn's early light…) we have nothing but the most amazing times with people like David Martin (another Princess Bride fan!!!) who has done some amazing things ALREADY in his life yet still realizes we all have a ways to go.

The opportunity that Mark Januszewski has put together for everyone is so enormous that few of us really get it – but it's growing on us every day.


Stay strong… carry on… #BePhenomenalOrBeForgotten

2 MKE Week 1: The Journey Begins Again

staircase-pathA year ago, I was just beginning the Master Key Experience, as many of you.  I had high expectations, lots of doubts about myself, and I felt a bit overwhelmed.  I hadn't had that much homework since my college days, we won't say how long that was; but I do have adult children. I worked harder on this than any other class in my life and it was so worth it!!! I had never spent any real time reflecting on myself and my desires.  I had always put others first.

Wow has a lot changed in the last year.  I am back again, but in a completely different place from last year. I am also running through the course, but not as a member, but as a guide.  I will do all the same exercises and attend all the webinars as the members do because I want my Tribe to know, I do understand their struggles and where they are at in the course, because I am walking the course with them as well.  I had such a wonderful, life changing experience last year that I have to share it with everyone.  I am really excited to work with others to help them achieve all their desires.

So, that being said, this week has been as full of excitement and anticipation as a year ago.  Instead of all the excitement over all of what was happening or going to happen, I have excitement seeing my tribes excitement and enthusiasm as their DMP's and emails introducing themselves came in.

Last year I was excited to find out who my guide was and to get my first revision back on my DMP. This year I am excited to see the DMP's roll in and feeling overwhelmed by all of their trust in sharing their dreams.  I promise you they are in good hands. I ALWAYS keep my promises.  I am honored to be a guide.

I am excited about the relationships that will grow this year and the progress toward dreams I get to see happen.

There are a lot of similarities to atmosphere of my life this year and last year and I am looking forward to what the future has to bring.

spring path