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4 Reasons to Find Out About the MKE

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North AmericaMany of you have asked me to keep you informed on the next MKMMA Experience, so here are some great reasons to stay informed.

You will learn your dreams are important and  to listen to your heart.

Do you remember when you were a child, spending hours dreaming about absolutely anything your imagine could cook up.  We tried everything with reckless abandon and everything we discovered was new and exciting.  Wasn't that amazing and wonderful. girl dreamingI remember that I wanted to be everything under the face of the sun at one point.  In fact, if what I wanted to be when I grew up wasn't different everyday, it certainly was different every week.  Unfortunately, I have very distinct memories of knocking them off the list for one excuse or another. With then MKE you will learn  how to get back to those dreams and desired of your youth. Nothing can be more fulfilling than following the truth that is in your heart.

You learn what a mastermind is and form one or more to help you achieve your goals.

To be successful it takes help along the way in many forms.  One of those forms is a mastermind. In his book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill describes a mastermind as

“A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose”

brainstormingHe calls it your magic power to get rich.  You will find if you do research, most successful people have one or more masterminds to help the stay on track, brain storm, and even for emotional support at times.  There are so many like minded people that take the course, finding some people to share thoughts and ideas with is easy.  

You will make new friends who are like minded

MKE is a self discovery course,so those who enroll are all here to improve themselves and their lives.  That brings a huge sense of community and the structure of the course also  encourages making new connections which in many cases turns into new friendships.  My experience with the course has brought several great friendships into my life and it is amazing to have relationships that have true meaning and have great depth to them.20150427_093122  Your life will never be the same.

I saved the most important for last.  This course is a self discovery course and therefore it is what you make of it.  I believe it can be a true life changer if you put the investment into yourself.  You are worth the investment.  My experience with this has changed my life in so many different ways. Some of these are small, such as an overall sense of happiness and contentment.  Some are large, like the success I am having so far in the process of writing and publishing my first gluten free cookbook. Since I had my first successful loaf of almond brad come out of my oven I have wanted to share the blessings of a gluten free living.  Soon, I will see this dream take the next step forward.  None of this would have been possible without all the valuable things I learned in this 6 month course.  If you want to see a change in your life, DON'T miss out on the early notification.  It is so worth it!

Get Yourself on the early bird list NOW!!!

3 My Master Key Experience

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that your living a lie?

You KNOW you were made for greatness - but you've been letting the opinions of others direct your thoughts, your actions, and to determine how far you've gotten in life.

I know ... I was there... and I did the same thing. For the longest time I lived that very life of quiet desperation.  Knowing -inside- that I wasn't giving my all - and that I was holding back on purpose.

But that was before the Master Key Experience

Then I met a man with a message...  Well... OK *metaphorically* met this guy.   But it was one hell of a message, and I can only say in retrospect that I am a better person - living a better life - because of this particular experience.

The scary thing is I ALMOST missed it...

Mark Januszewski

Back in 2013 I stumbled upon Mark's blog at a time when I was going pretty much insane with HATING my J.O.B. and wanting something different...

For months I watched videos and caught glimpses of a philosophy Mark lived by. There was something that shone through in everything he shared ... and that led me to discover the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

The MKMMA is a 'course' Mark and his team guide you through over a period of six months.  And that's a key - they guide you. There's no "hoo-rah", there are no "quotable catch phrases"... it's all what you are willing to put into it... and in that time you will learn how to get past all the bull-shit that kept you from accomplishing your desires.

There's no way to "buy your way in" to this course - you have to 'qualify' for a scholarship - paid for by previous members who believed in the course enough to 'pay it forward' for the next generation of students.​

Unfortunately, shortly after learning about the MKMMA, I found out I had MISSED the opportunity to join the 2013 class by TWO FREAKING DAYS.

No big deal right? Wow would that have been a mistake to think!  Looking back on things - I have to put the frustration out of my mind with effort.  Thinking about the places I would be NOW if I could have gotten in that first course a YEAR ahead of where I am now...damn it!

All I can tell you is that I made damn sure I was getting in on the next course.  

In 2014 I got in, but I had to monitor my email every day for a week, until 2:30am (!!) I got the announcement that the course was open for applicants. Ultimately, with a few hiccups, I was in...

DON'T hesitate like I did the first time!

You cannot BUY this course, heck there isn't even a way to PAY for advance placement on the list.  The only cost involved with getting started is the year of amazing life changes you won't have if you miss out.

I thank God for the opportunity Mark's course has provided in my life whenever I can throughout the day. And there are a few KEY reasons:

My Family is happier.

My kids used to bring each other to tears with the fights they would have over non-sensical things. And more than once told me they 'didn't love' a brother or sister...

Because of this course, and the FEW SIMPLE THINGS I was guided toward understanding, we -as a family- were able to make some VERY simple changes that eliminated all the fighting (they still argue but they now do it with purpose rather than emotional reaction!)

​I am excited about life again - and happier to boot!
Like I mentioned earlier - i was at a point where I @#$%^& hated my situation; I was 'done' with my job, I was unhappy in my relationships - hell a bus hitting me would have been a happy event...  So, when I say I Thank God for this course... there's a LOT of ground to cover there.  

The things I came to understand ​because of this course changed ALL of that. And there was nothing ANYONE could have done about any of it, it was all on me - but I didn't have the knowledge to change.  It was a bonus that the course gave me the habits and thoughts to make it easier...

​I have Passion in my life again!

Perhaps you too feel that desperate twang in your soul when you think about 'life' - your life - at times.  I did.  A lot. And more often than not I wanted to escape to a 'better' life... I have that now - and it's getting better and better every single day.  

And I -can- attribute that to the simple daily disciplines I got from this course. I had all the INFORMATION for years before this course... but knowledge will not apply itself. 

The Master Key will guide you to that application.

I can't promise you a better life, or any of the benefits I have come to expect as a member of this un-self-help movement.  The changes that are available to each person are as unique as they are, and as vitally important. So, no promises unless...

Unless you want it enough to get out of your comfort zone.

Due to the overwhelming response the 2014/2015 Master Key Experience is full at this time.
We will be opening enrollment again in September, 2015 .
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get on the email list and find out when registration opens again -- 2 DAYS before the general public!

Yes, it’s true, you cannot buy this course.

All candidates who qualify receive Pay-it-forward Scholarships and must meet requirements to maintain their scholarship.

8 My Master Key Experience

I am continually amazed by the inexplicable things manifesting in my life as a result of completing the Master Key Experience.

I am truly blessed to have been apart of this and to be able to continue to do so through being a guide. What I learned I can take with me anywhere I go and share with everyone I meet. I know from the course that I can tap into the abundance that surrounds me.
A year ago, before starting the MKE, I was an emotional, hot mess.
I am a stay at home mother of four who has put the dreams, desires, needs, and hopes of my family before my own. When I started the course, I no longer knew who I was and what I liked. I did not even know what I would do with my free time if I had it. Dreams?! Who has time to think about them? That was my state at the beginning.
My self esteem was non-existent. I hated my body, my looks, and my hair. I felt like a nobody with nothing special to give. I was in a dark place. I had feelings of hopelessness, loss and a haunting emptiness.

I was leading a life of quiet desperation.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my family and felt blessed with what we had, but something was missing.
Then I was drawn to read the email which led me to the launch videos.I didn't know what made me open that email at the time. I have several of newsletters I follow but rarely have time to read them. That day, I did read it. THANK GOD I did!!!!
So, how is my life different now?
My self esteem and self worth are so much higher. I love the person I know I am becoming. I have a clear picture of my dream. I made myself a priority and I am a happier, better person to be around. I am a better wife, mother, and friend. In my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), I state that I am a gluten free blogger, cookbook author, an I attend events once a month to meet the people I impact.
Today, I am meeting with my editor and graphic designer for my gluten free holiday guide. This is sort of a test run for the big cookbook.
Next, I will be participating in the blogger booth at the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in both Indianapolis, Indiana and Stamford. Connecticut the end of October and beginning of November. I will be meeting lots of people I can impact and I will have my Holiday guide with to sell.
These events are manifesting 6-7 months earlier than I stated in my DMP.
It is so exciting!Reflections
Right now I have a lot of work ahead of me to make this all happen and it feels like I am still climbing the mountain, but with the momentum this is creating I am actually on the downhill glide into the beginning of my dreams.
I never would have been on this journey without Mark, Davene, Trish, and MKE team.
What I learned has helped me attract so many opportunities effortlessly.
The next step is to launch a Kickstarter to help me raise funds to complete this project and begin on the cookbook,Eat Well. Eat Healthy. BE Gluten Free- A Saavy Guide to the Ultimate Gluten Free Lifestyle. Keep checking back for updates.
And if you'd like to change your own life – perhaps start your own Journey to finding your Bliss… hop on the list below to be notified a couple DAYS before the rest of the world – make sure you get a spot for the next course!

Master Key Experience 2015

Pay-it-forward Scholarships [a.k.a. "PIFS"] simply mean previous members “pay-it-foward” for the new members.

They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis.

By hopping on this list you’ll be notified of the application dates 2 days prior to the general public.

Gluten Free Season Salt

Being gluten free brings with it many challenges.  One of the challenges is that gluten can sneak into foods in very unlikely places.  One of these places are in spices and natural flavors. It is a constant vigilance with checking labels to ensure what you are purchasing is safe for you and your family.  One of the ways I use to make it a little easier is to make a lot of things from scratch and whenever possible with ingredients I have grow in in my garden.  Some of the things I make are soups, breads, desserts, and spice mixes.

When I went off gluten, I soon discovered I reacted even more severely to MSG.  This meant even more vigilance.  I also had to learn alternate names for MSG  and discovered that if a mixture was added to a product, it did not have to say the product had MSG in it, because they did not add MSG specifically.  One of the spices I discovered that said they had “no added MSG” but in reality contain MSG in it was Lowry's season salt.  The MSG hides in the chicken bouillon.  So I set out to find a recipe for this seasoning.  We usually only use it at Christmas time when we make our version of gluten free Chex mix. (recipe to be found in our upcoming holiday guide, stay tuned for more info on this).  Although our recipe does not have any chicken flavoring in it, my family likes it better than the Lowry's.  May you find enjoyment in making your own spice blends as well.  It is really easy.  You can take your favorite dried herb/spice (either one you grew and dehydrate yourself or one you know is from a gluten free source) or a mix of herbs/spices and blend them to your liking.  You may add salt if you want a flavored salt, or just use the herbs/spices as a spice blend. I always recommend organic whenever possible and sea salt over ordinary table salt.  It provides more minerals and nutrients.


[yumprint-recipe id='15']

MKE- The Forest Of Uncertainty

Sunlit woodsThe forest of uncertainty is where the magic is and going through the forest will bring us to our dreams. It is human nature to shy away from uncertainty.  There is a security in the known.  However if we remain in the known, we will never be able to find out our true potential and so many opportunities will be missed.

In my journey to one of my goals, I am being faced with a lot of uncertainties. AS I learn more about the publishing process, I am finding that there is so much I do not know.  It can be overwhelming at times.  As I was reviewing Scroll I of Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World  I saw that scroll with new eyes.  The first time I read it was almost a year ago and I am a different person from who I was then. I am still evolving.

The career I have chosen is laden with opportunity yet it is fraught with heartbreak and despair and the bodies of those who go failed, were they piled one atop another, would cast a shadow down upon all the pyramids of the earth.

Yet I do not fail, as others, for in my hands I now hold the charts  which guide me through perilous waters to shores which only yesterday seemed a dream.

This hit home for me.  The publishing world is full of rejections and disappointments and it is not an easy road to travel. This rereading of the scroll came at a great time as I am feeling like I have a lot to do in a short time and I am still learning.  Thanks to what I have learned in the MKE I know I have the power within to persevere.

Failure is no longer my payment for struggle.  Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any for my life to suffer failure. Failure, like pain, is alien to my life. In the past I accepted it as I accepted pain.  Now I reject it and I am prepared for wisdom and principles which guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position, and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.

I know that if I keep my mind on the goal and stay positive, the Universe will bring me what I need and I will find success in the end.  I see this happening everyday as the mechanisms and resources seem to appear just as I need them.  Or a change in schedules gives me the rest I need to gain some renewed energy to take on the next task.  At times publishing my cookbook seems so huge and I must resist the temptation to fear it is bigger than I can handle.  I have to remind myself of the saying

How do you eat and elephant?  One bite at a time.

So I will tackle this challenge on step at a time.elephant