Monthly Archives: July 2015

MKE- Get Out of the Box

A couple weeks ago, I gave my hairstylist, Katie, the creative license to do something bold and dramatic with my hair.  I have had my-hair dyed before, even going as far as auburn with hot pink streaks.  Yet that didn’t seem dramatic enough. The real question is why did I want bold and dramatic?  What […]

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MKE- Sanctuary

Sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge and protection.  During the initial weeks of the MKE we were taken through a progression of exercises that helped us learn to have productive and focused sits/silences.  Now in our continuation, we add another progression to the sits – our personal sanctuary of the mind.  We are to […]

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MKE- Learning Acceptance

I have always been the type who does everything full-out.  If it is worth doing, it’s worth giving 100%.  This can be great at times.  A lot of things can get done.  At other times it can be a fault.  When I was in junior and senior high, I was a figure skater. It was […]

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