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1 MKE: Weeding the Garden of Our Mind

Your mind is a gardenLast week my family was away from home and our garden for 5 days.  We made sure we weeded well before we left, but 5 days is a long time to leave a garden untended, especially in the early stages.  While I was working on catching up with the weeds, I was reminded of the sitting exercise of planting a seed and watching it grow into a flower. As I pondered the stages a seed and garden go through over the course of the summer, I related it to the activity.


When we first start on the journey to follow our dreams it takes a lot of effort to make the changes necessary.  The first is changing our thinking.  We need to be the watchman of all the thoughts we will or won't let enter into our subconscious.  This can be symbolized in gardening by weeding.  We need to weed out the negative, non-productive thoughts like we do the plants we don't want in our garden.  When our dreams are new and subject to criticism is very much like the tiny seeding struggling to share space with the weeds.  The gardener meticulously-and gently plucks the weeds surrounding the tiny seedling.  We Thoughts are like seedsmust be as meticulous with our thinking or we may fall pray to others opinions and nay-saying.

As we start mastering guarding our thoughts it becomes second nature and seems like less work.  This also happens in gardening as the plants grow bigger and are able to out grow the  weeds.  The task of weeding becomes less.  This doesn't mean we don't need to gourd our though as much anymore.  In fact this may be where a lot of people get lost on their road to their dreams.  They feel more confident and start to ease up on watching their thinking and let the old blue print gain control again.  Like weeding, it never ends, but it gets easier.  If we focus on guarding our though like a gardener keeps their garden free of weeds, we will reap the harvest.  It will all be worth it and you will have reached your bliss.

Now every time I go to weed, it will not seem to be a detestable task but a reminder that I must stick with correct thinking and follow my bliss.  It will be another tool to keep me focused and on track.

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Master Key 26: Mind Body Connection

TeslaThe universe was built by vibration.  That is to say, the specific form that everything has on either a large or small scale, is due absolutely to the specific rate of vibration that gave expression to it.  The universe, then, both in general and in particular, is the effect a system of vibration.- Master Key 26:14

I am a a science geek.  It led me to a biology degree.  I love to read biology text books, weird I know.  It is this love of science that draws me to Master Key 26.  It is about the vibrations of our thoughts and their connection to our body.  Though experiences in my life, including the MKE, I have built a firm belief in frequencies/vibrations. Where we are in life is directly related to the predominant frequencies we have produced.  Higher frequencies come from positive thoughts and feelings.

Organization requires a high rate of vibration, or short wavelengths with great intensity.  The molecules of which the tissue is composed are in a continuous state of activity.  The result is that the tissues manifest what we call life. – Master Key 26:3

Old age, dlongevity-11ecay, and death are therefor simply due to the inability of the individual to keep in tune with the source of all life.  Life is a rate of vibration, a mode of motion.  Death is the absence of that vibration.  Life is a manifestation of activity.  Death is the process of disintegration, the absence of activity. -Master Key 26:7-9

This is why it is imperative to keep  performing mental and physical activity to stay young and to prevent decaying and death. We then can see how life and health can grow beyond today's standards.

The time is not far distant when man will be able to make the body immune against disease and arrest the ordinary process of old age and physical decay; perpetuate youth even after the body has passed the mark of centuries. – Master Key 26:23when brought into harmony

I am currently dealing with a recurrent knee injury that manifested because of my incomplete understanding of this idea.  I accept that I am where I am for this lack of understanding. Through the Master Key Experience, I am on the road to recovery from wrong thinking and will be able to heal this injury and go on to a life of health and longevity.  I believe that we can live longer by higher frequencies and by taking the best care of ourselves in all areas of our lives.  We owe it to ourselves, we only live once.cell division

By very simple hygienic care, we can greatly prolong each life manifestation.  Hence we have reason to believe that a complete knowledge of vibratory force and its effect upon the structure of the body will aid the organism in making the life manifestations permanent.  Death is not a necessary, inevitable consensus or attribute of life. Death is biologically a creatively new thing, which made its appearance only after living things had advanced a long way on the path of evolution. Single-celled organisms have proved,under critical experimental observation, to be immortal.  They reproduce by simple fission of the body, one individual becoming two.  this process may go on indefinitely without permanent slacking of the rate of cell division and without the intervention of a rejuvenating process, provided the environment of-the cells is kept favorable. the germ cells of all sexually differentiated organisms are, in similar sense, immortal.  Reduced to a formula, we may say that the fertilized ovum produces a soma and more germ cells.  The soma eventually dies.  Some of the germ cells prior to that event produced somata and germ cells, an so on in a continuous cycle that has never yet ended since the appearance of multi-cellular organism on earth. So long as reproduction goes on in this way in these multi-cellular forms, there is no place for death.- Master Key 26:56-59

cell cultures

I have seen this process firsthand.  In college I worked in an entomology(study of insects) lab.  It was part of my job to maintain cell cultures.  As long as the cultures were kept in fresh media (food source and clean environment) and split out when they were getting too crowded, they kept reproducing and living.  Some would argue, yeah but that is just with singe cells.  The human body is much more complicated.  They are right in that we are complicated organisms, but we can't underestimate the body's power.  We have not seen this perpetual cell generation in humans yet because of this complexity.  The connections and relationships between cells, tissues, organs, systems with in a multi-cellular organism is very complex and what happens to one can and does effect others.  AS we learn more about the body and how it functions as a whole and as we learn how are thoughts relate to keeping the functions working properly, we come corer to understanding how we can make this happen.

Recent researches have shown conclusively that tissue and cells in the human body meed not necessarily decay.  Formerly it was thought that there was no way to ward off senility, and that cells are bound to break down due to old age, which simply means wear and tear.  this, how eve, in the light of modern science is no longer the countenanced. The study of gland science has convinced man physicists that the human cells can be rejuvenated or replaced continuously and that such a thing as old age can be warded off for several hundred years.-Master Key 26:64

I have always wanted to live a long life, 120 years at least.  I now know I must keep my vibrations high by giving my body the optimal environment and thinking correctly with positive thoughts.  I must master this practice.  When I master it, I will achieve the long life of which I dream.


Act Now! Get out of your comfort zone

firefly+lights_up“Henceforth I will remember the lesson of the firefly who gives light only when it's on the wing, only when it is in action. I will become a firefly and even in the day my glow will be seen in spite of the sun.  I will be as a firefly and my light will brighten the world.”

I have been reading Scroll IX in Og's Greatest Salesman in the World since June 1st.  Its main theme is ACT NOW!

My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible.  All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now.

Since returning from the live event in Kauai, I have had a lot of things happening in my life that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to start taking action.  I volunteered at the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest which has lead to an opportunity to be in their bloggers booth in Indianapolis and Stamford, CT.  This has accelerated plans to resurrect a  gluten free holiday guide my husband and I created in 2010.  We had already planned to revise and reprint in before going to Kauai, but now I had a solid date for when I needed them by and this has kicked me into taking actions that are beyond my comfort zone and into areas I know nothing about.  This is actually good because these are things I will need to know for my cookbook which is in my DMP.  My holiday guide is currently in the hands of an editor and I am interviewing graphic designers to redesign our logo and the layout of the guide.  Although there has been a lot of things I don' t know, needing to take action has left no room for fear. Every time I read this scroll, I am reminded of taking action to get to where I want to be. I know I must practice acting now in order to keep on track on my journey to my desires.


“Action is the food and drink which will nourish my success.”

“Now I know that action reduces the lion of terror to an ant of equanimity.”






Do You Need to Break From the Pack?

stand outMy business is a gluten free blog and cookbook.  There are many of those out there. How can I compete in this copy cat society?  That is a wonderful question/  The answer?  I don't know yet.  That is going to require some deep thinking and setting my subconscious to find the answer.  I realized I needed to break from the pack when I read the executive summary of the book Break From the Pack  by Oren Harai.  I learned we live in a copy cat society  and if I do not think it through well, I will be just another gluten free blogger with  just another gluten free cookbook.  I need to break from the pack, be different, do the impossible.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to read this summary and to be awakened to the idea of breaking from the pack, but it is harder than it sounds.  How do I stand out?  It means everything to figure this out for my business.  It's a big deal.  I don't want to mess this up.  I want to be able to help thousands of people and to do that depends on me figuring out how to make my business and cookbook break from the pack.Break from the Pack

So over the next few weeks I am going to use EMBER and figure it out to give my customers and readers the best and break from the pack.

Does it make us Extraordinary?

Does it Matter?

Does it Break new ground?

Does it encourage Evolvement?

Is it Real?

I will dominate my field or leave. I will make a way for others to have a better life.