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1 MKMMA – Week #1(b) – Working in the right place matters… a LOT.

tumblr_l1tunwhgi41qzb7gjo1_5001We've all been there, that dark place inside – where our thoughts run circles around our dreams and desires, holding them hostage to that frustrating “wall” of … nothing.

We know there's got to be more to this life – heck we can SEE that so many people seem to be so much happier, so much more successful, and have access and control over more material possessions.  We -want- what they have, and we are told “model what these people do, and you can have what they have”…

Success looms just outside our comfort-zone', “Buy our book” and we'll tell you how to get there!'

The path to Success is to take MASSIVE, DETERMINED ACTION' – annnd join our Elite Group of Successful People for just an obscene amount of money, you too can say you're in the club!


Resurfacing my life…

Everything looks good in our lives, except…

  • We don't keep our commitments
  • We over-extend ourselves
  • We can't pick up the phone to make our calls
  • We get crabby for “no reason”
  • and lash out at friends and family

Our lives look good…except for that blemish, that crack in our otherwise perfect veneer we expose to the world around us.



The EXPERTS tell you what to do and think…

So we buy the book (after book after book)… listen to CDs, DVDs… attend seminars… and join those groups looking for the holy grail, the Secret to a successful and happy life…

Essentially applying duct tape to “fix” our lives.  And all we end up with is THIS: 

... just one more patch over the problem within us.

… just one more patch over the problem within us.

Every time you complete the book, or invest yourself in the “Elite Group” – you see a momentary flash of happiness and joy…maybe THIS time the patch will hold!!!  But we gradually slip back into the grey, homogeneous BLAH that has been your life…our thoughts and habits…  until NOW.

Enter the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Go get on the list NOW, it's THAT important!
then come back and finish...

MKMMA – Week One …the rest of the story.

1 Week 1- Today I Begin a New Life

I am so excited to be apart of the MKMMA. I am looking forward to all the changes in my thinking that will occur over the next 6 months and how those changes in thinking will bring success in all areas of my life.
As I read through the first scroll. The thing that stands out the most for me is, “I will form good habits and become their slave.”   I have noticed in my life many errors in judgement which have led to bad habits.    We also can become a slave to bad habits. I have been working on some of those bad habits before starting this program and have successfully become a slave to a new good habit.  The most prevalent and recent one is working out and getting physical exercise.  It was a struggle to replace the bad habit of not exercising with getting up early and getting it done.  Many times my old blueprint would say, one day won't matter.  But I knew it would and I persevered.  Today, I miss going to workout if I don't go and it has become a lifelong habit.  I long for how it makes me feel afterward, and I enjoy the activity.   I look forward to replacing more  bad habits with new good habits.

I am eager to work on the world within, because I have known that is what I needed to do, but had so many excuses to keep me from it.  Now as  a part of MKMMA there is no try there is only do, so I know that I will finally face what it is I need to face.

I also connected with Master Key Number 17

All possession is based on consciousness.  All gain is the result of accumulative consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.

I have felt a lack of control in my life and focus and as a result I have had some difficulties come up in my life.  I am confident once I get rid of the scattered consciousness the solutions to those difficulties will appear.

1 MKMMA – Week #1 – In the beginning…

Here's my first, pre-acceptance post for the MKMMA hosted by Mark Januszewski.

At this point I have decided that – in the next 26 weeks – my life WILL change, I am excited that this course will be a major part of it and anticipate working through it with my wife if we are both accepted into the pay-it-forward program that is offered.

No matter what it should be an exciting journey of self-discovery and – self-action!

(Sorry Mark, no quotty-fingers on self-discovery )